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  1. Friday, June 15th, in what is believed to be the First Girls' Greco Duals Competition, 160 young ladies from 10 states making up 12 teams, wrestled 24 Greco Duals. States represented at Pocatello, Idaho's Turf Wars, were Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The Turf Wars Washington finished the Duals 5-0, and in what amounted to the finals, defeated Hawaii 40-33. California finished in 3rd Place. Girls Greco is alive and well out west! 1st Place: Washington 2nd Place: Hawaii 3rd Place: California #GoGreco The man behind this event is Ned Zollinger, a longtime supporter of Wrestling in The West. Zollinger has been involved with USA Wrestling since the inception of the organization. In years past, Ned was president of the East Idaho chapter of the organization, before the Idaho association combined into one group. He participated in the very first Western Regional Kids/Cadet Championships when it was held in Gillette, Wyoming. He has been at every Western Regional event since, pushing three decades of service. Back in 2010, Ned Zollinger was honored as The USA Wrestling's President Award, signifying Exceptional State Leadership. Back then Ned said, "I am hoping I can bring something back to inspire, and help the people I work with, on the grassroots level." Zollinger has certainly lived up to that statement and more! Three years back, Girls Freestyle was added to the long running Junior Boys Duals, since that time, Middle-School, and Elementary School Duals were also include. And this year for the very First time, Girls Greco was added. "It's time," said Zollinger "It's the right time, A lot of very stellar careers will begin right here." Matches consisted of Pool Competition and then places rounds. In Alphabetical order, the record and results were: ALASKA 4-1 Alaska 48 Utah 20 Alaska 40 Nevada 35 Alaska 44 Oregon 20 Alaska 35 Idaho 34 Colorado 49 Alaska 20 CALIFORNIA 3-2 California 33 West Orphan 10 California 42 Utah 10 California 49 Colorado 18 Hawaii 35 California 30 Washington 43 California 30 COLORADO 2-3 Colorado 37 Idaho 25 Colorado 49 Alaska 20 California 49 Colorado 18 Washington 58 Colorado 15 Hawaii 53 Colorado 20 HAWAII 4-1 Hawaii 59 Oregon 15 Hawaii 51 Washington B 17 Washington 40 Hawaii 33 Hawaii 35 California 30 Hawaii 53 Colorado 20 IDAHO 3-2 Idaho 45 West Orphan 15 Idaho 44 Montana 19 Idaho 30 Washington B 29 Alaska 35 Idaho 34 Colorado 37 Idaho 25 MONTANA 1-4 Nevada 38 Montana 15 Washington 61 Montana 11 Idaho 44 Montana 19 Montana 32 West Orphan 15 Washington B 36 Montana 22 NEVADA 1-4 Nevada 38 Montana 15 Washington 58 Nevada 12 Oregon 25 Nevada 25 (tie-breaker criteria) Alaska 40 Nevada 35 Utah 41-29 OREGON 3-2 Oregon 25 Nevada 25 (tie-breaker criteria) Oregon 30 Utah 29 Alaska 44 Oregon 20 Oregon 34 Washington B 21 Hawaii 59 Oregon 15 UTAH 2-3 Alaska 48 Utah 20 Oregon 30 Utah 29 Utah 41 Nevada 29 Utah 50 West Orphan California 42 Utah 10 WASHINGTON 5-0 Washington 58 Nevada 12 Washington 61 Montana 11 Washington 40 Hawaii 33 Washington 58 Colorado 15 Washington 43 California 30 WASHINGTON B 2-3 Washington B 36 Montana 22 Oregon 34 Washington B 21 Hawaii 51 Washington B 17 Washington B 32 West Orphan 21 Idaho 30 Washington B 29 West Orphan Team was comprised of various girls from numerous states.
  2. When I watched this match, I scored it 4 Red. Red initiated the shot, never relinquished his hold, and obviously put blue in danger. As an official, I can understand, there are various angles to a move/hold/action. The Official on the mat felt there was a change of direction, and thus offered 4 Blue which was confirmed by the Judge, and in a moment of quick action also signaled for a Fall. The Chairman, did in fact confirm, and that is what everyone is seeing and commenting on. While the results were originally scored for Blue, including the Fall, after review, it was changed to Red winning by Fall. We as officials, do the best we can, not once, have I ever known anyone to wake-up and go to a tournament or match and say "let's mess this up, or score it wrong." We're human and it (mistakes) happens. They got it right in the end. That is what really does matter. There is NEVER a Wrong time to do the Right thing. I have spoken with 2 of the 3 involved, we discussed the move, match, and outcome, they agreed, it could/should have been different. That's a learning curve in and of itself. Everyone that day earned their pay (nothing), like coaches, and table workers, they are volunteers. I love what Flo does to promote wrestling, I have listened to countless matches they have broadcasted, and commentated on, many times they (Flo) gets it wrong on their own scoring opinions, they just don't put themselves on blast like they threw this volunteer crew under the bus. I still respect and support them, but would love for their next event, let me run a camera, and comment, while I give them a whistle and wristbands and let them make the call. And, if we all have the chance to watch a video, slow it down, rematch it again and again, we'd be even better, but calls are watched, analyzed, and scored in real-time, not with the benefit that all the naysayers have. Just my $.02, which is many, many times, more than I make as a volunteer.
