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    provocateur reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
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    provocateur reacted to LoStNuMbEr in NCAA FINALS   
    YIanni is almost impossible not to like. I personally love Bryce too, although I know others have mixed opinions
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    provocateur reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Spencer Lee vs Suriano prediction thread   
    Well, he has been away from Jersey for several days now. He may be so homesick he skips the finals.
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    provocateur reacted to AnklePicker in Coach of The Year?   
    The answer is Popolizio without question.
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    provocateur got a reaction from ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in What's Kemerer's story?   
    In other news, Tony the Tiger likes Frosted Flakes.
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    provocateur got a reaction from PANewbie in What's Kemerer's story?   
    In other news, Tony the Tiger likes Frosted Flakes.
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    provocateur got a reaction from russelscout in What's Kemerer's story?   
    In other news, Tony the Tiger likes Frosted Flakes.
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    provocateur reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in Suriano drama...again   
    I just don’t think this video did Suriano any favors, imo it made him look bad. He didn’t get his way so he went home.
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    provocateur reacted to Fletcher in Suriano drama...again   
    "Goodale revealed that the injury was a 'lower body injury."
    If I were his opponent, I'd use this info. to my advantage and attack the lower body - double-legs, single legs, high crotches, inside trips, etc.
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    provocateur reacted to Gantry in 125 NCAA Seeding   
    Once again, returning champ no bearing on seeding.  They only seed based on this year's results.  I personally hope they penalize Suriano for MFF before a bad precedent is set, he should be no better than 4. 
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    provocateur reacted to Rocep in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Started wrestling when I was cut from the baseball team. Really considered not wrestling after my first year, but my dad was college buddies with my high school coach, so I refused to let my dad look like a punk with a wuss kid. Still was not good my 2nd year, but broke .500. State qualifier as a senior. State tourney was a carry tournement so I was out after first round. Refused to let my career end that way. Trained for a year while attending school close to home. Transferred to the only D1 school in the state my second year of college. I was the least credentialed kid in the room, but I worked my ass off the compete. Trashed my back in practice 2 days before Thanksgiving, and that was all she wrote. Took third at the only tournament I attended. Everyone else on the team that went was a state/Fargo placer, and I barely qualified for state. Was the only one that placed. My last match I beat a kid that ended up being a NAIA runner-up. I always tell people I won my first and last match ever, to heck with the middle. Been coaching high school for ten years now.
    Side notes:
    1) college wrestling was nothing like I imagined. I thought it was gonna be a room full of guys driven to be national champions. Wrong. So many of those dudes were looking for a good time. Early morning practices smelled like natty light and whoever they were with the night before.
    2) crazy how everyone before the internet era I wrestled with in college was a match away from placing at Fargo.
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    provocateur reacted to Zebra in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Started at 5 and won my first tournament then a lot more in my life. I have a big box of medals and ribbons. Never look at them anymore. 
    Here's what matters - high school on. 
    98 - School district rules prevented me from being a starter even though I was the best wrestler at 98 and 105. Freshmen could not take the place of a Senior on a varsity roster. 112 guy was much bigger and better. 3X state champ. I could hang but not beat him. The coach made sure to work with the parents of the 98 and 105 so I could get enough varsity team points to get a letter. Some consolation prize that was. Still sore about that season.   
    105 - Cut 28 pounds to make this weight. Was the worst year of my life. The roof of my mouth peeled and was never the same again. Visine was my best friend.    
    2 years 118 and 2 years 126. 
    Lots of weight cutting, most years around 20 pounds. Hundreds of miles of open road running in crappy shoes. My hips feel every one of those miles. 
    I never tell my specific results for personal reasons.  
    4 years high school coach 15-ish as a zebra. Lots of years as a youth coach in my kid's clubs.
    Now I'm just an aging wrestling junkie limping slightly and shifting my weight from side to side when I stand.   
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    provocateur reacted to BigTenFanboy in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Because you never wrestled your opinion matters more than anyone else. Wrestling could use more fans like you.
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    provocateur reacted to wrestlingnerd in Palacio   
    He's a first-time AA in his home state at MSG, no less. Huge Cornell contingent and lots of guys who watched him throughout HS. Give him a break, it's not like it was tasteless or undeserved. It was one of the best moves of the entire tournament which is saying something given how wild and woolly things have gone his year. I literally jumped out of my seat.
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    provocateur reacted to wrestlingnerd in Scuffle Observations   
    In no particular order, just thoughts from my stream of consciousness:
    1. As a group, the PSU redshirts have improved the most.
    While it's true that they were all very elite coming in, as a group, they have all leveled up, with Nickal and Nolf in particular making big leaps in development. Zain is also significantly improved, technically and physically, with a reworked top game that adds turns to his tough ride.
