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  1. I much preferred a halo headgear to the Cliff Keen. Much more lightweight, and I could hear better. I assumed we don't see it anymore because organizations banned it for some reason. Has it really gone away just because people prefer the Cliff Keen? Also, I'm old enough where my high school coach has the original Onituska Tigers, but my first wrestling shoes were the replica vinyl (?) Asics Tigers with a green logo to match my school colors.
  2. NY allows 7th and 8th graders to wrestle for their high schools so long as they athletically/medically qualify. Same rule applies for other sports, as well. NY can do this because it has local, not county-wide, school districts. I believe Onondaga County, where I grew up, has at least 28 school districts. You know what elementary. middle and high school you are going to when you move wherever you move. To Plasmodium's question, these 7th and 8th graders are wrestling for their community schools. When I was living/coaching in TN, that state did have county-wide school districts but allowed 7th and 8th graders to wrestle varsity if the middle and high schools were in the same building. FL has a same building rule of which many private schools take advantage. When I was living/coaching there, you saw many 7th and 8th graders wins states at 1A and transfer "back" to Brandon for high school
  3. IMO: Yazdani - No Rasul Khadem - Interesting. Not sure who would shoot first. Jadidi - Jadidi beats Sad every time, of course. ;-)
  4. I'm not sure Snyder is bigger or stronger than Sad anymore. Sad looks really, really thick for the weight now that he's been up at 97 for several years.
  5. Shot clock calls were correct. Snyder earned the first one, Sad earned the next three and the two points. Better positioning and hand fighting.
  6. Everything old is new again... Sad reminds me a lot of Makharbek Khadartsev. Same size, positioning, counter wrestling ability. Won everything from 1986-1992 (years 22-28). Some of his luster may have been lost when when he got older and was 2nd best for the 1996 quad, but those were fantastic results for someone considered "over the hill". Sad definitely developed a few years earlier. We'll see how he continues to progress. The Iranian looks like a solid new challenger.
  7. You're right - the US has nothing unique to offer to FS wrestling. That O'Toole kid would be much better off ditching that cradle series.
  8. Easier said than done, but Snyder has to figure out how to create angles on Sad. Most, if not all, of his primary attacks are straight on. I still have a lot of hope/faith in Snyder moving forward. He's still so young, and peaks and valleys are common in our sport.
  9. Are we sure? I think he has at least two injury redshirts available.
  10. Penn https://pennathletics.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  11. True. But making movies - which is where I think Gable will eventually end up, like The Rock and John Cena - is both a helluva lot safer and more lucrative.
  12. and chased off Luke Lofthouse because he was not hand holding the snowflakes. So?
  13. I'll believe Sadulaev is the best when he beats his toughest foe yet in 2024
  14. FILA never had any interest in understanding a traditional double-elimination bracket, but all wrestlers were eligible for wrestlebacks in the 1993-96 quad. Here is a breakdown of Angle's bracket in the 1996 Olympics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrestling_at_the_1996_Summer_Olympics_–_Men's_freestyle_100_kg FILA would match up as many opponents as possible in the first round, thus creating "pigtail" rounds later in the bracket. Note there is only one bout in the quarterfinals, as 19 entries were whittled down to 10 for the "round of 16" and five for the quarterfinals. If I remember correctly, it was only fair Angle had the only QF match, as he had a bye in the 1995 world championship finals when those idiots at FILA ended up with three semi-finalists at 220. Honestly, I think FILA switched to the 3 and 4 person pools for the 1997-2000 quad out of desire to match other sport competition formats (think beach volleyball) as well as embarrassment over its own stupidity.
  15. It's been great to see the pictures posted by USA Wrestling on this site of all of the medalists and their smiles on the podium, particularly for those who didn't win gold. I'm so happy that Gray, Dake, Gilman and Maroulis are taking all of the pride in their amazing accomplishments, even if they didn't make the top step at this tournament. In that vein, my heart goes out to Geno. World class wrestler, of course, and looks like a world class guy. He seemed crushed even an hour after his loss to Gable on the medal stand. This event obviously meant so much to him.
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