  3. Bruce also did a move called the "Trash Compactor" It sure made it easier to score.
  4. "When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred." Thomas Jefferson Daniel Dennis didn't just pull up in his old truck to The Hawkeye Wrestling Club Friday, he's been there awhile, but obviously not as long as Tony. I understand the frustration, but would there be more credence to betrayal comments if TR was wearing HWC gear?
  5. Nasser saw it coming. Keysaw trained, Abas rolled, that's why we wrestle on the mat instead of the forum. Strong Work Ali!
  6. Jammen, True, I left out Ness's career falls, but I also left out Varner's 42 falls. As PRyan pointed out about the differences, a 5-2 win for Varner usually wasn't even that close. Maybe 2 TD's and an escape for Jake and two E's for opponent. Ness, if he did not pin you (and yes, he did it a lot) might beat you in OT or squeak one out to avoid the extra time. I am not trying to take anything away from a 4X All-American with 73 falls. I just piggy-backed on PR's comments of Ness and Varner (the same two guys that I thought about when I voted). Alex Dieringer had the most bonus point wins. Isaiah Martinez was the most exciting to watch I think he scored over 40 offensive points in his NCAA Title Run. Logan Stieber has FOUR NCAA Titles. That in itself swayed me.
  7. I am glad PRyan mentioned Varner and Ness. That year, too, I thought Jake was the most dominate wrestler and should be a high Hodge candidate. I thought too, that perhaps a career would be given consideration. Looking back it was Jayson Ness, Senior Year 31-0 with 19 falls. NCAA Champ Career: 4X All-American; 5,2,3,1 148-15 Jake Varner, Senior Year 31-0 with 10 falls to go with 10 Majors and 1 Tech. Outscored NCAA opponents 42-6 Career: 4X All-American; 2,2,1,1 121-10 The above are just numbers, but I did think Jake Varner would and should have won the Hodge after his senior year. Opinions, like feet and a$$holes we all have them and most of them stink. This year I thought Dieringer had the best results on paper. I believe Martinez was the most explosive and fun to watch. But how can you not award the Hodge to only the 4th 4X timer in History?
  8. Nobody ever sends me dirty emails Jason.
  9. It is hard in all parts of the world to explain what "aquash" is, but I tried. سعی کنید با توضیح به کسی که در ایران و یا روسیه و یا در اطراف آن قسمت که چرا بیس بال یا کدو باید با کشتی ادعا واضح است که این یک کشور و یک کشور تنها شکستن کشتی است. حدس بزن چه کسی؟ ما آن، خوب اوله ایالات متحده آمریکا. نگاهی از ایالات متحده آمریکا است و هیچ بیس بال و کدو وجود ندارد. ما فقط خودمان را به سرزنش! Попробуйте объяснить кому-то в Иране, России или вокруг тех частей почему бейсбол или сквош должны бороться с борьбой Ясно, что это одна страна и одна страна только разрушение борьба. Угадай, кто? Его нам, хороший ол США. Возьмите из США, и нет никакой бейсбол и сквош. У нас есть только сами виноваты!
  10. I am glad there are "ONLY" 345 days left until next year's NCAA Tournament. 6 pages so far arguing whether Taylor is really better than Dake...and now another 5 pages arguing that Dake may be better than Cael. WOW.
  11. I heard Dake did get the 5th year granted but must transfer to another school in order to capitalize on it. Also as a way to not break any NCAA rules by making money as a wrestler, Dake will transfer to Rutgers and be a Graduate Assistant for the basketball team. They are already used to the whippings Dake has been know to throttle his opponents with.
  12. I wonder if all the Taylor Fans that still think he is better than Dake also would also argue that Ben Askren was better than Chris Pendleton?
  13. Danny Hodge 3 NCAA Titles all by fall 2 x OW 1955 177 Dan Hodge [1] - Oklahoma (WBF 4:23) Joe Krufka [3] - Penn State 1956 177 Dan Hodge [1] - Oklahoma (WBF 1:37) Roy Minter [2] - Minnesota State 1957 177 Dan Hodge [1] - Oklahoma (WBF 7:31) Ron Flemming [2] - Franklin & Marshall
  14. Dake 37-0 18 Falls BEAT The Defending Hodge Winner Ruth 33-0 12 Falls
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