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    krippler reacted to potdangerous in Flo's Side of Lawsuit Against W. Saylor and Rofkin   
    Honestly, it's just a sh$tty thing to do (lawsuits over non competes). If your former employee takes millions in revenue with him I can understand, but I'm betting we're not talking millions. Are we even talking 10s of thousands? Flo is doing more damage to Flo with this lawsuit. Who would ever want to work for them now. I doubt you join Flo for the paycheck.
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    krippler reacted to goheels1812 in Is Cael the least charismatic top HC ever?   
    Yes. Absolutely. Penn State should probably fire him and hire someone to jump around a lot. They would definitely have more success that way. 
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    krippler reacted to KTG119 in Luke Pletcher   
    yep no short guy ever gets backs. 
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    krippler reacted to russelscout in Willie at Flo   
    I don't know a lot about bitcoin really because every investor I listen to has said to stay away from it, but if you are paid in bit coin, can't you just ride the market and exchange it  to dollars when the value is high? Then again if it is low, how do you pay for your groceries? 
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    krippler reacted to cjc007 in Intermat/foley   
    He probably eats tofu on Thanksgiving.

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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in Flo Disrespects ASU   
    I remember the time when journalists spent their time chasing down stories, not fighting with every subscriber. 
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    krippler reacted to treep2000 in Intermat/foley   
    His articles should refrain from the banter, as he immediately alienates 50% of the population.  The articles should stick to the sport.  His social presence can be as political as he wants.  It's is bad business, per the previous poster, to interject such things, unless you're damn sure your audience will agree (and they don't).
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    krippler reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in LOL @ Penn State   
    Right - the old "if only my team was better at the time of the dual, then they could have won" argument.
    So it's agreed. If your team had better wrestlers in today's lineup, then your team could have won. Maybe.
    Imagine having that conversation after every dual with every team all season long. 
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    krippler reacted to TexRef in Intermat/foley   
    tec87 if Foley would have left the politics out of his articles he would not have been attacked. It was nice to read when it was free, but I don't feel it is worth paying for.  
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    krippler reacted to russelscout in The Brace is Back   
    I heard it was the plague. Surprised he was able to get the major.
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    krippler reacted to Jaysus in Kyle Conel did not look very good   
    However, Kyle Conel's mustache  did look very good.
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    krippler reacted to witwhiz in Brody Teske   
    I hear he's also into MMA and has a wicked right schnuppercut.
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    krippler reacted to jchapman in Brody Teske   
    Wrestling against 14 and 15 year olds at the lower weights in high school is different than wrestling 20 year olds in college.
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    krippler reacted to pamela in Brody Teske   
    He turned Teske’s world Schnuppside down
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    krippler reacted to WillieBoy in FLO's infatuation with Seth Gross   
    The Hodge is a one season deal and with Gross back under Coach Bono he has as good a chance as anyone this year.
    Hope Hall, Valencia, Joseph and Gross all go into the tournament with perfect records and win it all so the Hodge choice is difficult. Will be good for wrestling.
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    krippler reacted to Lurker in Gable Steveson update   
    There's nothing in the constitution related to collegiate athletic suspensions.
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    krippler reacted to Housebuye in Is it possible to be a champion wrestler w/o lifting?   
    I’m stronger than Cael? I knew it
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    krippler reacted to buckshot1969 in Is it possible to be a champion wrestler w/o lifting?   
    Is it possible to think for yourself for a minute before posting a new thread?
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    krippler reacted to jeffrideal in Separated at birth?   
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
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    krippler reacted to Mr. Peepers in Separated at birth?   
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in Good Teasedale article/interview   
    On HR, all their projected starters are title threats ........... until they are not. 
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in The Piccininni   
    Is it served with 2 or 3 backs?
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    krippler reacted to jammen in The Piccininni   
    Chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, French fries, coleslaw, topped with gravy and Russian dressing on a toasted garlic hero   http://se-portdeli.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/the-piccininni-490x314.jpg
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