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    krippler reacted to JBluegill133 in Gable Stevenson will go down as the greatest college wrestler ever   
    i think best bet if gable goes undefeated this year is to duck competition for the next three years, go into bigtens and ncaas with the minimal amount of matches possible and then win those two tournaments.  
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    krippler reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in A proposal to address ducking   
    For seeding purposes how about viewing a duck as a "half loss"?
    Meaning if a wrestler's record is 20-5 but he has 2 ducks his record effectively becomes 20-6.  That way when compared to another wrestler who also has a 20-5 record but no ducks the non-ducker gets a slight seeding advantage.
    I would define a "duck" as failing to start a match, for a non-injury/illness related reason, after competing a match in full within 3 calendar days.
    Of course the big issue seems that coaches could easily just claim a wrestler had sustained an injury/illness to game the system.
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    krippler reacted to ionel in Tommy Aint Afraid to Run   
    Odd though that Brands is willing to build a rocket ship to travel to other galaxies to find better competition but when he crosses the border to Illinois he gets scared for his wrestlers and has to implement an alternate plan.  :(
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    krippler reacted to ionel in If Spencer is sick why did he wrestle 48 hours ago?   
    Posted 17 hours ago 17 hours ago, ionel said:
    To sumarize:
    "quack ...  quack quack quack ... it was in the plans to quack quack"
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    krippler reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in If Spencer is sick why did he wrestle 48 hours ago?   
    Sad to see what "Iowa style" means these days.  
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    krippler reacted to KCMO2 in Iowa-Northwestern   
    Another Hawkeye duck at 157?
    Two top 10 matchups in the dual at 125 and 157, and Iowa ducks them both.
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    krippler reacted to Perry in Iowa-Northwestern   
    Iowa pulling lee after he wrestled Friday is pathetic. I love that people were worried about Rivera not showing up but it was Lee and brands that was too afraid to make the match up a thing. Some reports that iowa is going to duck deakin as well. the new iowa style sure is impressive, ducking ranked wrestlers all season from 125 to heavy
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    krippler reacted to Relentless125 in Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?   
    Perez Perez is having a closer match with Rivera than Lee last had at this point in the match. Perez Perez must be the new starter.
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    krippler reacted to ionel in Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?   
    H3N3 duck flu?
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    krippler reacted to Gantry in RBY possibly just tore his ACL   
    My sources are telling me inner ear infection...
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in Name one current wrestler you want to hate, but can't   
    Nolf.  I can easily hate all the other PSU guys but not Nolf.  
    edit:  Nevermind, I hate them all.
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    krippler reacted to ionel in Fewest Champs required to win NCAA Team title?   
    zero, see Minnesota
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    krippler reacted to ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in Good thread on hawkeye report   
    Glad to see that the Iowa fanbase has taken a completely unbiased look in to the accusations against this Iowa wrestler and cleared him of all charges.
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    krippler reacted to wrestlingphish in Teasdale leaving Penn St   
    PSU fans don't get to decide when jokes at their expense are no longer funny.
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    krippler reacted to treep2000 in Nebraska at Penn State   
    Even though not directed at me, I will point out that unless there is a valid reason for Shak not wrestling (i.e. banged up, sick, wedding, something that is somewhat believable), the calls for ducking meet the criteria for calling for ducking.  It's ducking until proven otherwise.  I respect the PSU program greatly, but call a spade a spade if ducking is involved.  Ryan's done it before, Brands did it with Stoll, etc. etc. etc.  Just calling a spade a spade.  And... If I'm a loser for being "consistent" in my "duck calls", then you may call ME... the one and only Duck Commander!  
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    krippler reacted to MSU158 in Nebraska at Penn State   
    There are some very vocal PSU fans posting on here that strongly call out other programs for "ducking". Do those same people have anything to say about Rasheed not going??
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    krippler reacted to Dr. Novak in Stoll #1?   
    Stoll is actually wildly athletic.  He can throw down a bucket of chicken wings faster than anyone would believe.
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    krippler reacted to BigTenFanboy in Stoll #1?   
    You specifically asked WHY people are all fluffed up about Stoll being ranked number one and not so much when it comes to Seth Gross.
    You can site the rankings process all you want, but if the people do not believe the wrestler Ranked number 1 is not the best wrestler in the weight class they will complain.
    Many still believe Gross is the best 133lber.
    Most do not believe Stoll is the best 285lber.
    Ofcourse its opinion based!
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    krippler reacted to scribe in Stoll #1?   
    Vak, my friend, this is 2019 not 2009.
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    krippler reacted to scribe in Phillippi screwed up   
    probably the flu.
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    krippler reacted to BigTenFanboy in 133 - Meatgrinder of Parity   
    Desanto defeats Suriano
    Suriano defeats Phillipi
    Phillipi defeats Fix
    Fix defeats Gomez
    Gomez defeats Desanto
    The circle of life.
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    krippler got a reaction from ThorsteinV in Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?   
    Askren just made me laugh. At National Duals He pinned Herrington from Penn and celebrated I think with an alligator clap towards Zeke Jones. He then quickly pinned someone from OK St and galloped around the ring with his pretend horse and lasso looking at John Smith the whole time. Funniest thing I have ever seen in wrestling

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    krippler reacted to stp in Rutgers vs Iowa   
    I shouldn't have to.  If BTN is going to televise live, show the entire event.  
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    krippler reacted to jammen in Who Works Out with Steveson?   
    Maybe he saw Cael's dismal record at coaching heavyweights; dnp,dnp,dnp,dnp,dnp,6th, dnq, 5th, 7th. 
    Or maybe he just looked at the Gopher's AA (20) wall of modern day heavyweight finalists: 1,1,1,1,1, 2,2,2.
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in Who Works Out with Steveson?   
    Or HWTs will come to Minnesota to train with Steveson.  
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