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    krippler reacted to SamStall365247 in Cassar = Staller   
    Cassar stalled for about 6:30. Gutless ref wouldn’t call it. How many times did he circle away and back up to disengage? Where was the five count on top after the takedown?
    Also, where the hell is Gable’s sense of urgency on bottom?
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in What have you been surprised by so far?   
    Tim Johnson drooling over PSU more than Iowa.
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    krippler reacted to TobusRex in 19' NCAA Predictions, dark horses, comments - Not a contest   
    Got to agree with you on most of your sentiments.
    I25 - Lee's gastank wasn't where it should have been this season. Don't know the reason, not going to speculate. If he's gotten his tank back I'd make him the favorite at 125. If not...I think Picc takes it.
    133 - lots of guys here with potential to win. Fix is the #1 seed, and I'm confident he makes the semifinals:D He's a big time kid though, tough to score on. Wish he would turn on his offense a little more sometimes, though. Surino, Phiippi both have a shot. Will be interesting watching what DeSanto goes.
    141 Yianni. Wouldn't be surprised if he was wrestling Lee in the finals.
    149 I think it's relatively wide open. Rooting for Kaden but he kinda faded near the end of the season.
    157 Nolf in a cakewalk.
    165 Joseph. Yeah ,Marinelli might be better, but Joseph is money at NCAAs.
    174 Hall. He's a freakish athlete.
    184 Martin in a cakewalk.
    197 Bo in a cupcake walk, with sprinkles.
    HWT Steveson, if he wrestles offensively. If not, White.
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    krippler reacted to Zebra in ESPN Press Release Full Television Coverage + ESPN Predictions   
    But the video will work the entire time and the cameras will actually be pointed at the mats. 
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    krippler reacted to tigerfan in Toughest weight bracket, all-time at the NCAA's   
    How about 2015 197?  Gadsen 3xAA/1 Champ, Snyder 4xAA/3xChamp, Cox 4xAA/3xChamp, Schiller 3xAA, Burak 3xAA, McIntosh 3xAA, Hartmann 3xAA and Huntley 1xAA
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    krippler reacted to AnklePicker in McCoy Steps down. It is official   
    No brainer...PDIII. 
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    krippler reacted to NJDan in McCoy Steps down. It is official   
    What about Jordan Leen? 
    He is from the South and he has coached in the area. He was the kind of kid who Maryland could possibly get. Plus, he trained under Koll.
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    krippler reacted to LLB in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    Love the Iowa tears
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    krippler reacted to stp in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    Stalling on Iowa defense.  
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    krippler reacted to LLB in Big Ten Session 3 Thread   
    Let’s over analyze the hell out of it. It was stupid but really stalling? Count how many shots Pletcher actually takes during a match then talk to me about stalling.
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    krippler reacted to wrestlingphish in Big Ten Session 3 Thread   
    Zeke Moisey forfeits his match in the 9th place bracket. Not sure I have seen a career start with such a bang end in such a sad whimper.
    Hope he is at peace with his career and finds success moving forward. 
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    krippler reacted to Lipdrag in Caption this...   
    Who farted?
    No, you pull my finger.
    Which way is Pittsburgh?
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in The cut above Suriano's eye   
    We need to get some Mongolians on the Iowa staff to show them how to really lodge a protest. 
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    krippler reacted to MSU158 in Big Ten Session 2 Thread   
    To be clear, the version of Stoll that wrestled at B1G's couldn't stop 11-19 Jacob Aven's "blast double".  He wasn't stopping Cassar from doing ANYTHING......
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    krippler reacted to Idaho in Big Ten Session 2 Thread   
    Common Core math
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    krippler reacted to BigTenFanboy in What happened to Micic?   
    The real question is who gets the number 1 seed at NCAAs
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    krippler reacted to VakAttack in Big Ten Session 1 Thread   
    Rasheed will sit out the semis to lock up the 1 seed at NCAAs.
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    krippler reacted to BigTimeFan in Big Ten Session 1 Thread   
    Maryland is providing a healthy dose of self-confidence to everyone they wrestle.
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    krippler reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Who is the heel of your team and why?   
    What do you mean?  Jimmy's a Penn State, Cornell, Iowa, Ohio State, Golden State Warriors, Duke Basketball, UConn Women's Basketball, Alabama/Clemson Football, Real Madrid, Serena Williams, New England Patriots fan.  These are all "his team."
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    krippler reacted to PSUSMC in Who is the heel of your team and why?   
    JimmyC, why post the question "Who is the heel of your team..." and then start rambling off wrestlers from a number of schools?
    The underlying of the post is "your team".
    Did you not understand the basis of your own thread?
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    krippler reacted to tightwaist in Who is the heel of your team and why?   
    Collegiate Wrestling Forum- Jimmy Cinnabon.  He starts dumb topics all the time
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    krippler reacted to jchapman in Is Joseph the least respected 2x returning champ?   
    Tony Nelson
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    krippler reacted to StallWarning in Iowa in Stillwater   
    I do not think Spencer has dropped off wrestling.  I think he's at the same level he was last year.  I think other guys have gotten better and are working on things specifically to game plan for him.  He's not hard to game plan for because he only has a few things he does.  He just does them really well.  His neutral offense is limited.  He has one shot from a tie and a fireman's.  Both come from the same tie.  His top game is a an arm bar tilt.  That's all he has.  That's how he beats guys.  If you game plan for those specific things (the tie he uses and the arm bar tilt) then you can beat him.  He also has gas tank issues.  If guys are good enough and game plan the right way they can get into the second period with it being close and then every second that ticks off the clock moves the match more in their favor.  Another way to beat him is to be elite from space from neutral like Sebastion Rivera.  He doesn't have to tie up with Spencer to attack his legs.  He can get to his legs and finish without having to deal with his tie.  
    Spencer Lee is not the god wrestler everyone makes him out to be.  He is really, really good at a few things that people are well aware of and able to counter now.
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in Iowa in Stillwater   
    If Punxatawny Kaleb Young wins this match is there 6 more weeks of winter? 
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    krippler reacted to StallWarning in Iowa in Stillwater   
    The only thing it appears to have to do with Lee is that he is not better than these guys on a level that people want him to be.  I like Spencer and think he is incredible but people elevated him to god status and now if he doesn't win it HAS to be because something out of his control is going on because a god couldn't possibly lose.
    I think people should prepare themselves for the reality that other guys can beat him and it's not because he has had mono for the second or third time. 
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