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  1. I think the TV contract for Big Ten schools is worth a little over $50mil per year. Don't need fans in the stands to make that payday, but it surely helps. Only 8 games has already eaten away at that contract value. I'll use WVU in the Big 12 as an example. Our TV deal is worth approx $45 mil. Only 10 games instead of 12. AD says we will lose $4mil in tv revenue for each of those 10 games that aren't played. In conjunction, since these tv deals are with the conference, for every game not played by a conference member, we lose $400,000 from that pot. Big Ten needs games to keep that pot as full as possible. Especially when you see schools like Minnesota say they are going to be in the red $70 million this year and they end up dropping 3 sports programs. On the issue of players signing waivers that they won't sue if they get Covid, the NCAA has already come don saying that such waivers would be legally invalid. Finally, as Lurker mentioned above, the protocols put in place at other schools have done immense jobs protecting student athletes. Better than them being in the general population. Heck, the regular, extensive testing helped uncover an unrelated heart defect for the TCU quarterback (Duggan) that has helped him get treatment. Big Ten playing football is HUGE for wrestling because of the way it funds our sport.
  2. Freshman year at WVU I was late to a preseason lift because I had an exam that ran long and there is no easy way for a car-less freshman to get from the downtown campus out to the football stadium facility. Strength coach was very “understanding.” Rather than go through the lift with the team, I was directed to run the stadium steps of our 65.000 seat stadium. Upon further thought, I was told to do it while carrying our 265 lbs heavyweight (I was 165) I was finishing when the team was done lifting and came out for conditioning. My legs were jello and I could barely run the sprints. Needless to say, I did not make my sprint times so I got to do wheelbarrows around the field. Overall fantastic afternoon and introduction for a freshman. Definitely no way I could have done anything differently to not have drawn that task.
  3. I don't think you can fault Iowa much on their state demographics, where the population is almost 91% white. African American students make u 3% of the student population. Hispanics make up 7.1% of the student population. A PoC is just not going to feel surrounded by people like them in Iowa City. Plus, it's Iowa City. How many PoC's are going to go out of their way to go to school at Iowa for reasons outside of athletics and/or academic focuses/scholarships? Remember, there aren't that many PoC's in Iowa's population, so majority would be coming from outside. This is not to say that there is 0 racism on campus, but I honestly believe it probably isn't dramatically worse than many other schools across the US with small minority populations outside of the west coast/north east. I see the lack of PoC's on Iowa's team as more of a correlation to local populations rather than a causation of. Doesn't mean the Iowa can't do better, but this discussion is only stemming from the football program's current issues. I don't think there's reason to start a fire where there is one.
  4. The schools in my area that are struggling with numbers fielded full teams for decades. School enrollments are not smaller. Other sports aren't really poaching athletes. I fought the fight as a coach in one of the public schools. Kids do not want to wrestle anymore.
  5. I still struggle to understand completely what some college coaches mean by "split the score." I know it's about pouring points on and increase the lead, but what is the official concept of the terminology?
  6. Similar to study hall commandos, in college we had some "GPA guys." Terrible wrestlers, but coach keeps them on the squad for the 4.0 GPAs to keep the team APR up.
  7. Would probably need to also save a female sport as well to maintain Title IX compliance.
  8. They've got the women's group all fired up now. Expecting some fall out from this upcoming event and the women's perspective. Saw a lead female wrestler just complain about lack of women in the Fargo highlight that they just posted. I think Flo is going to get bombarded from the women going forward.
  9. But for the fact that WVU’s tv deal in the Big East was worth approx $10mil/year and is now approx $50mil/year in the Big 12. Increase travel expenses but exponentially more resources for the entire athletic department, who has been improving facilities rapidly outside of football and bball.
  10. 6. If donors step forward, can any of these sports retain their varsity status? The decisions to reduce our sports offerings are final, and any future philanthropic interest in these sports may be directed towards supporting them at the club level, should they establish as a club sport after their 2020-21 varsity campaign. While Stanford Athletics has many tremendously generous donors, their support simply could not cover the escalating costs of ensuring excellence across the board in our 36-sport model.
  11. Gilman in the Waters match Desanto against Micic at nationals
  12. With how good R1 and Solo were, I wish Disney would get back to one-off SW movies. I know it came to a screeching halt after Solo. Stick with this rather than sweeping trilogies that teams of writers don’t have the ability to bring together coherently, which is understandably difficult.
  13. Agreed with 8. There is 0 story to this film. Majority of the subplots do not move the story along. Was legitimately pissed leaving the theater. Absolute garbage. Could not believe they allowed that to be released. Only important part was the development of Rey. My other thoughts on 7,8,9: - Action/cinematography fantastic, but furthers the argument that recent action movies are more like amusement park rides. -At first my eyes rolled when they brought back Palpatine, but I've become "understanding" of it in terms of the overall story. I still find it lazy writing. -Liked episode 7, though it is a direct copy of episode 4. -Oscar Isaac is a star that's supposed to take a back seat to unknowns, which makes it feel miscast. He can command the screen when his character is called on, and then is just supposed to blend back in until called on again, though he's still in the shots. -Finn didn't do much for me. Was necessary to rescue Poe from First Order, but it just seems like his character is only there to tie together streams of the story. Just feels kind of "out there" in the grand scheme of the trilogy. Does he have a thing with Rose/Hannah/Rey? Make up your minds! -Agree with the sentiments on Carrie Fisher's acting... -Adam Driver is a great actor, just feel he was miscast for his role. Too old for a character so immature. - Daisy Ridley was fantastic and I liked majority of what they did with her character/development. They did her story right. Fine with her being a Palpatine, but without them having to bring him back in the flesh for the last film. The new Star Wars movies have been money-grabs that tarnish the amazing story of the original 3. If you are making more Star Wars, PLEASE put together better story/plots/scripts. Rogue One is one of the BEST Star Wars movies. I watch it regularly. Solo gets a bad rap, coming 5 months on the heals of the Episode 8 garbage. Not the best Star Wars, but I absolutely enjoyed the movie.
  14. That one and this one attached. Now, I'm sorry if I'm minimizing the struggle/loss he starts off with, but the tangent he goes on is directly related to his realization that he's got the camera on him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxW31zjlQzA
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