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  1. With no allegiance to PSU or Iowa, and sadly knowing I’m adding fuel to the fire... but watching Desanto growing up, he had a bad habit of getting “injured” when going to his back. He may have grown out of it, but he has a history of changing direction when things aren’t going the way he planned. Very unpredictable.
  2. No. This is fully run by Bassett. There is another one in Murrysville with the wrestling run by Shane Valko.
  3. Just in the past two years in Division 1 we've added: Fresno State Arkansas Little Rock LIU-Post Presbyterian Cal Baptist, Augustana, and Bellarmine are transitioning to Division 1. Recently we've lost Boise, Eastern Michigan, and Grand Canyon (that one before making the full transition)
  4. Living in Chattanooga, we have direct flights from Chicago, Detroit, Philly, DC, New York, and Charlotte (not bothering to count the Dallas one for this). Granted most teams may need a connection through hubs, but I think it's hard to say Chattanooga is far out of the way. Nashville would be much more convenient for travel. However, I think what makes the Scuffle work so well since moving to Chattanooga is the level of wrestling support in the direct area and north Georgia.
  5. If he stayed home and went to WVU, that would be quite the coup. Really hope WVU can at least pull of John Martin Best, but Braxton Amos would be huge.
  6. So everyone can enjoy the shenanigans of that 2012 PSU Nebraska student broadcast.
  7. You are definitely correct on the no-takedown calls. Man I need to find this full broadcast somewhere...
  8. I was looking forward to a lazy Sunday afternoon in 2012. Watch some PSU wrestling. I was surprised with comedic gold. Stallmate. Reversals instead of takedowns. Thinking Koehn had any sort of control when he was in Ruth's cradle. All was fantastic. For reference for one of the best of the match...
  9. I hope things work out, but the fact that he was taken into custody does not bode well.
  10. Personally, if I found out one of my coworkers was an AA or NCAA champion in any sport, they would definitely gain immediate respect from me. I wouldn't forget it either. It's just so hard to achieve, that credibility doesn't fade to me.
  11. Beefing up their social media presence is critical to expanding their personal branding, which ultimately impacts their endorsements.
  12. I think this was sad, but important news. I don't think conjecture needs to be spun around it, but simply take the story for what it is and hope that Macri gets the support he needs. As a WVU alum, I was excited that he ended up at WVU. I wanted to hear how he was doing, but certainly not end up with a story like this.
  13. I had absolutely 0 issues with feeds freezing and crashing and I've been watching since Thursday with multiple TVs for every round. Definitely wouldn't have been able to do that if I still lived in PA, where I only would have been able to watch the finals on PCN. PCN could have met FLO's offering and televised every match, but they didn't. I got to watch every kid I used to coach from my computer in Tennessee, even in the wrestlebacks. You're not getting that coverage from PCN.
  14. So after two pages of posts, really no news. Got it.
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