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  1. Ha thanks man. I check in from time to time but don't really post anymore. Hope all my old friends are doing well!
  2. Dominated him. TD and turn it was 9-3 then he stopped wrestling. Ref gave caution & 2 ended 9-5.
  3. Her name is Nona (not sure how it's spelled) and she is Georgian. I sat and talked with her for a little at the World Cup last year.
  4. Wilfredo Garcia Quintana (CUB) was one month shy of 20 when he won 1997 Worlds @ 54 kg. Kuramagomed Kuramagomedov (RUS) was also only 19 when he won 1997 Worlds @ 97 kg.
  5. Yong Sik Kim from North Korea was 19 when he won his Senior World title in 1986. He defeated defending World Champ Jordanov in a preliminary bout and destroyed future 1988 Olympic Gold medalist Sato in the finals. He also won Junior Worlds in the same year.
  6. I have been told that due to monetary incentives when their wrestlers wins medals at World level tournaments, Cadet & Junior coaches will intentionally have birth certificates forged so that older wrestlers can still compete in younger age groups.
  7. Has to be the Beloglazovs. Sergei with 8 straight (6 world, 2 Olympic). Anatoli with 4 (3 world, 1 Olympic). Side note - Anatoli is the only wrestler to this day to win 3 world titles in 3 distinctive weight classes (48, 52, & 57).
  8. Sorry, yes grand amplitude was 4 but regular feet to back was only 2.
  9. These videos are from my original YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/the1qs/videos I have had multiple coversations with Lewboo over the years regarding this bout. I can comment some other time soon, but I'm leaving for Brazil in a few hours. One thing to keep in mind when trying to score the vid, is that in 1982 all feet to back exposures were only 2 points. I believe it was changed to 3 the following year. I know this because Lewboo informed of the rules when I tried to score the vid because it wasn't adding up right (I was giving 3 for feet to back). Craig
  10. They weren't the same week. They were a few weeks apart. But yes in 1991 he won Cadet Nationals (he was a Sophomore) at 121 and then Juniors at 114.5 where he beat Scott Schlucter in the finals, denying Schulcter his 4th Junior title. I wrestled McGinnis in round 3 at Juniors that year.
  11. I will be attending. Looking foward to it. Go USA!
  12. Ahem..Wells to Dziedzic to Kemp to Schultz to Monday, has to be one of the better runs at a single weight by the USA..
  13. Jordanov defeated Anatoli Belogloazov 10-5 in Kiev, 1983 Worlds. I don't think he ever wrestled Sergei but I don't think it would've been much of a match. Sergei just too strong for him. Jordanov lost to Chris Bollin up a weight class at 125.5, and while Bollin was tough, he surely wasn't a world beater. Sergei dismantled Jordanov's rival Trstena who went up a weight for the 1987 Worlds. I think Sergei tech/pinned him. Jordanov traded wins with Trstena at 52 kg. Fantasy match ups I like: John Smith v. Besik Kudukhov Terry Brands v. Sergei Beloglazov Dave Schultz v. Arsen Fadzaev Mark Schultz v. Abdurashid Sadulaev Makharbek Khadartsev v. Abdusalam Gadisov
  14. Called for TD at 6:32 where Gazimagomedov's chest covered Tsabolov's left ankle during scramble. I don't think it's a TD because Gazi never actually grabbed Tsabolov's left ankle, only that his chest sat on and covered the ankle during the scramble. However International TDs are sometimes awarded when opponent has 3 points of contact on the mat, which in this case both of Tsabolov's knees and his right hand were on the mat simultaneously during the action, so yes a case could be made. BUT the brick should have been thrown immediately to signal the time/moment of the action blue's corner wished to contest. Brick was thrown after the match was over which was almost 40 seconds after the action occured. That's BS.
  15. He actually pinned him with an arm bar stack. The chest lock lock got him on top. I think it was FHL td 1, out of bounds then center, snap off of Davis shot attempt to chest lock step over for 2, went behind then roll though pump handle for 2 then immediately ran bar for 2 then stacked him the other way for 2 and the fall. 9-0 before the fall about 1:32.
  16. Rulon followed up with a world title the next year. He's proven.
  17. Reinoso v. Smith I think Dellagatta is 2-2 v. Beloglazov. I believe he beat Beloglazov at the Canada Cup and in a dual in Atlantic City prior to the 1981 World Cup. Valentin Jordanov lost to Chris Bollin up a weight class. Dave Schultz lost to Gadjikhnov once or twice. Kenny Monday lost to Gamzat Khazamov a few times.
  18. Matt Demaray at the World Cup when Saitiev was like 18 or 19.
  19. Of course he trained his guys on the low single. They just weren't John Smith. And I've seen John get countered on his low single a lot. Gave up some turns and go behinds. He was just relentless on his attacks and kept plugging away. Guy just found a way to win.
  20. Smith rarely gets on the mat to go live these days.
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