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  1. hi-liter


    I had heard that part of the Mayweather-McGregor contract was that Floyd would have to reciprocate and take a MMA fight in the octagon. I am now hearing that Pico is on the short list of possible opponents.
  2. I find this saga interesting. There are a lot of us who believe Mejia is little to no improvement over the home grown lightweights that are in Champaign already.
  3. TBear, TBear, TBear, then it must also be a message board rule to only believe rules are rules when it is an out going transfer but ok if it is an incoming transfer.
  4. A few years back I listened to JB to a great job announcing in Fargo. If McKee wins Gold does that mean Gomez is the 2nd best in the World?
  5. Illinois folkstyle at VA Beach Duals. The IL Outsiders shut out the NJ Shore Thing in the round of 16. Not bad in a style they do not work very hard at.
  6. Good enough. Still prefer track over flo.
  7. If you want to follow a certain State or even a certain weight class track is 100% better. At least themat is giving results on the home page which makes having to follow floarena less important. I am sure flo blocked track from doing their thing. What is ironic is that if you are like me you would rather follow the results here on themat than on flo. Kind of like themat getting their cake and eating it too.
  8. It absolutely could. If the A team wrestler from your country beats the favorite all he has to do is lose in the semi's which knocks the favorite out of the tournament while the B wrestler comes through on the other side and when the A wrestler comes back and takes 3rd or a true 2nd then they have both qualified yet they probably weren't the best 2 wrestlers.
  9. hi-liter


    Jack said "Hey Hey" and Harry said "Holy Cow"
  10. Your regional qualifying tournaments do not solve your issue. One regional may be tougher than another. Or certain regionals could be tougher in certain weight classes than another. If you are in a regional with Japan it would most likely be harder to qualify at one of the lighter weights. The other thing is that countries do not send the same wrestlers to the international tournaments. The wrestler who qualifies a weight "for his country" is not always the wrestler who competes at that weight class in the Olympics. I am quite satisfied with the way it is now as far as representation.
  11. Just heard some more bad news. No trackwrestling in Fargo. FLO only. There results are so hard to follow compared to Track. This sucks.
  12. Just hope he doesn't turn out like that Freddy dude from soccer.
  13. Can anyone say Thank You Mark Perry for leaving. Overtime is no where near what it used to be. Jimmy Kennedy will be the head coach of Poeta Training Center.
  14. The fact that Gilman said it twice makes me feel even stronger he did not realize the derogatory nature of his comment. I will not call it a racial slur as it has been pointed out that Japanese is not a race. This derogatory word obviously is painful for Japanese Americans for good reason. I have lost some of my sympathy for BTFB upon reading that he learned of this word being hateful in 8th grade social studies when he was making a case that Gilman being a history major should also have known this. In reading his earlier posts I thought for sure he had been sat down as a child and told of terrible things that happened to some of his relatives in the internment camps. Another reason for not being on the side of tar and feathering Gilman is that I still have not read or heard a word that he could have used to describe Higuchi that is common enough to remember while involved in an emotional interview.
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