    Nico is the only one who doesn't look improved to me. He is a little more selective with his shots this year, but I haven't seen that translate to much improvement overall.
    2. I don't see the Cowboys winning it.
    Even if they pull Jojo's redshirt, I didn't see enough guys who are high probability top 3-4 guys to win it all. Ringer is clearly a heavy favorite. Heil has been a nice surprise in terms of consistency, but he is just a point or two ahead of the other top contenders, so he has very little margin for error at a weight where half a dozen guys could all beat him. Crutchmer showed he could just as easily place 5th or 7th as he might end up in the finals. Klimara is solid but probably won't place high enough or score enough bonus. Marsden is sort of the heavyweight version of Klimara--similar situations. Brock is a true frosh and now an injured one. Collica has been a disappointment so far. The rest of the weights are gaping holes.
    I'm sure we'll see a better effort from the Cowboys come March given how well Smith has peaked them in the past couple of years, but I don't think they have the horses.
    3. I'm starting to appreciate Dean Heil as one of the smartest wrestlers.
    141 is an absolute zoo, with a dozen guys who can knock each other off. Nevertheless, I've been impressed by how intelligently Heil wrestles the top guys. His ability to wrestle from all positions and his excellent scrambling allow him to pick his spots with anyone wherever he feels he has an edge. It's pretty impressive to watch. With McKenna, the better TD wrestler, Heil wrestled more conservatively from the feet to neutralize him and exploited his strength on the mat to win. Against Jack, he wrestled very differently, going blow for blow and escaping from bottom easily.
    Heil is not the best at any single position but he is the most well-balanced guy at the weight, plus he can outscramble anyone. He might be the only guy at 141 who is a bad matchup for everyone else.
      4. Cornell has been a bust so far, but Garrett and Dean as individuals are just phenomenal talents.
    Realbuto lost three times. Not good. In his defense, he looks like he can beat anybody on a good day because he has retained his athleticism and "feel" up two weights, but he's now giving up like half a foot of reach almost every time he steps on the mat. I think he's too short for his funky and flowy style, which requires a lot of leverage to pull off well (e.g. see the Askrens). He could still surprise and have a great tourney, but 165 is probably his best weight.
    Where is Palacio? There was talk of him coming back for the Scuffle at 157.
    Is Grey ever going to heal, and if so, will it even matter? He has not improved in so long I forget what year he is. Does he have one more year after this? Little Koll went 2 and Q. Brutal.
    Pickett looks worse at 165 than he did at 174. There's probably not enough points in moving him back up to 174 and dropping Realbuto to 165, but both of them look worse this year than last year, which is not a good sign. That said, it is still early.
    Macri, whom many thought had a decent shot to AA after a solid greyshirt year, wrestled like crap and failed to place. I don't see him sniffing AA this year.
    But the positives are very bright.
    Garrett is wrestling like a man possessed. Scary quickness and explosion. He reminds me of a little Jordan Burroughs from the feet, with a similar style, especially the short offense to spin-behind or to high single. I'm pretty confident he's the 133 lb champ this year.
    Dean is separating himself even more from the field, as evidenced by his dismantling of Brown. It wasn't utterly dominating in terms of points scored, but Dean had his way with Brown, moving him around with ease and safely and steadily accumulating points as Brown looked like he was breaking. If they wrestled for 10 hours, the score would be like 700-30 because the more they wrestle, the bigger the gap.
    Dean reminds me a bit of Dieringer in that his success is based on rock solid fundamentals (i.e. moves that can be taught to anyone). Every HS coach should be showing tape of those guys to their teams. Very few people can do what guys like Garrett or Nickal do, although they're great fun to watch. Everyone can be taught the moves that make Dean and Ringer successful. Those two are perfect examples of what solid fundamentals and a commitment to conditioning the body can do for you.
    5. I was wrong about Coleman Scott.
    I thought there was no way he would be able to pull off coaching while cutting so much and prepping for another Olympic run.But  UNC is clearly better. Maybe it's just one tournament, but I have not seen them look this good in over a decade, maybe two. FOUR of their guys lost only once in this very tough tournament: Henderson 149 (2nd), Ramos 174 (2nd), Ward 141 (3rd), and Staudenmayer 165 (3rd). 
    UNC was the biggest surprise as a team and whether Scott was responsible or not, he is now the head coach and must get the credit. Hat tip to him, and I take back what I said a few months ago about his inability to balance competition with coaching.
    6. The Gulibon 141 experiment is officially busted. (But can he even beat Conaway to reclaim his 133 spot?)
    7. How good is Joe Smith going to be next year?
    His trajectory is pretty scary. He was losing to Larry Early (two or three times?) not that long ago. Months later he makes the finals of the CKLV and the Scuffle and wrestles the top 2 guys at the weight tough. Early, whom I was very interested in watching given the history with JoJo, went 1-2. 
