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  1. I've got a Lincoln Mac feeling about the potential of MJ's redshirt being pulled as a freshman. It's all hands on deck at Ohio State and this is the year to make a title happen. If Hunter Stieber can't go then Micah's the best man with the most potential to insert in the lineup to score points at NCAA and Big 10. But I think Hunter will pull it together and gut out another AA performance.
  2. Pretty sure that U of Minnesota is a money making program. I went to a clinic with J Robinson about 8 years ago and he spent a lot of the time talking about how he ran his program and the ways in which they brought in money.
  3. I'm new to Texas but Dallas seems to be the hot bed for high school wrestling in the state. Lots of Oklahoma transplants. Houston and El Paso not bad either
  4. I would love to see this but I dont think it would happen for the previosuly stated reasons. Jones was only a 1 x juco champ I believe so it's not like he was some dominant DI college wrestler. I would rather see some of the emerging MMA talent that were college stars come back to their roots and wrestle at Midlands. What if the Midlands actively recruited guys like Johnny Hendricks, Mo Lawal, Ben Askren, Daniel Cormier, Cole Konrad, Bubba Jenkins, Lance Palmer, etc. guys that were college studs, and did something to help promote them individually andat the same time promote the tournament and college wrestling to mma fans without a wrestling backround. I watched the Midlands finals on the Big Ten network and the stands were pathetically empty. What better way to spark some intrest in this great tournament and grow the college wrestling fan base.
  5. Ironically, Liberty is the program that would have benefited the greatest from this format, but yet would have never been saved since they were dropped so the school could move their football program to the FBS level, in hopes of increasing the Liberty brand. For those of you that don't know, Liberty had a relatively solid dual meet program. Their team basically have 10 athletes that were all capable of qualifying for nationals (though no top 20 guys). They finished the year 14-7 with their biggest win coming over a 16-4 Maryland program that had knocked off American, Virginia, Navy, Northern Iowa, Penn, and North Carolina. I think you see more match-ups coming into play with duals and thus duals and results are more exciting. You can have two teams that are nearly balanced in tournaments but the dual can be a blowout due to poor matchups and you can have a team that is not as deep in a tournmanet setting that matches up well and knocks them off in a dual. This is good for sport. It is good for wrestling and is the reason sports radio talk about the matchups of two teams for a week leading up to a game. Liberty beast Maryland Maryland beats Navy Maryland beats #18 American #18 American beats Arizona State #18 American beats #20 Oregon State #18 American beats #22 Pitt Navy Beats #8 Lehigh #20 Oregon State beats #12 Missouri #20 Oregon State beats #25 Wyoming #8 Lehigh beats #11 Michigan #8 Lehigh beats #9 Rutgers #8 Lehigh beats #1 Cornell #1 Cornell beats #6 Virginia Tech #1 Cornell beats #5 Minnesota So if wrestling were like football, where each dual was vital to your post season, there would be people arguing that Liberty could match-up well with Cornell or Minnesota. Now, I think wrestling is easier to determine matchups than football and so my point is not that people would literally be claiming Liberty or Maryland could beat Cornell and Minnesota. My point is that there are a lot more dual results out there that tell us about the excitement level in wrestling than we give it credit for. How many people would have honestly thought that it would have been possible for Liberty to actually be able to have a fan call in to a talk radio show and argue (albeit, a weak arguement, but still justified with some results) that Liberty could potentially beat Navy, American, Arizona State, Oregon State, Pitt, Missouri, Lehigh, Wyoming, Michigan, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, and Cornell? These are the results that make duals exciting. Duals are exciting when you realize all the teams that beat teams that shouldn't. This is why college football is so exciting. The number of home duals typically averages the number of home football games. Scenario that could have played out in 2011 if we had an NCAA duals: If each dual was vital to a team's post season run, Lehigh fans (and students) would hate the fact that Navy could have spoiled their chances to make it out of the EIWA. Luckily for them, Lehigh stormed back and knocked off a strong Cornell squad to justify their bid to the NCAA duals. Navy would be arguing that they should be considered for an at large bid and will cite their win over Lehigh which will rally their boosters who get upset when they aren't selected. Oregon State beating bubble team Missouri wouldn't have gone over too well for the wrestling fans in the state of Missouri. You would hear high school coaches talking at a tournament saying "Can you believe they lost that dual? Their whole season is shot now." While another man counters, "No way is our season over. With the schedule we have we just need to knock off a few top teams and we are right back in the mix." Ironically, this is the SEC football arguement each year, where Missouri is, now a member. And, yes, Missouri bounced back. They went on to post wins over American Lehigh, Boise State, and Oklahoma State. There are so many scenarios that play out each year in duals that can make people excited about wrestling without having to follow each wrestler's individual results. Sometimes it is the fact that a team spoiled something great that builds a rivalry the most. The fact that Minnesota spoiled Penn State's undefeated season at the first dual, last year, when most fans thought Penn State would run the table to their next national championship crushed some PSU fans, energized Minnesota fans, and made the rest of us just sit back and shake our heads in amazement. This is what sport is all about! Well put. I'm excited for this to begin.
  6. Fast you're a slow and sad individual that seems to be looking for an argumnet with anybody who will engage you. Feel free to start a thread about wrestlers who get wasted and were NCAA champs or world level medalists, I'm not stopping you. I also wont question your motivations for starting such thread or tell you where to post it as you have done with me. By the way I'm a Christian but definitely not a bible thumper. I think people should live however they want (legally) free of judgement from everyone but God, assuming they believe in God. My days of hard drinkng and other vices have passed, but I do drink in moderation. I also wasn't an NCAA champ or Olympic medalist.
  7. Fastwilly I started this "stupid" thread as you called it because I think that it is commendable to be a high level athlete and to deny yourself the basic pleasures that those around you get to enjoy. It is also nice to be able to point to examples of athletes who avoid temptations and succeed. I got a chance to meet John Smith last year and he said that most Olympic medalists dont drink at all. Also as a high school wrestling coach I stress to my wrestlers that they dont have to be like all the "cool kids" and party and drink because in the end it will hurt their performance. Should we not be pointing out to teenagers that wrestling takes a total commitment and they dont have to drink and party to fit in? Why are you so offended by this topic?
  8. I was struck by Varner's comments after winning gold that he would probably celebrate with a chocolate milk snd some Skittles. Cael later went on to make comments about Varner living a "lifestyle" that has brought him this success. We always hear the stories each offseason of wrestlers getting in trouble with the law for drinking and other partying. I'm curious about what elite wrestlers (NCAA DI AA, champs, world team members) that we know for cetain don't drink, smoke, do any drugs and just stay out of trouble and live a relatively clean life. I know Metcalf in an interview said he doesn't drink but who else?
  9. Russell underachieved at his first two NCAA tournaments so I would have to say Bertin. I didn't realize that Bertin never won Big 10s. It's also hard to believe he only was a 1 time state champ
  10. Metcalf is a great competitor, he exemplified the "Iowa style" in the post Gable Era better than any wrestler but I think he just has reached his ceiling as a wrestler. He is a beast as an American folkstyle wrestler but the freestyle game just doesn't suit him. I dont see him being able to change the way he has wrestled since high school to flourish to the international style.
  11. Not sure how long Borelli has been over at Central Michigan or when they officially emerged as a national power but I do remember that prior to the 1998 NCAA tournament I had never heard of Central Michigan. Casey and Ryan Cunnigham helped to change that
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