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  1. Kirk was never an embarrassment and always a class act. I believe the altercation I was speaking of was started by his opponent. I loved Jerry Kelly. He had one of the best inside trips I've ever seen. Kelly was a Frosh. in 1979, my first full year as a OSU wrestling fan, was not great going 13-9 and did not qualify for the NCAA but was fun to watch. As a Soph. he had a great 30-4 season which earned him the 7th seed at the NCAA. Surprisingly, Jerry finished 2nd, defeating #3 seed Ricky Dellagatta by a fall along the way. As a Jr., I don't remember why but he only had an 18-6 record but still garnered the #4 seed at the NCAA and finished 3rd. However, his Sr. year he did not compete and as I recall, he didn't make grades but I could be wrong on that. Anyway, far from a bust but it was quit disappointing not having him for his final year.
  2. Reggie Wright was a solid performer with a lot of talent who finished 4th twice at the NCAA in three tries, 1999-2001. That being said he came up short of seed all three times. After transferring to OSU as a Soph. he was 26-4, seeded 2nd and finished 4th; not bad. As a Jr. he was 38-4, seeded 3rd and finished 4th; not as bad as last year. But as a Sr. he was 31-0 entering the NCAA, seeded 1st and scored 2 points losing 8-6 to unseeded Mike Zadick of Iowa and by fall to 7th seed Jammar Billman of Lock Haven. Also, I must say that I have never been more embarrassed by the conduct of an OSU wrestler than I was of Wright after one of his losses at St. Louis in the 2000 NCAA. Although Tom Erickson came up short in both of his years at OSU he was a class act on and off the mat as well as an amazing pinner. I can still remember a match when Tom as a grad assistant and our then heavy weight Kirk Mamman got in to an altercation on the mat with his opponent. Tom rushed onto the mat, shoved Kirk's opponent with one hand and he went flailing off the mat as Tom picked Kirk up and ran off the mat with Kirk under his arm like a toddler. Kirk wasn't a large heavyweight but a 220-240, it was amaizing.
  3. I have two extra all-session tickets. They are in Section 323, Row Q, Seats 7 & 8. I don't need to make any money on them and will let you have them for what I paid, unless you’re feeling generous. I got them from Ticket Master for $323 and change. Face value is $310. Email me at rosborn@valornet.com
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