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  1. Can't assume the clock on the screen is in sync with real time.
  2. So long as its not the same ref - they almost never reverse their own calls, no matter the evidence.
  3. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/31038654/could-adding-athletic-programs-decrease-financial-woes-some-schools Nice to see the obvious finally laid out at a major sports website. Key paragraphs: With the help of a California-based economist, Young spotted what he sees as the flaw in a lot of college sports accounting. When viewed as its own entity, an athletic department loses money on most of the sports it sponsors. It costs more to support a team, pay coaches' salaries and cover the costs of scholarships than the revenue generated by ticket sales, media rights or donations. However, Young and Hurlbut were able to convince their bosses that those teams actually made money when viewed through a wider lens that captured their impact on the whole university. The roster spots also represent tuition dollars from non-scholarship or partial-scholarship athletes who would not otherwise be attending the school. Young calculated that having a men's volleyball team will cost the athletic department $350,000 per year, but generate an extra $470,000 in tuition payments -- a net positive of $120,000 for the school. The women's lacrosse team will cost about $500,000 per year, but ultimately provide a similar net gain of slightly more than $100,000 for the university's budget. The athletic directors' initial pitch was met with skepticism by some, but Young says he quickly found some champions for their cause in the university's administration. Schwarz says adding sports makes sense for schools that have the space to add more students without making big investments in additional buildings or staff. Hurlbut said volleyball and lacrosse were selected as new sports because neither would require building or making major renovations to any facilities and both are popular sports in the region, which helps reduce future travel costs. The school also received a grant from First Point Volleyball Foundation to help cover its startup costs.
  4. One facet of seeding all 33 wrestlers is there are no excuses for the easily avoidable in-conference rematches that the committees overseeing the other sports (i.e. men's basketball) often seek to avoid. So, Noah Adams can thank the 197 seeding committee for knowingly placing him in a 2nd round match with his personal kryptonite. And, should Ridge Lovett get through Peyton Omania - which has the chance to be the match of the 1st round - Max Murin can either get revenge or return to last week's horror movie. I'm disappointed that the seeding committee at 141 didn't split up Nick Lee and Sebastian Rivera. Tariq Wilson is unbeaten, and I was really hoping to see Rivera and Eierman in the semis. Ultimately, it's just so easy to move wrestlers up and down a line to create new matchups and storylines like they do in the NCAA men's basketball tournament and our leadership says, "Nah, we're good."
  5. I've told this story a few times here, but I'll tell it again... I entered college as an 18YO and used up all of my eligibility before I turned 22. After graduation, I left Philly and moved back to Syracuse and was a newspaper reporter for a year, before moving to NYC to start working in TV at 23. At 24, I was hired to work full time at a TV station in Dallas. Almost one year to the day later, at 25, I was transferred to a different TV station back in Philly. I marvel at some of these near 25 year olds still wrestling in college at a time when I had already been out of school less than three years and had already moved four times to advance my career. I'm normally pretty OK with anyone competing in college at any age. Older people go to college all of the time. Randy Couture was almost 30 when he lost to Mark Kerr in the 1992 NCAA finals after a lengthy military stint. But, granting Gramps Kemerer and 6th year - and a 7th year with the COVID exemption - after he competed during his 1st year at Iowa as a redshirt was ridiculous. The redshirt would've been there for him to use it in 2018-19, but he "wasted" it his first year on campus. And, I like Kemerer - he seems like a great guy, and, IMO, he is the single most important recruit at Iowa in Brands & Brands tenure. His arrival signaled a new approach at Iowa. I'm not sure any of the PA guys end up there if he doesn't go first.
  6. Didn't get past the topic headline to read any posts. The answer is Gable. Not sure what else there was to say on that question.
  7. Surprised no one has mentioned Parris-Kerk in the quarters. I've got my popcorn ready.
  8. What impresses me about Barraclough is what impresses me about PSU in general. We've seen very good teams, Iowa included, send out backups this year due to injuries and COVID who look unbelievably overmatched at the D-I level. PSU sits/loses a starter, up steps the next guy, and, no matter whether you've heard of him, he performs. It's a credit to their roster management, development of the kids on campus, the buy-in from his wrestlers into the mission of the program, and to whatever else you want to point.
  9. Wasn't commenting on the Massa match specifically. His patience against Massa worked, although I think he could've easily been hit for stalling once or twice in the 1st two periods. (Massa did seem to tire in the 3rd, and sure didn't seem to want to fight for that escape in the TB, thus the ill-advised roll through attempt.) My issue is that Starocci wrestles the same match against Massa as he would wrestle against me. It's why Fletcher's comment about his chances of being upset in R16 against a lower-seeded opponent is so prescient. He keeps lesser opponents in matches when he should be blowing them away. I think this will hurt him in the long run.
  10. I think Starocci's talent and technique are plus-plus, to borrow a term from baseball scouts. However, his risk-averse style keeps him in close matches with opponents of all skill levels. I wish he would just "get on with it" against overmatched opponents. I do think it would help him long term, particularly on top.
  11. I think most of Penn's team withdrew from school as well. Regardless of your athletic status at an Ivy League school, I would have a hard time justifying $65K-$70K for an entirely online year from a cost/benefit perspective. Much better in my mind to pick up some work experience with the connections the alumni base offers. Still would leave more than enough time to keep up your training. Hopefully, everyone has been taking full advantage of what became their "gap year".
  12. Color me stunned. Guessing the announcement about cancelling the Spring 2021 sports season is right around the corner. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30881880/ivy-league-allowing-one-waiver-grad-students-play-2021-22-due-pandemic
  13. I've always thought: 1) High school sports should be about participation 2) College sports should be about competition 3) Professional sports, including the Olympics, should be most simply about winning I would hope the coming correction in college sports does not impact the high schools, where the mission of sports should be very different.
  14. Morris' transitions from the reverse grip to the traditional wrestling headlock grip are cat-like and even better than I remember.
  15. Typically don't peruse Cornell's material, but had not seen them use the term "grayshirt" before. That's pretty "inside baseball" for a press release.
  16. Curious that the official release acknowledges match records during the grayshirt season.
  17. What has happened to NCAA men's gymnastics is a damn shame. U of M finished 2nd in the team championships as recently as 2018. The sport will be down to 13 teams after this season. Don't think this can't happen to wrestling with no SEC, small numbers from the Big XII, and dwindling numbers from the Pac 12.
  18. I'm still convinced Gene Mills could whip my ass, and I have him by 10 years and 50 pounds.
  19. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29600577/uconn-becomes-1st-fbs-team-cancel-football-season-due-coronavirus Not sure how meaningful this is. UConn football is a tire fire, and their return to the Big East for all other sports may ultimately lead the school to drop football altogether regardless of the pandemic. But...
  20. Add NY to the list: https://www.syracuse.com/highschoolsports/2020/07/new-york-state-cuts-2-wrestling-classes-from-high-school-lineups.html
  21. Lee Kemp is the best and most physically gifted wrestler I ever personally saw wrestle. But, as we continue this conversation, I would encourage participants to look beyond body type when describing "physically" gifted. Bruce Baumgartner was accurately described as a moving brick wall, but does not have the "look" of Alexander Karelin.
  22. Nice guy, but, wow... Can we just give guys five years and be done with this 6th year nonsense already?
  23. Yes, Jan was a prolific, open and thoughtful participant here. My condolences to his family. He will be missed.
  24. Blames COVID-19. Still sponsoring women's soccer: https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29034684/cincinnati-drops-men-soccer-program-amid-widespread-uncertainty
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