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  1. We just wrestled the East Coast Jr Duals in Md this past weekend using the newest set of rules (as interpreted by the officials.) Without stating any judgement, it's a fact that no dual (of 15 weights) lasted longer than one hour. There were many matches ended in the first period with 7 pt lead or 2 3's or a 5. It certainly gets things moving. The 2 pt TD is great. Questions remain in my mind: If wrestler A gets 2 3's or a 5 but is behind, and we know he isn't declared the winner at that point, is he declared the winner when he goes ahead later in the match or does the 3 or 5 have to win at the time it's hit. Also, if a 3 is hit in period one and another is hit in period two and the wrestler is ahead, does that end the match? The officials from various states all agreed that the 3's have to be hit in the same period??? I think the rules will evolve further as they are used at various events. One thing for sure is Pete can shorten the week at Fargo with the new rules in place. Overall I think the kids enjoyed wrestling under the new rules.
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