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  1. TLS62pa

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    Elbow to the back
  2. TLS62pa

    Steveson in trouble

    I hope things work out, but the fact that he was taken into custody does not bode well.
  3. TLS62pa

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    Personally, if I found out one of my coworkers was an AA or NCAA champion in any sport, they would definitely gain immediate respect from me. I wouldn't forget it either. It's just so hard to achieve, that credibility doesn't fade to me.
  4. TLS62pa

    Our guys lift weights too much

    Beefing up their social media presence is critical to expanding their personal branding, which ultimately impacts their endorsements.
  5. TLS62pa

    Logan Macri

    I think this was sad, but important news. I don't think conjecture needs to be spun around it, but simply take the story for what it is and hope that Macri gets the support he needs. As a WVU alum, I was excited that he ended up at WVU. I wanted to hear how he was doing, but certainly not end up with a story like this.
  6. TLS62pa

    No. No. No. No!

    I had absolutely 0 issues with feeds freezing and crashing and I've been watching since Thursday with multiple TVs for every round. Definitely wouldn't have been able to do that if I still lived in PA, where I only would have been able to watch the finals on PCN. PCN could have met FLO's offering and televised every match, but they didn't. I got to watch every kid I used to coach from my computer in Tennessee, even in the wrestlebacks. You're not getting that coverage from PCN.
  7. TLS62pa

    Wow- Breaking News

    So after two pages of posts, really no news. Got it.
  8. TLS62pa

    Heavyweight DI

    I thought Billy Miller was transferring to VA Tech. Any confirmation which school it is?
  9. TLS62pa

    PA needs an Olympic Gold Medalist

    Yeah, definitely agree with you. For PA guys, they'll gladly go to those than go out of their comfort zone and do international styles. The only argument in favor of Fargo vs those others is that there is nearly 100% D1 coaching presence there. The others will have strong attendance, but if you are really trying to catch some attention, Fargo is the place to be.
  10. TLS62pa

    PA needs an Olympic Gold Medalist

    Would you please elaborate on this thought? Just curious why you feel this way.
  11. TLS62pa

    PA needs an Olympic Gold Medalist

    One of my major theories behind this is that PA kids don't necessarily HAVE to wrestle international styles. If they're excelling in the state in folkstyle, they'll be in line to get a scholarship. The best kids in the state don't have to go to Fargo to lock that up. I couldn't get too many guys interested in international styles when I coached there. I think their believe is, "why do something I might suck at, when I know I'm good at this?" I now coach in Tennessee. You have to excel in major national tournaments, which would include Fargo, if you want a legit look from a school. I think that drives a lot of the success in international styles in other states. PA also does not have great international style coaches in the state to teach the kids. Look at it inversely... why is PA so good and how did it get that way? We have 11(?) D1 schools, which I'm going to guess used to be 20+ at one point. Many of these state schools that we call "Teacher's Schools" (Edinboro, Lock Haven, Bloom, East Stroud, Millersville... PSAC schools). These ex-D1 wrestlers graduate, become gym, history, reading, etc teachers, and take on coaching roles in the schools. Some entire coaching staffs are made up of ex D1 guys. They are teaching top-level skills to their wrestlers. The skill level of coaches in the state for free/greco is not close to that level. Give me a list of top level guys that are really promoting international wrestling in the state? Not saying many don't work on it, but they're not pushing it. One of you mentioned how badly-run states is. Look at the PAWF from someone outside the inner-circle and that provides you some good insight into why international styles have not been killing it in PA. PS. I agree with the lack of offensive skill on the feet in the state. I think a lot goes back to the top notch skill level in competition. High-risk, low reward taking a shot because kids are so good hand-fighting and defending. Doesn't mean they can't be trained to open it up, which more freestyle/greco will do!
  12. TLS62pa

    How Can ASU Compete?

    Big difference between revenue and profit. Football produces SIGNIFICANT revenue at most schools. Remove football and you remove a major revenue stream. Doesn't mean that the athletic department is profitable (revenue - expenses). TV deals are what is driving vast amount of the cash flow in D1 sports. Since joining the Big 12, WVU is bringing in >$30 million more than they did when they were in the Big East solely from the Big 12 TV deal. That's how you can afford to pull a guy like Flynn and provide the resources.
  13. Last year I was in Boston for St Patrick's day and asked for one tv in the corner, very politely understanding the amount of basketball that was on. They literally laughed at me, despite having the same 4 basketball games on about 20 tvs.
  14. TLS62pa

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    No reason WVU shouldn't be out-recruiting all of those schools, except for PSU and more on-par with Pitt. Lehigh isn't as big of a draw in SW PA, as they're much more popular in eastern PA and NJ. Morgantown is also 2.5 hours from Cleveland area fertile recruiting grounds. We have not consistently been pulling guys from these areas for probably the last ten years.
  15. TLS62pa

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    Rumor, totally unconfirmed, that Damion Hahn interviewed last Thursday.