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  1. I agree totally with this. Anytime you can participate in a game at a high level while smoking cigaretts and drinking beer, then it shouldn't be included in the Olympics. This also goes for the sports that have animals or require any kind of assistance(boats)to do the majority of the work. Those are provided just for the unathletic rich to participate and "win", if you will, some medals.
  2. Anytime you see the phrase "in order to create more equity" then you know you have once again been reduced/screwed for the sake of the women. They are slowly but surely eliminating the thing that makes wrestling the "equitable" sport it is - weight classes. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having women's wrestling, but this is truely incredible. I would really like to see some numbers on the number of participants in wrestling for women/men, then decide what is "equitable". If they have the same level of participation as men on the lower levels, then let them have the same number of medal representation at the Olympics/World Championships. Wouldn't that be "fair". Man I hate that word. We should still participate in the watered down Olympics, but we should have our own full blown, 10 weight class World Championships. We should put more emphasis on the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Make it a big deal. You get to have those every year! Then again, if they eliminate wrestling all together they can add more ribbon twirling, sanchronized(sp), horse riding events. I digress to the point of wanting to puke..........
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