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    krippler reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Who is the heel of your team and why?   
    What do you mean?  Jimmy's a Penn State, Cornell, Iowa, Ohio State, Golden State Warriors, Duke Basketball, UConn Women's Basketball, Alabama/Clemson Football, Real Madrid, Serena Williams, New England Patriots fan.  These are all "his team."
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    krippler reacted to PSUSMC in Who is the heel of your team and why?   
    JimmyC, why post the question "Who is the heel of your team..." and then start rambling off wrestlers from a number of schools?
    The underlying of the post is "your team".
    Did you not understand the basis of your own thread?
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    krippler reacted to tightwaist in Who is the heel of your team and why?   
    Collegiate Wrestling Forum- Jimmy Cinnabon.  He starts dumb topics all the time
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    krippler reacted to jchapman in Is Joseph the least respected 2x returning champ?   
    Tony Nelson
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    krippler reacted to StallWarning in Iowa in Stillwater   
    I do not think Spencer has dropped off wrestling.  I think he's at the same level he was last year.  I think other guys have gotten better and are working on things specifically to game plan for him.  He's not hard to game plan for because he only has a few things he does.  He just does them really well.  His neutral offense is limited.  He has one shot from a tie and a fireman's.  Both come from the same tie.  His top game is a an arm bar tilt.  That's all he has.  That's how he beats guys.  If you game plan for those specific things (the tie he uses and the arm bar tilt) then you can beat him.  He also has gas tank issues.  If guys are good enough and game plan the right way they can get into the second period with it being close and then every second that ticks off the clock moves the match more in their favor.  Another way to beat him is to be elite from space from neutral like Sebastion Rivera.  He doesn't have to tie up with Spencer to attack his legs.  He can get to his legs and finish without having to deal with his tie.  
    Spencer Lee is not the god wrestler everyone makes him out to be.  He is really, really good at a few things that people are well aware of and able to counter now.
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in Iowa in Stillwater   
    If Punxatawny Kaleb Young wins this match is there 6 more weeks of winter? 
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    krippler reacted to StallWarning in Iowa in Stillwater   
    The only thing it appears to have to do with Lee is that he is not better than these guys on a level that people want him to be.  I like Spencer and think he is incredible but people elevated him to god status and now if he doesn't win it HAS to be because something out of his control is going on because a god couldn't possibly lose.
    I think people should prepare themselves for the reality that other guys can beat him and it's not because he has had mono for the second or third time. 
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    krippler reacted to buckshot1969 in Iowa in Stillwater   
    I wonder if Iowa will be wearing their B1G Dual Champions shirts after this? 
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    krippler reacted to WillieBoy in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    Lee is confused and scared to tell Tom he wants to transfer to Rutgers?
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    krippler reacted to Dr. Novak in Will Kerry McCoy ever be on the hot seat?   
    Depends on what she looks like.  Staff of four qualified Hooters women would be a big attraction.
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    krippler reacted to Marcus Cisero in NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic   
    Spencer Lee ducking Sebastian Rivera was just amped up by 125 lb. Rivera STEPPING UP to wrestle the likely 2019 133 lb. NCAA champ Micic. Kudos to Rivera for having the guts to take it up a notch. I truly do not see Spencer beating Rivera, or even Bresser and now Vito who just destroyed Glory.
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    krippler reacted to Perry in NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic   
    Spencer lee wont show up for a rematch while Rivera is bumping to take on the number 1bup a weight. One of these men/programs has earned respect regardless of the outcome in March. Brands could learn a real lesson from this courage
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    krippler reacted to GoNotQuietly in Daniel Lewis Pins Valencia   
    Molinaro would still chose bottom against Lewis.
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    krippler reacted to Housebuye in OSU wrestling   
    OSU will beat PSU at NCAAs
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    krippler reacted to CoachWrestling in Did Bo pass Nolf in the Hodge race tonight?   
    Moore gets him next time
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    krippler reacted to StallWarning in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    My GF agrees.
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    krippler reacted to LHN94 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    This Nolf guy is pretty good.
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    krippler reacted to PSUMike in Official List: Who is taking Moore over Nickal?   
    4-1 when Nickal sticks him. 
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    krippler reacted to CoachWrestling in Pat Downey "Uncut" interview   
    Have you ever said anything positive in your entire life? 
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    krippler reacted to scribe in Notification Emails   
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    krippler reacted to jstock in D1 vs D3   
    I hear that Carlton Haselrig was pretty good 
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    krippler reacted to gopher_fan_90 in Suspension   
    The incidents last year definitely have not helped his reputation, but I don’t think that caused the suspension. I think it was the 3-4 duals in a row with not only some antics but actually losing a team point. Now, you could say that this years antics and last year are just part of his personality. It very well could be that it was there the whole time, his struggle to maintain composure. Last year, his biggest spotlight was NCAAs where some big issues took place. This year he is at IA where they are always in the spotlight, on Flo, and etc. Maybe he just plays into the atmosphere too much. 
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    krippler reacted to MadMardigain in Is taunting legal now?   
    They can only have one point of emphasis a year.  Gotta focus on that hands to face stuff. Poor sportsmanship will have to wait apparently. 
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    krippler reacted to russelscout in Is taunting legal now?   
    Check out @NebraskaOnBTN’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/NebraskaOnBTN/status/1092132352204201984?s=09
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in Iowa vs Nebraska Thread   
    Moisey at least went for broke. Better than losing without even trying your best move. 
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