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  1. Whip lateral drop after countering Pantaleo's own pancake.
  2. It is the TRUE proving ground. Only 2 4x Keystone Champs ever (Brett Matter, Matt Feast). NCAAs should be so tough.
  3. Sa'Derian Perry of Eastern Michigan went 0-2 at the Keystone Classic to start the season, so, of course, he's an All-American now.
  4. For all of the "crap" he has taken...Zeke Moisey is a 2x AA
  5. Or, onecould ask why his teams haven't been better, as many of us on this board have wondered. That being said, I'm happy to see Davis (seemingly) going out on his own terms, and looking forward to seeing a further shakeup in the B1G status quo.
  6. A dual the night before B1Gs for the two lowest placing teams would be good on my end. Might finally get some AD's attention regarding their programs. Here's an old example from college basketball that always gives me a chuckle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Robinson In 1992, the ACC Tournament was expanded because of the addition of Florida State. A play-in game between the eighth and ninth place teams was created, and during his five years as the N.C. State coach after its addition, Robinson's Wolfpack played in the play-in game four out of five times (finishing seventh in 1992 and avoiding the game). Because of his team's traditional appearance in the Thursday night game, the game was referred to as the "Les Robinson Invitational" by ACC fans. The play-in game was discontinued when the ACC expanded to include Miami and Virginia Tech, and required three Thursday games.
  7. In this same vein of "take 'em down, let 'em up", I hate when escapes are awarded when the top wrestler is still riding the head as the bottom wrestler returns to his feet. IMO, facing your opponent should actually include being able to look at your opponent. You would think refs would want a "black and white" rule involving a clean break.
  8. Jeff Blatnick, back row, 2nd from right (1975). Robes rule, but I don't think I would've wanted to wear one when I was in high school - just too out of style then.
  9. Might as well just change the rules to 90: 1) Further encourages turning from top. 2) Like the 4-point NF, puts more techs and comebacks in play. 3) It's what the refs are calling, and the coaches don't seem to be complaining.
  10. Semis at 3P Finals at 530P Keener/PSU MFOR at 133. DeSanto advances
  11. just telling you what I was told at the head table.
  12. and Perry in the room Perrys reel smart gents good with ciphering and mat coaching and strategy and scouting and recruiting and looking at video hes reel good sorta fills in the gaps where T&T and Star aint so hot. Well, that's one of the more damning comments I've ever seen on this board.
  13. I was a high school coach back in Florida about 15 years ago. A state runner-up (the top seed, of course) drew a female wrestler in the first round of our districts. He was an honorable person who treated his female opponent with the full respect he gave to any male competitor. So, he pinned her the same way he pinned everybody else he wrestled - with a bar arm and far side one-on-one, and a figure-four/triangle choke that put her fast to sleep. As PSU Mike said, the first time a female wrestler gets badly injured wrestling a male opponent, high school/college club wrestling will be in serious trouble.
  14. Penn: 11/12 at Binghamton Open 11/19 KEYSTONE CLASSIC (Penn State, Appalachian State, Binghamton, Drexel, Eastern Michigan, Franklin & Marshall, Harvard, Northwestern, Rider, Sacred Heart and VMI) 12/1 RIDER (7:30 p.m.) 12/3 Journeyman Tussle Duals (vs. Campbell, The Citadel, Hofstra) at Hofstra 12/10 LEHIGH (1 p.m.) 12/29-30 Midlands Championships at Northwestern 1/7 vs. Cal Poly at Stanford (12 p.m.) 1/7 at Stanford (3 p.m.) 1/13 Shorty Hitchcock Memorial at Millersville 1/14 at Army (2 p.m.) 1/27 BUCKNELL (12 p.m.) 1/27 BINGHAMTON (2 p.m.) 1/27 FRANKLIN & MARSHALL (7 p.m.) 2/3 at Brown (noon p.m.) 2/3 at Harvard (6 p.m.) 2/10 CORNELL (12 p.m.) 2/10 COLUMBIA (2 p.m.) 2/11 Warrior Winter Open at East Stroudsburg 2/16 at Princeton (12 p.m.) 2/16 at Drexel (7 p.m.) 3/3-4 EIWA Championships at Hofstra 3/16-18 NCAA Championships at Cleveland, Ohio All Home Meets in BOLD CAPS http://www.pennathletics.com/news/2017/9/13/wrestling-announces-2017-18-schedule.aspx
  15. What's wrong with adding two days, anyway? The new tournament format for next year, as well as 10 weight classes per style, is already going to require multiple changes: more mats, larger venues, maybe even separate venues. So, why not add full double-elimination, as well? Since everybody is referencing our last FS title in 1995 in Atlanta, which I was at, because I'm old...the 1995 FS Worlds featured 10 weight classes competed over four days on three mats with full double-elimination. Forget about the Olympics, because the tournament format there is not entirely in UWW's hands there. During non-Olympic tournaments, UWW can format their events however they want. If "time" is the reason why there can't be full double-elimination, it's only because the UWW says so, not because there isn't enough.
  16. Given what happened with the Russian yesterday, I'm surprised the Turk didn't have enough time for a comeback there.
  17. Better than nothing? You set a very low bar... It also runs counter to UWW's decisions to create rankings and seedings, both forced on them by the IOC, of course.
  18. I'll combine two thoughts here on tournament format and team score... How does keeping team score make sense with this bracket format? The lucky loser from Georgia just earned 6 points for teching a Chinese wrestler and squeaking by Nestor Taffur. I understand he was close with Green, but, again, what did he actually accomplish today to earn 6 points other than lose to Green?
  19. This. For all of the complaining we here about the lack of funding for this sport here and worldwlde, the UWW tournament format does not help. Just because it is done at Worlds doesn't mean it has to be that way at other tournaments, particularly if one is arguing that all other tournaments are simply warm-ups for Worlds. I should say I like the new 2-day format moving forward for the Olympics - one match per round per wrestler should maximize performance.
  20. And, finally, a clock that counts DOWN from 6 minutes to zero.
  21. The pride of Beat the Streets Philadelphia. https://twitter.com/BTSPhilly?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
  22. More like $7-$9 million, if he were a football coach: http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/
  23. Sadly, UWW has been smartly proactive about this. I'll guarantee five weight classes are coming for 2024. With 10 weight classes, only the "even" weights will be wrestled during the Olympics, allowing smaller athletes to bump up to the next weight class. Hopefully, that's where the carnage will end. BTW, did anyone see the Mixed Team event that's new for Judo? Some food for thought for UWW.
  24. Swimming is one of three sports, along with Gymnastics and Track & Field, that drives ratings during the Olympics. Stars also drive ratings in the Olympics. By adding the Women's 1,500 Freestyle, the Olympics just handed Katie Ledecky another gold medal, and a lot of people will be watching.
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