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  1. champs_dad

    Taylor should bump to 174

    Howe will turn 24 in July
  2. champs_dad

    Cody Yohn

    Congrats to Cody Yohn AA. you sure have taken a beating over the years on this forum, but you prevailed! Persistence and Determination are the Key....
  3. champs_dad

    Is Perry the most undeserving

    What moron, fourflushing, monkey butt, c-s idiot would start a post like this?
  4. champs_dad

    Logan Storley

    Don't bet on it
  5. champs_dad

    Logan Storley

    This never happens, last year Asper was undefeated, lost to #12 Peter Yates and dropped from 2 to 7th seed so Storley dropping 5 spots after lossing to #12 and #9 is not surprising. But I still think he should have been seeded 4th.
  6. champs_dad

    Hardest weight to seed?

    I follow UMD and they could not have wrestled
  7. champs_dad

    Hardest weight to seed?

    Perry has not seen Brown, Heflin, Kokesh, or Asper, Split with Storley and Loss to Porter by major. Does he still hold the One Seed?
  8. champs_dad

    Hardest weight to seed?

    1xAA Perry- 24 D1 wins 2 loss- to Storey and then ranked #15 Porter Bad loss, Big 12 Champion Brown-24 D1 wins 4 loss- Kokesh,Storley,Evans then ranked #8 and Heflin #9 them BIG10 Champion 2xAA Asper 19 D1 wins 1 loss- Blanton then ranked #3, ACC Champion 1xAA Storley 22 D1 wins 3 loss Perry, #11 Yates, #9 Heflin Evans 17 D1 wins 4 loss Perry, Storley2x, Brown Kokesh 30 D1 wins 3 loss Storley, Evans, Blanton 1xAA Heflin 15 D1 wins 5 loss Evans, Storley,then ranked #12 Porter,Brown,Blanton Yates 17 D1 wins 8 loss Nate Brown,Cannon,Kokesh,Evans,Munster,Heflin,Kokesh,Heflin
  9. champs_dad


    I agree
  10. champs_dad


    The fact remains that Kokesh and Evans were in the 165 class last year and did not AA and Brown did not wrestle any matches that count with his only notable win this year being over Zanetti when he was ranked 8th. Should Evans barely beating Brown count against him, I think not. Brown also beat Blanton, but that doesn't mean he can do it again, Blanton has historically been real good and sometimes real inconsistent.
  11. champs_dad

    Seeding 174

    Last year Asper ranked 2nd lost to Yates ranked 12th then dropped to 7th, Perry loses to Porter ranked 15th and dropped to 3rd, I would say they went easy on him.
  12. champs_dad

    Was Perry sick or something?

    Porter gave him a hard time last match until the third when Perry scored 5 in the 8-3 win
  13. champs_dad

    Evans got robbed

    Good match, no TD, good use of video review, close but no cigar, Evans needed his left hand around right leg.
  14. champs_dad

    174 in the Big Ten

    Hey Fishbait, UMD will not be in Big Ten until 13/14, and its Josh Asper
  15. champs_dad

    Iowa/Msu Throwing puches?

    :D FUNNY