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    krippler reacted to headshuck in 2 Lawsuits filed against Ohio State   
    Spinach is a much better choice.
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    krippler reacted to steamboat_charlie in Some guys have something "special".   
    I had the physical, athletic and technical skills to be a one time sectional qualifier.  
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    krippler reacted to iGranby in Frank the Tank   
    I just think he's a bit of a cry baby, and over the top.
    Being offensive and able to score in 1 of 3 matches won him 1 of 3 matches. You need to win 2 of 3 to move on - you cant rely on the ref to make the calls you need/want. Yelling at the top of your lungs and acting like a high school kid wont make anything happen except make viewers cringe and you look like an ass. 
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    krippler reacted to Smedley in Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix   
    Its going to be a double disqualification due to the use of an illegal foreign object by both wrestlers.
    Spencer Lee

    Daton Fix

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    krippler reacted to TobusRex in Push Out   
    I dislike the pushout rule. I also dislike referees calling "passivitiy" when the only wrestler taking any shots is the "passive" wrestler and the other guy is just locking up and pushing. I've seen way too much of that. If all a guy wants to do is lock up and push THAT is stalling/passivity TOO, when you think about it.
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    krippler reacted to Rocep in Push Out   
    Takes the ref's opinion out of the equation.
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in Junior WTTs   
    Cassioppi tries to head butt Gable Steveson. Bader asks "What's the end game there"? Lol. That didn't work out to well. TF in 2 minutes. 
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    krippler reacted to Idaho in Desanto to Iowa   
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    krippler reacted to LemonPie in Oregon State Fiasco   
    This isn't a professional environment, dummy. This is a message board.
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    krippler reacted to Cletus_Tucker in DeSanto and S. Perry in Iowa City   
    If I'm not mistaken, I believe I've seen Elizabeth Warren in the stands cheering on the Hawks, a distinguished person of color according to Harvard University and her own claims.     
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    krippler reacted to gowrestle in Damion Hahn   
    Every man wants to prove his worth. I’m surprised Hahn has waited this long. I think the former NJ champ and Minnesota champ, will be an excellent head coach.
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    krippler reacted to NJwrestlingguy in Goldman Retired....   
    Escobedo has very little experience as a Coach/Assistant at a bad program..Another Bad Move by Indiana Athletics. At least OPEN the Job up to some candidates that have actually had some experience. Was the Best Wrestler in Indiana History interviewed? He's an Associate HC and his Resume would run circles around Escobedo.
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    krippler reacted to JBluegill133 in DeSanto to...   
    He seems more naturally the heel....I always felt Gilman was trying to perform and it came out forced and unnatural.  Desanto will go out there, yell at his coaches, break a guys arm, and then look at the ref like he's confused on what he did, and the Iowa fans are going to eat. it. up.
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    krippler reacted to WrestlingFan89 in DeSanto to...   
    It just seems so unlike Cael to bring in a troubled 133 pounder.
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    krippler reacted to NJwrestlingguy in DeSanto to...   
    Iowa staff just arrived in SE PA.

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    krippler reacted to MadMardigain in How Good are Women   
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    krippler reacted to spladle in Which current D1 wrestler is most likely to be a 4 timer?   
    It is always too early to talk about winning four times until the third is in the bag. We had these conversations about IMar two years ago.
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    krippler reacted to Medicine_Man in Anybody think Quint Kessenich got a bit obtrusive during the Finals?   
    (Excellent photo by Tony Rotundo)
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    krippler got a reaction from Coach_J in EMU President Axed Wrestling Program @ Northern State, South Dakota   
    “Was instrumental in dropping multiple wrestling programs nationwide” “he knew early on he wanted to be a complete d-bag”
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    krippler reacted to JerseyJoey in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
    Little bit douchey
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    krippler reacted to BigTimeFan in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
    Sounded like a tele-evangelist.
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    krippler reacted to Pennsy Kraken in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
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    krippler reacted to Greatdane67 in Spencer Lee - a Hawkeye you can root for.   
    True freshman. Not enough time for Brands to infect him yet. :)
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    krippler reacted to TBar1977 in OSU Have Enough?   
    Forget the possible bonus. Just watch the first 6 matches. Each one is worth 3.5 of the possible 4.5 they can get. Win 5 or 6 of those and they will have a comfortable lead heading into finals.
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    krippler reacted to headshuck in First Session Thread   
    Minnesota leading in the team score.
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