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  1. This makes no sense to me. They are not wrestling men. Agreed. I didn't realize proper footwork, angles and and a back step required strength. To the original question, I'll be shocked if GR is on the 2020 Olympic schedule. That's too bad - the rule changes have the potential to return the excitement to the discipline it had before FILA started scoring wrestling like tennis matches. But, the trend - and the IOC's mood - seem obvious.
  2. Maybe just semantics, but, as you noted, the quote is: not medically able to wrestle and make the weight. Is this a true medical issue? Then, there's maybe no fault to Lester. You get sick, you get hurt - it happens. Did he fail to make weight because he showed up around 170 and he got sick because of the weight cut? Big difference, and perhaps indicative of irresponsibility for an athlete who has failed to make weight on other occasions. USA Wrestling is paying good money to bring him to these competitions. There is an obligation on him to be ready to compete at the weight USA Wrestling is expecting. So, in my mind, the release should simply say either 1) ill/injured and cannot wrestle, or 2) failed to make weight.
  3. I guess I should be "happy" with themat.com on this one. At least the roster change is a headline, unlike the Blanc-Escobedo switch. Still, we're not getting the full story at a time when we need more transparency from our sport's leaders. I understand the sensitivities here - if this a weight-cutting issue, this will be damaging to Lester's reputation - but the sport has to adapt to this new era.
  4. With the new weight classes, there does appear to be room for Dake or Taylor to go down.
  5. I understand we're looking at this strictly from a statistical perspective. Sometimes, stats don't tell the whole story. Longevity does count for something, but not everything. Lee Kemp is the best wrestler I've ever seen. Watching him wrestle in person was like Jeff Beck seeing Jimi Hendrix play guitar for the first time and realizing he was never, ever going to be as good as him. As great as Dave Schultz was, I'm still not sure how he beat him. And, Gable has to be on this list ahead of Jackson and Mark Schultz.
  6. I'll admit to being a homer for the coaching staff. That being said, in the US, Year 1 of the 4-year Olympic cycle is the least meaningful, with all of the retirements and pending weight class changes. Besides Bourroughs and Dlagnev, I don't think we can expect any of these guys to be on the roster in 2016, particularly with Stieber, Dake, Ruth and others coming. Still, great performance by Bourroughs, and nice work by Escobedo and Humphreys in their 1st shots at Worlds. Dlagnev has three more years to figure out how to consistently beat the best in the world. Although I like Gavin as a wrestler, I just don't think he, Metcalf and Bergman can really cut it at this level.
  7. Because as much as I respect Stan and his contributions to the sport, it seems that lately that Stan is telling us it's raining when in reality a dog is peeing on our leg.
  8. Serioursly, themat.com, how is this story not in your rotating lead section? Not casting any aspersions on Blanc until the process completely plays out, but a roster change days before Worlds on the website for the national governing body of the sport should be a bit more prominent, don't you think? Kind of reminds me how the big story for 2020 is the addition of a 6th Women's FS weight class, and not the elimination of the 7th weight class across all styles. If you're wondering why many of us are worried about the sport even after the recent "victory" at the IOC, well, keep burying stories like this. http://www.themat.com/article.php?ArticleID=26984
  9. +1000 to both tirapell and 49northwrestling. The potential exclusion of wrestling from the Olympic movement was an opportunity for the leadership of key wrestling nations to go back to the drawing board and decide what they wanted the sport to look like moving forward, regardless of whether the sport won inclusion back in the Olympics or not. Instead, we have he same leadership and the same confused rule-making as we've always had under FILA. (Was that takedown worth one point or two?) And let's not forget that we're down to six weight classes, and 25 pound gaps, for the Men in 2016. Who wants to bet we're down to five weight classes for Men and Women, and no Greco, come 2020?
  10. Yum Center and the surrounding 4th Street complex would be an awesome site. Attendees would never want to leave. As far as host institutions, Indiana University would be a natural.
  11. Unlike Maryland, where I live now and where the sport is dominated by the prep schools, in New York (where I grew up), lacrosse is a public school sport, so plenty of not so rich kids are playing. Other than a stick ($40-$50), a helmet and gloves (often provided by the school) and cleats, expenses shouldn't be that great for a participant. However, to Jersey Joey's point, the rise of travel teams in the summer and fall is driving up the cost for an elite player to get noticed by schools for potential aid.
  12. We're probably looking at 25 pound gaps, on average, on the men's side. Anyone else find it ironic the UFC can support 8 men's weight classes with 10-15 pound breaks? Also, to echo tirapell, I'm all for the growth of women's wrestling. 6 weight classes for women sounds about right. Funny how no one is mentioning the elimination of the 7th weight class on their side, particularly how importantly the rest of the world looks at the world championships.
  13. Speak of the devil... Hey, guess what wrestling fans? We're adding two women's weight classes!!! What great news!!!
  14. So, when does this story make the front page of this website? 90 minutes and counting...
  15. I think that statement is just a whole bunch of PR face saving. FILA gets to look proactive, IOC doesn't have to look like the sanctimonious bully it is.
  16. Looking forward to having wrestling reinstated for 2020, with only five weight classes each for Men's and Women's Freestyle and no Greco. (We will be Tae Kwon Do, eventually, with only four weight classes and HWT beginning at 181 lbs.) I know being a part of the Olympic movement is important for funding of the sport around the world (not so much here). But, when is enough is enough? Despite all of the emergency meetings, the rules still look much the same, and FILA is still primarily concerned with appeasing the IOC. At some point, our international leaders have to decide how they want our sport to operate / be presented regardless of the IOC, and be prepared to walk away if the IOC decides it's not good enough for them.
  17. You may have to speak up for Coach to hear you. I think he has his '96 Olympic warm-ups pulled up over his ears.
  18. +1. Section III wrestling hasn't been the same since. Trickle down effect of college programs being dropped for their local wrestling communities is massive.
  19. Let's not assume all of the best wrestlers are at PSU, Iowa et al and 2nd and 3rd string. There are probably very few examples of a 2nd stringer at any of these schools who would place Top 8. (The most obvious example is the logjam at HWT at Missouri, of all places, a few years ago). Add the 2nd stringers where they would qualify to the NCAA tournament and those 3 AAs from Appalachian State two years ago are still all Top 10, so I'm not sure this would hurt the smaller schools as much as people think. Plus, Penn State and other schools can only stockpile top talent for so long because 1) there still are only 9.9 scholarships, and 2) top wrestlers will still want to compete in dual meets as much as possible. Format would probably move the sport to regional qualifiers, also, which I 'm actually for, fan of the EIWA that I am.
  20. That's why you don't declare the scorer. Team score tallies up the highest-placing wrestler for that team in each weight class (1st, not 2nd).
  21. Well sorta freshman. But yes impressive weekend for him against some solid HS and young college competition. Sorry to hijack this thread for a second. So, Pico is a year older than a traditional freshman. He still has three more years in high school, right? (BTW, my son is a year older than most of his classmates, due to the enrollment rules where I live.) So, a double national Junior champ as a sophomore lessens his accomplishment? People need to get off of this obsession with Pico's age. Special talent - I would've loved to win one JR national title.
  22. Multiple entries, yes, but only a single point scorer per weight class. (I wouldn't even require the school to declare the scorer before the tourney.)
  23. Having multiple entries per weight class in NCAAs is a valid discussion that needs to happen. It's good enough for track, swimming, tennis, fencing, etc. Why not us?
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