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  1. Ahem... https://pennathletics.com/news/2018/7/11/wrestling-receives-1-million-gift-from-josh-harris-w-86.aspx
  2. Not an American, but Bilyal Makhov of Russia took bronze in both FS and GR at Worlds in 2015 in Vegas.
  3. It has been my experience that if your son first figures out: 1) what he wants to study 2) how far away he is willing to live from home 3) what type of campus environment he wants - large or small school, big city/small town/something in between, etc. the wrestling will take care of itself.
  4. You’re going to get at least 2 points for the attempted technique (what used to be called “appreciation”), 4 if you complete the throw, and your opponent cannot score on a counter once he lands out of bounds. I hate it - it is within the rules, but terribly cynical.
  5. At some point, talent trumps technique. The problem with our Greco program is that it is not attracting enough elite talent. Obviously, our most talented wrestlers are competing in D-1. That being said, as a former Greco wrestler, I don’t know how we attract more elite talent to the discipline given how awful I think the on mat product currently is.
  6. Hard to compare to 1984 given no Russians. 1995 in Atlanta was pretty solid: D. Schultz 5th at 74kg K. Jackson 1st at 82 M. Douglas 3rd at at 90 K. Angle 1st at 100 B. Baumgartner 1st at 130
  7. Penn: https://pennathletics.com/news/2018/9/5/wrestling-announces-2018-19-schedule.aspx
  8. On the bright side, so many top wrestlers are not ranked in the Top 4 it will be just like not seeding at all
  9. Next quote from this article from Lalovic. Note what he lists before what: “These improvements made are incredible for the sport of wrestling,” said United World Wrestling president Nenad Lalovic. “Our sport has never been stronger, and I believe that with the new categories and the improved competition format we will see continued growth in participation, support and viewership. I also believe these new rules will also encourage healthier wrestlers.” Money and TV make the Olympics, and Olympic sports, go around. If we also have healthier wrestlers, so be it.
  10. http://olympicwrestlingnz.com/newsarticle/46457 The two-day competition format will undergo testing at the Cadet European Championships in July and the Cadet World Championships in September. If the tests are a success then the format will be effective on January 1, 2018. The two-day format requires athletes to weigh-in on the morning of their competition, with a two-kilo allowance for the second day. Wrestlers currently weigh-in the day before they compete and finish their wrestling in one day. The two-day format will limit extreme weight loss and allow for improved promotion of the tournament finals.
  11. It was a confusing system, but at least it was double-elimination, unlike today. If you lost once, worst you could do was wrestle for 5th, and only if everyone in your final round robin went 1-1 against each other. 1996 actually saw a true bracket with double-elimination. This is the best system I've ever seen FILA utilize. Of course, they scrapped it. 2000 had the pod system, which created three and four wrestler pods from which only one wrestler would emerge from a round robin and be entered into a bracket at either the quarterfinals or semifinals. (Slay defeated Saitiev in the pod, thus Saitiev was eliminated with no opportunity to place.) Again, I'd much rather have the the 1992 system than the 2000 system given the extreme penalty of one loss. Ultimately, I think we're going to be stuck with the current setup so long as UWW only cares about declaring a winner and spreading the medals around. The new two-day format is only designed for promotion/TV.
  12. To this day, my brother and I (both DI wrestlers) love fighting in all of its forms: boxing, karate, judo, etc. We would have wrestled as kids if our mother let us; she finally relented in middle school because practices were held near our house. My son does not like sports, period. I cannot imagine making him wrestle given how much he would hate it. That being said, he is not exempt from learning what I call "life skills", and self-defense is a life skill. So, he's working on his youth black belt in jiujitsu. From my perspective, it's a more useful form of self-defense for someone like him, with its emphasis on neutralizing opponents. I also make him swim - again, life skills - and he's good enough at backstroke and breaststroke to compete at a higher level if he wanted to, but, I can't wish it for him. When he gets to high school, I will make him run track, because he's good at it and it will keep him off of Fortnite for a couple hours.
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