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  1. Gable's hand taped again....must have just "pumped up" Joe Williams with a right cross/open hand.....lol
  2. It is in fact Wilfried Deitrich..... A competitor at five Olympic Games (1956-1972), West German Wilfried Dietrich, who was nicknamed “Kran von Schifferstadt” (Crane of Schifferstadt), competed in seven Olympic tournaments (four freestyle and three Greco-Roman) and won five medals (one gold, two silver, two bronze), a record for an Olympic wrestler. All of his medals came in the unlimited class and unusually included gold in the freestyle and silver in Greco-Roman in 1960. His first Olympic medal came in 1956 when he won silver in Greco. In 1964 and 1968 he earned bronze medals, in Greco in 1964 and freestyle in 1968. Dietrich also won five medals in the World Championships between 1957 and 1969. Three of these were in freestyle and two in Greco-Roman. His only World Championship title came in 1961 when he won the unlimited freestyle championship. In 1967 he also won that division in the European championships. Dietrich was unbeaten in the unlimited freestyle from 1955 to 1962. At the World Championships he also won two silver and two bronze medals between 1957 and 1969. Dietrich was the best ever wrestler from Germany as well as one of the best in the world in both styles after World War II. In 1972 at München, he won a legendary victory against the 187 kg US-wrestler Chris Taylor with the later so-called "Jahrhundertwurf" (Century Grip). In West Germany he won 30 national titles during his career. He later immigrated to South Africa, because he could not find any employment in West Germany. He returned several times because the language barrier was a problem for him. Before his final return to Germany, he died from a heart attack in 1992 in Durbanville. In 2008 he was inducted to the Hall of Fame of German Sports and in 2014 inducted to the International Wrestling Hall of Fame. https://medium.com/five-guys-facts/10-12-16-brian-d2711dc552b2 The best wrestling throw of all time This FFOTD comes from the 1972 Munich Olympic games. A wrestling match between American Chris Taylor and West German Wilfred Dietrich provided perhaps the most iconic throw in wrestling history. For background, Dietrich is the most decorated Olympian in wrestling history, medaling in 5 separate Olympics. There is freestyle and Greco-Roman, both of which he competed in (almost impossible to do both today). Dietrich never lost in freestyle from 1955 to 1972. However, this streak was broke. By 22 year old Chris Taylor at the Munich games. Dietrich weighed in at a humble 287, while Taylor tipped the scale at 444. After Taylor broke Dietrich’s historic streak in freestyle, they meet again in the Greco-Roman tournament. They ran into each other about 10 minutes before the match. Dietrich walked up to Taylor and said “Chris! It’s so nice to see you!” and gave him a big old hug. Taylor’s coach tried to stop the hug, but it was too late. What Dietrich was trying to do was figure out if he would be physically able to reach around Taylor lock his hands. He was only able to get his first two fingers interlocked, but he decided that was enough to attempt the move that had given him so much success and glory — the belly to belly suplay. Fast forward to the match. At the start of the second period, Dietrich dug under Taylor’s arms and managed to get a grip. Dietrich launched the beast directly backwards, over his head, and onto his back to pin him. Neither medaled in the Greco-Roman portion, but Dietrich’s throw is on posters across the world and remembered as one of the greatest moments in wrestling history. Olympic Games1956 MelbourneGreco-Roman +87 kg1960 RomeFreestyle +87 kg1960 RomeGreco-Roman +87 kg1964 TokyoGreco-Roman +97 kgRepresenting West GermanyOlympic Games1968 Mexico CityFreestyle +97 kg World Championships1957 IstanbulFreestyle +87 kg1961 YokohamaFreestyle +87 kg1962 ToledoFreestyle +97 kg1962 ToledoGreco-Roman +97 kg1969 Mar del PlataGreco-Roman +100 kgEuropean Championships1967 MinskFreestyle +97 kg
  3. A lot of us would buy him a new pair!
  4. There have been 16 wrestlers who have medaled in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, but what wrestler has medaled a total of 5 times with one gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze....amazing story!