    8. Logan Massa is also wrestling his ass off.
    Which redshirt would go farther this year, JoJo or Logan? It's a good debate.
    9. Generally, refs have proven to be too stupid to call the new stalling on the edge rule accurately.
    I'm officially joining the bandwagon bedeviling refs for their ridiculous inconsistency. I'm not necessarily against the rule, just against the morons who consistently call the same exact situation three different ways (A ran out ... B pushed him out ... it was action, so no stalling). No offense if you're a ref, but just watch a few matches and tell me it's not a completely untenable situation. Just terrible.
    10. Being able to go upper body gives you such an edge and is so underrated.
    I think a big reason why some of the younger top-raked guys have so much confidence against top ranked AAs is their ability to go blow for blow from any position on the feet. Nickal and Nolf are the two most obvious examples of this from the Scuffle, but also guys like Kaid Brock who have a more limited arsenal from upper body still gain a significant edge from neutral.
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    provocateur reacted to LemonPie in Scuffle Semi Finals and Finals Thread   
    Just cut him, Nico. This is unbearable.
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    provocateur reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in The Story of Cary Kolat (Episode 2)   
    my dad never did anything close to what Kolat's dad did, which is probably why my accomplishments look so meager in comparison. still, i probably never would've been able to place 3rd in the county my junior year in high school if I hadn't spent all those hours duct taped to a chair, tumbling down multiple flights of stairs as per dad's training program. 
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    provocateur reacted to jmachinder in Flo's Story of Cary Kolat   
    Really interesting documentary.  I am curious to know what Kolat thinks of the current rules.  It seems like a lot of improvement has been made since 2000, some certainly through examining how Kolat's matches exposed flaws in the system. And at the expense of the numerous times he was ripped off.  I mean, as bad as the scoreing was Novachkov's match was this year, it was resolved then and there, while the match was still in progress.  As shocking as it was that the refs scored it that was after the review was shown on screen for all the crowd to see, it's much better than when things were decided in back rooms.
    While people talk about his physicality and technique, it's pretty amazing what a great strategist Kolat was.  Him explaining his gameplan against Barzakov in 1998 was pretty fascinating and quite an inspired strategy.  I kind of some great coaching is ahead of Kolat.  And when Burnett is mentioning how much he could help USA wrestling as a coach, that's not just blowing smoke.  I really think he has an uncanny ability to pick opponents apart from watching them.  
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    provocateur got a reaction from leshismore in DOWN GOES GILMAN!   
    Gilman has no class. It's easy to say that these guys are kids, but they're men. I'd be slapping my kid if I saw him turning into this kind of turd.
    I hope that Gilman can become the man that he's clearly not today, but I doubt it. 
    Disclaimer: I have never hated Iowa. I live in Australia and I would love to see an important dual at Carver-Hawkeye - next year hopefully. It's just that Gilman really grinds me.
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    provocateur got a reaction from cradlewiz in DOWN GOES GILMAN!   
    Gilman has no class. It's easy to say that these guys are kids, but they're men. I'd be slapping my kid if I saw him turning into this kind of turd.
    I hope that Gilman can become the man that he's clearly not today, but I doubt it. 
    Disclaimer: I have never hated Iowa. I live in Australia and I would love to see an important dual at Carver-Hawkeye - next year hopefully. It's just that Gilman really grinds me.
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    provocateur reacted to Yellow_Medal in DOWN GOES GILMAN!   
    The look on Gilman's face afterwards was awesome.  Like he's a deer that was just shot...
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    provocateur reacted to heelpick in DOWN GOES GILMAN!   
    Punk ass got what he deserved
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    provocateur reacted to wrestler9111 in Two Best at 157 made the finals   
    The idea that Koll and Realbuto should have just given away the victory is absolutely ludicrous. No one, and I mean no one, knew with absolute certainty that Realbuto was actually down 1 as those final seconds ticked off. The NCAA did take a stance that allowed them to take the easy way out, and while I don't agree with their decision I can see their argument: the coaches should have been more adamant about a challenge. But to wish ill of Realbuto for doing anything other than simply going out and wrestling the matches he was supposed to is disgusting. Yes, you could say that Miller "deserves" to be in the finals more, and I probably agree with that. Realbuto might have been gifted a win in the quarters but I for one hope he makes the best of it and puts on a show with IMar, win or lose, to prove he belongs with the best. 
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    provocateur reacted to wrestler9111 in Realbuto   
    Awful cesspool of a thread here. He went out and wrestled. He advanced because of situations outside his control. The Miller thing was the most controversial calls I've ever seen, and I hate to see injuries, but Realbuto has done everything in his power to get to the finals, so he deserves it. Regardless of the manner in which he has advanced.
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    provocateur got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in Tonight's semi finals session thread   
    Did he scrape the GIlman off his shoe?
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