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  1. Just responding to this, that's all.
  2. Do you want it in a football stadium??? Just curious.
  3. Mason was a state qualifier in the 110 m hurdles and shot put in high school.
  4. Good guess!!!! But How many times....LOL
  5. How can Bobby Douglas and Joe Seay be in one corner, but Dupont has his own spot on the mat????? Sick.....I think Zeke had more than 6 points after the last series. Fadz
  6. Anybody can be down 2-0 and tweak their ankle.
  7. there were 4 or 5 guys that redshirted a year at VT, then, when Brands went to Iowa, the all followed, but VT wouldn't release them, so they lost a year of eligibility.
  8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion......I think it cleared up a little on the VT/Iowa issue.....probably not totally.....not a big fan of the Brands, but I give Tom a lot of credit for taking some blame here, and saying 'I love Brent". These guys will be going at it now on the mat as coaches maybe for a long time. They sure didn't need to get carried away, create "bulletin board" material, etc. It was easily worth the 33 minutes to me...and the whole thing was great for the sport.....could easily do it for other "great ones"
  9. They're both great, and I like both of them, but I've said this for awhile now.....I consider Jordan a great ambassador for our sport....he has become so articulate, is very grounded....knowledgeable in most areas of our sport....super family man.....he's special, not that David isn't, but JB is one of my all time favorites, and that's after 60 years in the sport. Fadz
  10. That's right Kelly Ward. And he was a great one. Bill Simpson as well...wow.
  11. Rico Chiapparelli....even though the thread is in reference to guys who wrestled for the Terps.
  12. I know this is a cop-out, but man, I have too many to pick just one....going on 60 years in the sport!!! I guess if I could lump something together, it would be attending all the high level competitions I've been at....closing in on 45 NCAA's, 30 Big Tens, 17 World Cups, Midland's and much more....all the friendships, memories, learning that takes place.....can't beat it.
  13. Thanks for sharing that.....he made a post after a similar comment by me, trying to convince me of the pin, or as Brent referred to it as ...."the Phantom pin". Years ago I was coaching a good wrestler at NCAA's in the semi's.....the referee blew a call and cost our kid a chance at an NCAA title, which he might have won. Later the referee pulled our kid aside, and at least admitted he missed the call....it was a bad call.....that I can live with ....it is what it is. Now of course we have video review to cut down on mistakes....you can't take back a pin though. Fadz
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