  5. Wow....thanks for the memories.....Kilrain was tough!! Real tough!!
  6. I have seen Soslan Andiev wrestle. Saw Medved for the first time at the 1971 USA/USSR dual at McGaw Hall.....USA won 3 matches that day....one of the first big events I "filmed". Behm, Gable and Kristoff won. Owings got beat bad, and he was at 136.5! https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1971-usa-ussr-united-states-russia-3203199117
  7. Thanks for sharing....I may have better quality than that in my own library.....this had to have been in the early part of Bruce's international career. Nobody beat him like that during his peak years.
  8. Personally, I am all about wrestling....it is my passion, but I respect all sports and have gained more respect for non-wrestling sports as I time has gone on. One of my favorites for GOAT/all-sports is Michael Phelps. Olympic Games 2004 Athens 100 m butterfly 2004 Athens 200 m butterfly 2004 Athens 200 m medley 2004 Athens 400 m medley 2004 Athens 4×200 m freestyle 2004 Athens 4×100 m medley 2008 Beijing 200 m freestyle 2008 Beijing 100 m butterfly 2008 Beijing 200 m butterfly 2008 Beijing 200 m medley 2008 Beijing 400 m medley 2008 Beijing 4×100 m freestyle 2008 Beijing 4×200 m freestyle 2008 Beijing 4×100 m medley 2012 London 100 m butterfly 2012 London 200 m medley 2012 London 4×200 m freestyle 2012 London 4×100 m medley 2016 Rio de Janeiro 200 m butterfly 2016 Rio de Janeiro 200 m medley 2016 Rio de Janeiro 4×100 m freestyle 2016 Rio de Janeiro 4×200 m freestyle 2016 Rio de Janeiro 4×100 m medley 2012 London 200 m butterfly 2012 London 4×100 m freestyle 2016 Rio de Janeiro 100 m butterfly 2004 Athens 200 m freestyle 2004 Athens 4×100 m freestyle World Championships (LC) 2001 Fukuoka 200 m butterfly 2003 Barcelona 200 m butterfly 2003 Barcelona 200 m medley 2003 Barcelona 400 m medley 2003 Barcelona 4×100 m medley 2005 Montreal 200 m freestyle 2005 Montreal 200 m medley 2005 Montreal 4×100 m freestyle 2005 Montreal 4×200 m freestyle 2005 Montreal 4×100 m medley 2007 Melbourne 200 m freestyle 2007 Melbourne 100 m butterfly 2007 Melbourne 200 m butterfly 2007 Melbourne 200 m medley 2007 Melbourne 400 m medley 2007 Melbourne 4×100 m freestyle 2007 Melbourne 4×200 m freestyle 2009 Rome 100 m butterfly 2009 Rome 200 m butterfly 2009 Rome 4×100 m freestyle 2009 Rome 4×200 m freestyle 2009 Rome 4×100 m medley 2011 Shanghai 100 m butterfly 2011 Shanghai 200 m butterfly 2011 Shanghai 4×200 m freestyle 2011 Shanghai 4×100 m medley 2003 Barcelona 100 m butterfly 2003 Barcelona 4×200 m freestyle 2005 Montreal 100 m butterfly 2009 Rome 200 m freestyle 2011 Shanghai 200 m freestyle 2011 Shanghai 200 m medley 2011 Shanghai 4×100 m freestyle World Championships (SC) 2004 Indianapolis 200 m freestyle
  9. I saw Bruce wrestle Gobedshvili a number of times, but I don't remember Salman Hashimikow. I must have seen him at the 1982 World Cup though, as I never missed a World Cup in Toledo (17 years).
  10. Well that settles it then.
  11. https://nmuwildcats.com/news/2022/9/21/general-1978-79-wrestling-team-inducted-into-nmu-sports-hall-of-fame.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3ce4VvLq41RcSJGTV3r296hUcexIKKwx9Tw8bFhWd2fe6z6WlgVuj6ngs
  12. Shoot....the best may be Jordan Burroughs, but he's a little busy right now.
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