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  1. When did Kevin Vough commit to Ohio State?
  2. Carlton Haselrig's career is even more amazing when you consider how hard it is for a HWT to win 3x, and he was the last to do it
  3. NaTo looked a weight class smaller than Gilman and Youtsey. No reason he cant make the weight for one more season. I'd imagine he'd also love the chance to get revenge on Gilman and have him finish his Hawkeye career without a title
  4. Agreed and great point. LemonPie, you troll so well on these boards but you occasionally post some very insightful comments. Are you DF's alter ego?
  5. Underrated/under appreciated wrestler. Jr. World Champion and NCAA Champion.
  6. Tough round for the Hawkeyes with Meyer, Brooks and Burak
  7. That's a good lineup that can repeat even with losing Logan and Snyder. I'd rather see Myles Martin redshirt and Bo Jordan stay at 174 and run the table. Why would he make a massive cut just to have to face his old teammate and cousin Issac and the best college wrestler Deringer? Unless he's on his own Vision Quest
  8. What happened to him going to Hofstra?
  9. He is one of the best freestyle wrestlers in the world and the best American of this generation. He should coach aspiring world champions in Colorado Springs
  10. This match up is more in line with the spirit of my initial post. I probably could have explained it better, but I was looking more for wrestlers in the same weight in the same year as opposed to fantasy match ups of star wrestlers from different eras. Are there any entertaining NAIA, DII, DIII studs that would've matched up well with DI champs but never got the chance? (Joey Davis) Another match I and everyone at the 2011 nationals wanted to see that didn't take place was Dake as a Sophmore vs a healthy senior Darrion Caldwell at 149 lbs. at NCAAs
  11. I always wanted to see Mark Perry against Ben Askren when they were both at 174. I liked that both were great mat wrestlers with a lot of funk in their arsenal. In the end I think Askren would've dominated Perry even worse than he did Herbet and would earn a tech fall or a pin. It still would have made for a good match with a lot of points scored. What are some other matches that never happened for one reason or another?
  12. Only if Deringer is back at 165. Bo owns IMar and is a lot bigger and stronger than those boys at 157
  13. DF and the story of how he won his state championship via self slam disqualification is classic satire literature. It would make for a great off season read -hint hint - if only someone would post the story
  14. You can't deny the talent that ASU is accumulating and I think ASU will be a very good team, but they are still a few recruiting cycles away from being contenders. Even then, sometimes the recruiting classes don't pan out This situation is starting to remind me of a few years ago when people were talking about Wisconsin being a future dynasty with a new head assistant coach in Pritzlaff, a solid lineup with star wrestler Andrew Howe and a some big name commitments (Destin McCauley) and can't miss recruits. And then for one reason or another it all fell apart and Wisconsin is just now recovering.
  15. I can't believe that no one has mentioned Ryan Churella. He had Johnny Hendricks stuck in the finals in Oklahoma but the ref didn't have the nuts to call the fall. Then he winds up losing on some terrible calls by the ref
  16. NJWC I was a D1 wrestler and a coach too. I've also coached both boys and girls teams. What makes you think that girls would not consider the sport? Have you ever coached anywhere with girls hs wrestling teams? In states with only boys hs wrestling the girls are looked at as being "a bit off" for being the only girl on a boys team wrestling against boys. Why do you think that women's wrestling is an inferior product to mens wrestling? Could it have something to do with them not being allowed to train or compete in organized competition until the past 20 or so years, and that most don't start wrestling until high school?
  17. Ironman and most weights at any national folkstyle tournaments
  18. First off, we all win when wrestling is more mainstream and not seen as unusual to the common person. MMA has exploded over the past 15 years and is now mainstream and accepted by those who used to compare it to dog fighting. We even have women MMA stars who are mainstream, feminine and ass kickers. We need to embrace change and growth and continue to evolve We need women's programs in state universities in the states where girls high school wrestling is recognized as a sport. The state university is set up to serve the needs of the state. The same way that it is ridiculous that in states where boys wrestling is sponsored on the high school level and then none of the state univ sponsor a men's college program. If the college women's head wrestling coaches are wise they will be leading the fight to get their state high school associations to sponsor girls high school wrestling and increase their local pool of talent for recruitment. King College, a private school in Virginia won the women's national championship this year. Virginia does not sponsor girls high school wrestling. *On another note I just looked into women's ice hockey and found out the NCAA sponsors women's varsity ice hockey. I HAD NO IDEA. I knew that the Big ten did but not NCAA. They have a big school Div. I and small school D III championships. The Big Ten and the Ivy league tend to be the more powerful teams.How many states other than Minnesota sponsor girls high school ice hockey?
  19. Vazquez also gets props for beating Palomino who was on pace to be the first Cali 4xer ever. However the California state tournament is not the toughest high school tournament in the country and I wouldn't put him on any list of top 5 all time high school wrestlers. Same as how I wouldn't have put Mike Grey on that list after he became the first ever 4xer from Jersey.
  20. Pinnum, not sure where you are from but it might open your eyes if you traveled outside of your own state/region and attended a HS tournament in an area where girls wrestling is a state association sponsored sport. When girls get the opportunity to compete on their own teams, with other girls, with good coaches who don't view them as a "necessary burden" they tend to do great and have good sized teams. In many of these same states more and more girls are getting involved in the sport at the kiddie level. This is a HUGE area of potential growth for the sport and we need to be promoting ALL wrestling. Why would you only want to promote the sport to less than half of the population? The wrestling community would be wise to use the title IX argument to push for girls wrestling to be recognized in each state association and for the states that already do have it as an official sport to push for a big state university to provide an opportunity for the girls to compete on the college level.
  21. Winning the team championship totally changes that dynamic. When Tom Ryan is competing against Cael, JRob, Brands or John Smith for the same top athlete that wants to win a team title he now has hard evidence that he is able to get that done. And having a 4x champ and guys able to come in as freshman and compete and win individual titles also helps his case with recruits.
  22. This is disgusting and disrespectful to every wrestler and coach in Northeast Ohio. The administration needs to be looking at boosting the wrestling budget and adding a womens team if they are looking to boost the profile of their broke ass athletic department
  23. They were too busy studying to worry about conditioning. It's hard enough being a student at Yale, lol. The Ivy league teams have come a long way
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