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  1. Geez Tsirtsis....Where was all that action in the first two periods?
  2. After watching the Gillman match and this match from Ironman I'd say Tomasello needs to avoid the near cradle. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/238842-Walsh-Ironman-2011/video/532936-113-lbs-semi-finals-Nathan-Tomasello-CVCA-vs-Zeke-Moisey-Bethlehem-Catholic
  3. The kid from Davidson winning the schools first match at nationals since the 1960s was a good story
  4. More like a love for exciting wrestling thread. I grew up watching the Brands bros., the Zadicks, Mark Ironside, Lincoln Mac, Joe and TJ Williams, Mike Mena. I want more of that wrestling
  5. Either way Ohio State will have to at least win one semi match against their closest competitor. In both matches the buckeyes are underdogs but not by much. They both have history with their Mizzou oponent too. It should be fun
  6. Morningstar is possibly the most boring Hawkeye EVER. The complete opposite of "Iowa Style." Back when he was competing he was mocked on these boards constantly for his low score style. After watching Brooks and Mike Evans in the quarters and their lack of offensive attempts I can't help but question why the Brands would have him on their staff. As a fan of the sport and of college wrestling in general we need LESS Ryan Morningstar style wrestlers. We also need to see the best college program of the past half century to wrestle the way that they made famous. This is not meant as a personal diss to Morningstar because he seems like a good person and coach. He's just not an entertaining wrestler at all and I hate that we are seeing more and more of his kind throughout the college ranks
  7. C'mon son...you couldn't think of a better analogy than that? The kid wasn't facing life long neurological issues by competing with his injury. When it's all said and done his quality of life after wrestling wont suffer as a result of this
  8. Well said. Not to mention that as wrestlers we are taught to persevere and fight through pain. We all hear stories every year of guys winning states, nationals, worlds etc with serious injuries. Burroughs won a world title with a broken ankle. H. Stieber gave it a go to see if he could help the team. It didn't work out and that's that
  9. Terao from American Uiversity knocking off the all americans early on in the tournament. Not sure what was the seeding criteria but he did have by far the most wins at 125 lbs. and did not get seeded
  10. Very true but that takes credit away from the guys that pulled off the so called upsets. Some guys are just doing their best wrestling right now when it matters instead of in January and somebody has to lose
  11. "Gulibon had Dijulius beaten and then Dijulius pulled that modified lateral drop out of his ass. I don’t think that’s happening agan." Vak good analysis but you lose credibility when you make statements like this. JDJ wrestles from that position several times throughout every match. You don't think he knew how to hit a lat pull, particularly in a situation where the match is on the line? I'm sure that he knows how to hit an arm spin too, but that's not his style.
  12. You mean like when Jordan Burroughs got hurt mid way through his true senior season and got a 5th year of varsity competition and won his second title? I never once heard anyone question that one. They both played within the rules
  13. You mad VakAttack? As a Hawkeye fan just take the loss like a man, don't blame the refs and hope for a better result in a few weeks. I look forward to more Gilman/Tomasello matches over the next few seasons and now it's no longer a one sided rivalry
  14. Which one(s) get it done this year? I'm predicting 1 freshman champ this year and I have these as my top 5 most likely to win it 1. Martinez -This kid is the truth! I love his aggressive style and varied attacks. He took Ness to school 2. Tomasello - He's gotten better and stronger as the season has gone on. Just got over two big hurdles this past weekend in Degaldo and his nemesis Gilman 3. Sorenson - Will there be a rubber match with Tsirtisis? Can he beat him outside of Carver Hawkeye arena? 4. Jordan - If he can finish those sweep singles without going to the waist he wins a rematch with his cousin. Not sold on Dieringer being unbeatable. 5. Snyder - In a tough weight that is up for grabs.
  15. Start by eliminating riding time (stalling time) immediately after NCAAs this year. The objective of riding should be to turn and pin, not to maintain and control for a minute more than your opponent.
  16. I clearly saw the opening of that match differently than most of you all. I saw Illinois kid force an over hook and put pressure inward against the joint. It's well known that H. Stieber has injured elbows and is wrestling hurt and it would make sense for all his opponents to "test" that injury with two on ones and handfighting, But to focus your offensive attack on hurting your oppoenet is not the objective of the sport. Respect for those who replied and offered their opinion back. For those that felt the need to reply with a dbag response, you don't get cool points in life for being a themat.com internet jokester fan boy. I'm just here for some wrestling dialogue
  17. The Illinois kid did not come out there to wrestle, he came out for an mma style submission lock on Stiebers elbow an illegal move that the refs completely missed and could've led to an injury default win for Stieber if he couldn't continue. There is no room in wrestling for that garbage and I'm disgusted with Perry and the Illinois staff for encouraging that
  18. I never paid much attention to Moore until last season when he seemed to have potential as an NCAA finalist opposite of David Taylor. He fizzled out at NCAAs last year and his regression this year makes me wonder if he would be a better fit with any other program. He doesn't seem to wrestle a Brands Hawkeye style or mentality. Maybe a Zalesky hawkeye style at Oregon State would have been better? Iowa State or UNI maybe. The kid was a 4x Iowa st champ so I figure maybe he wanted to stay close to the home fans.
  19. The best wrestlers are in the light weight to 150 range. The best athletes are in the 160 to 200 range
  20. I thought it was a great movie. Well written and good acting. If I was Mark Shultz I'd be a little pissed because it portrayed him as somewhat of a half wit. Also, it was a bit disappointing that they skipped over 7 years of events between Mark Schultz leaving Foxcatcher after the 1988 Olympics straight to 1996 when Dave was murdered.
  21. They have currently have a returning national champ, a former finalist, and an AA on their starting roster...like today. How is that developing one kid at a time?
  22. Not a fan of Northwestern but a Big 10 fan and I always give props where it's due. Pariano has been running things for awhile and has been getting top recruits and results at a tough institution that is closer to a Penn or Cornell than it is Illinois or Indiana when it comes to academics Tofurky mentioned some of the better unheralded guys from Northwestern and over the past decade that program has had 1 Olympian/world medalist, 4 NCAA titles by 3 wrestlers, a freshman NCAA champ and several AAs who either who were either finalist or in the hunt for a title during their career - Ryan Lang, Jason Welch, Brandon Precin, Mike Tamillow, Dustin Fox, Jake Herbert and currently Tsirtsis, McMullan, and Harger
  23. Really impressed with what Northwestern has been able to do with their blue chip recruits
  24. Silvermedal The comparison to Lincoln Mac isn't fair because M.Jordan still has enough eligibility to win 4 titles. The kid is a 4x Ohio champ, wrestled at one of the best high school programs in the country and has received some of the best coaching. He is undefeated and won several tournaments during this redshirt season. He's proven that he can handle college wrestling. Will he be as good of a wrestler this season as he could be next year after more time in the Ohio State room? Probably not, but anything can happen between now and next season. God forbid, but what if MJ gets injured next season and misses NCAAs? I'm really hoping Hunter Stieber can work through his injury. I didn't see him get pinned that first match back, but all the other matches he looked rusty but good enough to AA. How he is able to manage the injury through a long NCAA tournament is questionable, but if he doesn't compete this year who's to say his injury will necessarily heal enough to where he could be his old self by next season.
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