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  1. Gimp - This is why we count on you when we're in the office multitasking. So, does anyone know if the bout sheet leave the mat area?
  2. Thomas 10 - Abounader (B1G champ) 2 Well, maybe not because of the B1G guys. As I mentioned in a earlier post, I thought Thomas and Nate Brown were underseeded. Thomas looks more himself today.
  3. I am not going to question anyone's motivations here. Everyone left the mat - by rule, the result should seem to stand. However, if Cornell did offer to let Miller through, that would be awfully sporting and inspiring.
  4. Why were Stauffer and Meeks seeded so high again?
  5. And, just when we thought everybody was catching up to Ohio State...
  6. Cary Kolat and Zeke Jones know a thing or two about this in FS, but can't believe we have a viable protest situation here.
  7. LOL, I think Kessenich just called out Evans for doing nothing.
  8. Even Evans is excited by that performance.
  9. I was really hoping Kokesh would win just to guarantee Evans and Storley would not.
  10. You and I differ on what we call "shots". He took two good ones - the one that got him the TD and the one at the end of the match. Not saying Cobb was doing much/any more, but the refs weren't warning him so he was under no obligation to open up.
  11. I don't think Sorenson cut an angle until the last 5 seconds of the match.
  12. Abner's Cheesesteak Trophy safely locked away at the Palestra no matter the outcome.
  13. Well, that didn't work out the way I thought. Miklus started scrambling with Thomas and I thought it was going to burn him.
  14. Tim Johnson just told us Jordan Borroughs is focused on the next World Championships. Who knew?
  15. I thought Iowa would have problems with the Day 2 weigh-ins, not Day 1.
  16. Looks like Dziewa was in the same "sauna" as Clark this morning.
  17. Cory Clark...holding on...he'll feel better after lunch. We'll see how he looks after weigh-in #2 tomorrow.
  18. Some credit to Richardson - could've been seeded himself had he not defaulted out of EIWAs due to injury.
  19. Yet, New York is going backwards since creating Division II. Guess we need a 3rd, and maybe a 4th, state champion.
  20. I am not going to quibble with Penn's seeds. In hindsight, their schedule (good not great), the relative weakness of the EIWA this year, and some late season stumbles hurt their seeding. That being said, regarding Nate Brown, if the EIWAs had seeded Brown and Thomas 2-3 and let them wrestle in the semis, the winner, in my opinion, would've been seeded in front of Zillmer and most likely Meeks, as well. (Thomas does have a win over Zillmer this season at the Midlands semis.) But, EIWA coaches decided to factor in Thomas' loss to Harner of Princeton (when they didn't do so for Cobb's win over Villalonga at 149) and now they will hopefully meet in the Round of 16. All in all, I think we're all looking for a little more logic in seeding these tournaments. NCAA's seeding seems heavily weighted to RPI, which, while consistent, seems to ignore a lot of head to head matches...and our lying eyes.
  21. Brian Dolph is actually coaching at the new RTC in Philly.
  22. 174: Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State) Brian Harvey (Army) Andy McCulley (Wyoming) George Pickett (Cornell) Matt Reed (Oklahoma) Raymond Waters (Arizona State) Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State)
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