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  1. 7-4 Taylor. He's just hitting his stride.
  2. What a stupid and petty subject to bring up. They didn't make up special rules for CS, it's the same for everybody. What kind of a life must you lead?
  3. Michial Foy was one of the all time greats when it came to first period wrestling. But, if he didn't get a first period fall(which he usually did) it was all over for him. Possibly the smallest gas tank I've ever seen in an extraordinarily talented wrestler.
  4. Anybody know where to find the remaining Bison Open results?
  5. JT, I'm generally a fan of your posts but I'm thinking you musta been smokin' the rope when you put out these perdictions.
  6. That was really pathetic officiating. Dake should have been called for stalling throughout the match. Very disappointing?
  7. Two very classy young men. Can't wait to see it happen.
  8. Romney would pound BO. Michelle???...not so sure.
  9. Thanks for many a good chuckle. Be well.
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