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  1. What is the schedule for the World Championships???
  2. To me it's a big red flag when the guy has been to so many different schools.....9 different schools....I'll just stop right there, but I have made observations and had interaction with the guy.
  3. Wasn't trying to discourage you from coming!
  4. My first reaction....I've been to 42 NCAA's/36 in a row....not sure I've ever seen a one year old.....will he be able to make it through sessions....can he handle the cheering....if he starts crying, those around you may not appreciate it, and then will you have to take him up to the concourse, and now, you are missing the wrestling....just some thoughts....I may be wrong.
  5. Is this "Iron" sharpening "Iron"?
  6. I haven't seen an announcement on this yet.
  7. If you want another one who turned pro.....Greg Wojciechowski 3 time NCAA finalist/NCAA Champion...Univ. of Toledo
  8. Shelton Benjamin was a junior college transfer to Minnesota, where he was a 2 time all-american....great athlete....after that....never heard of the others.
  9. Mongolia was mentioned above, which reminds me of a Mongolian, who wrestledfor CCCP/Russia in the early 70's....Roman Dmietriev/105.5. He was a little block of "dynomite". I have him on super 8/transferred to video wrestling in the one of the first USA/USSR dual meets in this country @ McGaw Hall/Northwestern. Representing the Soviet Union Olympic Games 1972 Munich -48 kg 1976 Montreal -48 kg World Championships 1969 Mar del Plata -48 kg 1970 Edmonton -48 kg 1973 Tehran -48 kg 1974 Istanbul -52 kg European championships 1969 Sofia -48 kg 1981 Łódź -48 kg
  10. I question this source as well, especially when you combine boxing with wrestling???? The above countries aren't even good at wrestling.
  11. That's what I was thinking......unless he won't be 100% by then.
  12. I figure he got 2 sponsors......I thought about that right away too.
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