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  1. Who says the finals are boring!
  2. In other news, Tony the Tiger likes Frosted Flakes.
  3. Cael was right to "catch and release" on this kid. Even if he isn't a "catch and release kind of guy".
  4. I'm curious as to how you could do both. Indoor track is the same as wrestling season. Outdoor track is a spring sport, as is baseball. I suspect that he did track early in HS and finished with baseball, which he probably liked more. I'm not putting him down. I'm a huge fan of his.
  5. I'm not a political partisan either, but I live in Australia, where banning assault rifles has had a huge. We don't have a problem with mass shootings.
  6. Track and baseball were the same season in NYS last I knew.
  7. Marinelli looks like sloth from "The Goonies."
  8. I'm an East Coast guy (NY without a real college team) and over the last few years I've not been a Gilman fan for his antics. That said, he had a dream destroyed at the NCAAS and he had the heart and guts to wrestle back for 3rd. I'm a Gilman fan now (as long as he saves his hardass stuff for the mat instead of talk). He has hardly been scouted. He has some of the best lightweight coaches in the USA. I wish well for him. I never thought that I would say that. Go get em, Gilman!
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