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  1. Ha thanks man. I check in from time to time but don't really post anymore. Hope all my old friends are doing well!
  2. Dominated him. TD and turn it was 9-3 then he stopped wrestling. Ref gave caution & 2 ended 9-5.
  3. Her name is Nona (not sure how it's spelled) and she is Georgian. I sat and talked with her for a little at the World Cup last year.
  4. Wilfredo Garcia Quintana (CUB) was one month shy of 20 when he won 1997 Worlds @ 54 kg. Kuramagomed Kuramagomedov (RUS) was also only 19 when he won 1997 Worlds @ 97 kg.
  5. Yong Sik Kim from North Korea was 19 when he won his Senior World title in 1986. He defeated defending World Champ Jordanov in a preliminary bout and destroyed future 1988 Olympic Gold medalist Sato in the finals. He also won Junior Worlds in the same year.
  6. I have been told that due to monetary incentives when their wrestlers wins medals at World level tournaments, Cadet & Junior coaches will intentionally have birth certificates forged so that older wrestlers can still compete in younger age groups.
  7. Has to be the Beloglazovs. Sergei with 8 straight (6 world, 2 Olympic). Anatoli with 4 (3 world, 1 Olympic). Side note - Anatoli is the only wrestler to this day to win 3 world titles in 3 distinctive weight classes (48, 52, & 57).
  8. Sorry, yes grand amplitude was 4 but regular feet to back was only 2.
  9. These videos are from my original YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/the1qs/videos I have had multiple coversations with Lewboo over the years regarding this bout. I can comment some other time soon, but I'm leaving for Brazil in a few hours. One thing to keep in mind when trying to score the vid, is that in 1982 all feet to back exposures were only 2 points. I believe it was changed to 3 the following year. I know this because Lewboo informed of the rules when I tried to score the vid because it wasn't adding up right (I was giving 3 for feet to back). Craig
  10. They weren't the same week. They were a few weeks apart. But yes in 1991 he won Cadet Nationals (he was a Sophomore) at 121 and then Juniors at 114.5 where he beat Scott Schlucter in the finals, denying Schulcter his 4th Junior title. I wrestled McGinnis in round 3 at Juniors that year.
  11. I will be attending. Looking foward to it. Go USA!
  12. Ahem..Wells to Dziedzic to Kemp to Schultz to Monday, has to be one of the better runs at a single weight by the USA..
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