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  1. I've always thought: 1) High school sports should be about participation 2) College sports should be about competition 3) Professional sports, including the Olympics, should be most simply about winning I would hope the coming correction in college sports does not impact the high schools, where the mission of sports should be very different.
  2. Morris' transitions from the reverse grip to the traditional wrestling headlock grip are cat-like and even better than I remember.
  3. Typically don't peruse Cornell's material, but had not seen them use the term "grayshirt" before. That's pretty "inside baseball" for a press release.
  4. Curious that the official release acknowledges match records during the grayshirt season.
  5. What has happened to NCAA men's gymnastics is a damn shame. U of M finished 2nd in the team championships as recently as 2018. The sport will be down to 13 teams after this season. Don't think this can't happen to wrestling with no SEC, small numbers from the Big XII, and dwindling numbers from the Pac 12.
  6. I'm still convinced Gene Mills could whip my ass, and I have him by 10 years and 50 pounds.
  7. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29600577/uconn-becomes-1st-fbs-team-cancel-football-season-due-coronavirus Not sure how meaningful this is. UConn football is a tire fire, and their return to the Big East for all other sports may ultimately lead the school to drop football altogether regardless of the pandemic. But...
  8. Add NY to the list: https://www.syracuse.com/highschoolsports/2020/07/new-york-state-cuts-2-wrestling-classes-from-high-school-lineups.html
  9. Lee Kemp is the best and most physically gifted wrestler I ever personally saw wrestle. But, as we continue this conversation, I would encourage participants to look beyond body type when describing "physically" gifted. Bruce Baumgartner was accurately described as a moving brick wall, but does not have the "look" of Alexander Karelin.
  10. Nice guy, but, wow... Can we just give guys five years and be done with this 6th year nonsense already?
  11. Yes, Jan was a prolific, open and thoughtful participant here. My condolences to his family. He will be missed.
  12. Blames COVID-19. Still sponsoring women's soccer: https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29034684/cincinnati-drops-men-soccer-program-amid-widespread-uncertainty
  13. Neutral was an option. Quisel of Boise State chose it at 157. I believe the announcers said Hand chose top in the 3rd because he had 54 seconds of riding time built up from the 2nd period when Lesnar chose down. Lesnar got out quick in the 3rd, and I believe the tying TD was at the buzzer, so he never did get riding time.
  14. Me, of course. Can't believe no other poster has chimed in with themselves yet. Alas, for all of the injuries... Freshman year: Sucked Sophomore year: Broken foot Junior year: Torn ACL (at least I got a season's worth of matches to earn my letter) Senior year: Broken jaw https://pennathletics.com/documents/2017/12/6//Wrestling_history_letterwinners.pdf?id=9007
  15. I'll add some props for Chauncy Wynn, who I believe was the last AA for an HBCU at Morgan State (6th at 158 in 1990). Crazy long arms. A great cradler. https://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA 1990.pdf
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