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  1. But for the fact that WVU’s tv deal in the Big East was worth approx $10mil/year and is now approx $50mil/year in the Big 12. Increase travel expenses but exponentially more resources for the entire athletic department, who has been improving facilities rapidly outside of football and bball.
  2. 6. If donors step forward, can any of these sports retain their varsity status? The decisions to reduce our sports offerings are final, and any future philanthropic interest in these sports may be directed towards supporting them at the club level, should they establish as a club sport after their 2020-21 varsity campaign. While Stanford Athletics has many tremendously generous donors, their support simply could not cover the escalating costs of ensuring excellence across the board in our 36-sport model.
  3. Gilman in the Waters match Desanto against Micic at nationals
  4. With how good R1 and Solo were, I wish Disney would get back to one-off SW movies. I know it came to a screeching halt after Solo. Stick with this rather than sweeping trilogies that teams of writers don’t have the ability to bring together coherently, which is understandably difficult.
  5. Agreed with 8. There is 0 story to this film. Majority of the subplots do not move the story along. Was legitimately pissed leaving the theater. Absolute garbage. Could not believe they allowed that to be released. Only important part was the development of Rey. My other thoughts on 7,8,9: - Action/cinematography fantastic, but furthers the argument that recent action movies are more like amusement park rides. -At first my eyes rolled when they brought back Palpatine, but I've become "understanding" of it in terms of the overall story. I still find it lazy writing. -Liked episode 7, though it is a direct copy of episode 4. -Oscar Isaac is a star that's supposed to take a back seat to unknowns, which makes it feel miscast. He can command the screen when his character is called on, and then is just supposed to blend back in until called on again, though he's still in the shots. -Finn didn't do much for me. Was necessary to rescue Poe from First Order, but it just seems like his character is only there to tie together streams of the story. Just feels kind of "out there" in the grand scheme of the trilogy. Does he have a thing with Rose/Hannah/Rey? Make up your minds! -Agree with the sentiments on Carrie Fisher's acting... -Adam Driver is a great actor, just feel he was miscast for his role. Too old for a character so immature. - Daisy Ridley was fantastic and I liked majority of what they did with her character/development. They did her story right. Fine with her being a Palpatine, but without them having to bring him back in the flesh for the last film. The new Star Wars movies have been money-grabs that tarnish the amazing story of the original 3. If you are making more Star Wars, PLEASE put together better story/plots/scripts. Rogue One is one of the BEST Star Wars movies. I watch it regularly. Solo gets a bad rap, coming 5 months on the heals of the Episode 8 garbage. Not the best Star Wars, but I absolutely enjoyed the movie.
  6. That one and this one attached. Now, I'm sorry if I'm minimizing the struggle/loss he starts off with, but the tangent he goes on is directly related to his realization that he's got the camera on him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxW31zjlQzA
  7. I’ve always found the Palacio schtick to be tiring. That interview at nationals had me rolling my eyes thinking, “what a douche.” Askren and Hendricks top the list for me. One of my favorite parts about Hendricks was that he was such a heal for his NCAA career, then made quite the turn to good guy when he went MMA. I’ve talked to MMA-only fans and they can’t comprehend him being the bad guy when I talk about his NCAA career.
  8. I’m high on Schlatter and Letters for this. World level talents derailed by injuries. Major battle for my choice here between Letters and Howe
  9. That sounds right. Was so long ago I forgot the details.
  10. Garrett Scott (rip) was top 3 most talented wrestlers I have ever been around. Pulled rs at PSU freshman year. Flamed out at the end. R12. Then off mat issues derailed the rest.
  11. Villers had a solid career at WVU. 197. Just didn’t get over the hump at NCAAs. One year he beat Bergman first round.
  12. I was always very impressed with Ben Whitford. Thought he would have had success. Has had some success in US freestyle competition. Thought the same about Destin McCauley. He ultimately had a decent D2 career, but I thought he would have been sure-fire D1 top dog
  13. Jordan Leen may be ready for an HC gig. I expect him to apply at Campbell and potentially head back south. He was a finalist for the UTC gig two years ago
  14. Put me in the other camp... It's about where you are from. Ed Ruth wrestled for 1 year at Blair (same with Mike Evans). Myles Martin is NJ. Ryan Anderson - NJ. They Blair guys from FL are FL guys. Pettigrew - GA. Don't think I would say Bartlett is a PA guy. However, I think those guys will gladly tell you where they want to be claimed from. I HIGHLY doubt Ed Ruth is gonna say "oh yeah, I'm definitely a Jersey guy." PA isn't going to claim Nick Reenan, and he wouldn't either. This conversation is just for those wrestling posters who look to boost the claim to their state's prowess. The actual wrestlers themselves will gladly tell you where they want to be claimed.
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