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  1. The 2009 125 weight had four champs and two other finalists. Oster and Rush were 4x All-Americans, Rush and Ecker were 2x champs. McInally was 2nd twice. Flodeen was champ the year before this and 2nd in 2007. Ryan Allen and Blake Gillis wrestled in the 285 finals three years in a row with Allen winning all 3. Gillis got his title the next year.
  2. The NCAA put out some guidelines for having an NCAA Championships yesterday. There is a small wrestling-specific section. I did a write up of some of the relevant sections, but you can read the whole thing. You'll see a few references in the write-up to La Crosse, Wisconsin, the site of the DIII tournament, but just change that to St. Louis in your head if you like. Write-up: https://www.d3wrestle.com/ncaa-releases-return-to-championships-guidelines/ Full Document: https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/championships/resources/common/rtc/2020-21MWR_RTCguidelines.pdf
  3. Seven Division III schools have officially canceled wrestling for this season as of October 27th. https://www.d3wrestle.com/winter-sports-cancellation-tracker/ The NCAA has limited power to tell schools how to conduct their seasons. What the organization does have control over is NCAA-sanctioned events like regionals (DII & DIII) and the NCAA Championships.
  4. Livingston was a 2x DIII AA (3rd, 6th) but not a champ.
  5. He lost in the finals to the same guy all three times!
  6. Anderson sadly passed away at 29 in October: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/22435?
  7. Moenkedick spanned across the decade break. Titles in 2010 and 2011, runner up in 2009. Tate was runner-up at the 2010 Midlands and 6th in 2011.
  8. Two all session tickets available Section 142, Row 38, Seats 1&2, $280 each avogel+themat@gmail.com
  9. Division III team previews have been going up at d3wrestle.com. Click the link below to be taken directly to them. All information listed is provided directly from the coaches. The Centenary preview that went up yesterday has an interesting incoming freshman listed. https://www.d3wrestle.com/category/previews/
  10. The DII and DIII Management councils both recommended that women's wrestling be added to the emerging sports list. DI is yet to decide, it seems. From here, it moves to the President's Council for each division and then potentially on to the full membership for a vote at the 2020 convention. All that to say, women's wrestling is not yet on the list and won't be until January, but there don't seem to be any major obstacles in the way. Most NCAA schools with women's wrestling are in DIII, so I did a write up that explains what comes next: https://www.d3wrestle.com/womens-wrestling-one-step-closer-to-ncaa-sponsorship/
  11. The father of American University wrestler Michael Sprague passed away in Pittsburgh shortly after Michael's last match on Friday. He had previously lost his mother nine years ago. If anyone is interested in supporting Michael and his family, have a look at the GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/steve-sprague
  12. In Division III the Lefevers did it for Wabash in 2015 and all three made the finals. 157 - Reece Lefever, 2nd place 174 - Conner Lefever, 1st place 184 - Riley Lefever, 1st place (2nd of his 4 championships) Riley is currently a part of the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club and was the 2nd ever 4x DIII champ. He never lost to a DIII opponent.
  13. The eight returning champs are 125 - Albis, JWU 133 - Rathbun, Wartburg (redshirted at Iowa before transferring) 141 - Brisman, Ithaca 149 - Cannone, Wartburg 157- Epps, Augsburg 165 - Jeske, Augsburg (likely a 2nd semester entry, was #101 on the D1CW list in 2016) 174 - James, Mount Union (4th at 2016 MAC championships for Kent State) 285 - Jake Evans, Waynesburg (2007 HS grad who never wrestled above 189) Also, Troy Stanich from Stevens is 76-2 in his first two years. He's placed 3rd twice, taking his first loss of each season at the NCAA Championships.
  14. Here's a first set of d3wrestle.com Division III rankings before the first weekend of the season. There are seven returning 2018 champs listed with an 8th likely to be a 2nd semester guy. d3wrestle.com Rankings #1 - November 2, 2018
  15. I wrote a brief tribute to Bill today. It was really tough to get the phone call about this. He had just retired from teaching this spring and seemed to be energized for the future at Ursinus when I last saw him. https://www.d3wrestle.com/bill-racich-passes-away/
  16. Should be a fun match. Kutler winning close wouldn’t be crazy, but neither would Hall blowing him out.
  17. I suspect it will pass the coaches but will be subject to some vigorous discussion at the convention.
  18. The DIII Wrestling Committee has a proposal out to the coaches. See more details at the link. Regional Proposal Sent to Coaches
  19. There has been a lot of growth in DIII wrestling in the past few years 2014 - Huntingdon, University of the Ozarks 2015 - Adrian, Greensboro, Hampden-Sydney, Millikin 2016 - Castleton, Keystone, MacMurray, Nebraska Wesleyan, New England College, Otterbein, Southern Virginia (joined NCAA), Thomas More 2017 - Averett, Penn State Behrend, Westminster, Penn College (joined NCAA) 2018 - Wilmington, Ohio Wesleyan 2019 - Alfred State (joining NCAA)
  20. Final d3wrestle.com Rankings http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11592
  21. Loras head coach TJ Miller spent five years coaching high school in Louisiana before returning to Iowa in 2015. While he was there, several Louisiana wrestlers went to his alma mater of Wartburg where he wrestled for his father Jim Miller. Now that he is at Loras, some Louisiana wrestlers, including two of their NCAA qualifiers, have gone there.
  22. The Division III Championships take place next weekend in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Brackets will be out on Monday the 6th, but until then... Riley Lefever is working on a 4th title for Wabash. He has never lost to a DIII opponent. Kenny Martin of Wartburg could win a third title, while seven other returning champions are in the mix for a 2nd championship. Lucas Malmberg of Messiah placed 6th at the Midlands and is a 3x NCAA finalist with 170 career wins. 65 of the 100 DIII teams qualified a wrestler to the tournament, and Wartburg is going for their 5th championship in the past six years. Regional results and full list of qualifiers: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11555 Geographical distribution of qualifiers by hometown (including a map): http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11565 List and previous placement of the 44 returning All-Americans: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11573 NCAA Championships Special Section: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?page_id=11536
  23. East and Midwest started yesterday, and all six regions are in action today. Click for a page with links to all live results, previews, and event homepages. East, Midwest, Central, and West finish today, while Mideast and Northeast finish tomorrow. http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11525
  24. Northeast: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11507 West: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11523 Mideast: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=11511
  25. There are 100 teams in DIII this year. Two teams (Penn College of Technology & Alfred State) are in the transitional period to become postseason-eligible, while three teams (Averett, Penn State-Behrend, and Westminster) are set to begin competition next season. Ohio Wesleyan just announced today their intention to begin competition in 2018-2019.
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