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  1. I'll bet John Smith would beg to differ.....In his prime, John Smith would have found a way to win.
  2. As I remember it, at NCAA's, you could weigh-in the night before, or the morning of.
  3. Best wishes Nico, and for me, anytime something has gone wrong, my motto has been....always turn a negative into a positive...you just have to figure out what that might be. Fadz
  4. My first year of coaching, 1970, Blubaugh did a coaches clinic along with Grady Pininger and Masakki Hatta. Doug taught a "hold" I taught throughout my coaching career.....seldom seen, but can be highly effective. It was a pinning combination called a "closed 1/2 nelson". It is a misnomer, because it really starts out as an armbar/chickenwing (different terminology for different people), and you end up in what I would describe as the guy on his back in an upside down front headlock position.....great pinning hold.
  5. Because I did some officiating, in a addition to coaching I started getting those rules books in 1968 and got them until high school wrestling came up with their own rules books. Nice addition to my library.
  6. I prefer to remain anonymous, location included. I'll just say it's a state that has top college recruits year in and year out, and has major college wrestling programs as well.
  7. I'm talking about on my teams, and I coached junior high school, high school and college.
  8. When I coached I taught the theory that the 4 most important takedowns in wrestling are a single leg, double leg, hi-crotch and a front headlock. Everything else was "extra tools" in the toolbox that you would pull out if it was absolutely there. Some of those "extras" we worked on a little, more for defense/prevention of than to actually hit the technique.....a headlock is my best example.....in maybe 40 years of coaching, I can only remember one kid ever using a lateral drop (it was my first year with the program and I only stayed there one year). The kid won the state title his junior year with the lateral drop.....I kept warning him that he needed to go to other takedowns....his senior year he lost in the semi's and had to come back to take 3rd.....the guy that beat him stayed out of the over/under, and went on to win the state meet. Nearside cradle got menitoned...to me the nearside cradle is a basic pinning combination, a part of the cradle series....some kids are good with cradles, some are good with armbars, others spiral ride/1/2 nelson. As a sidenote....we worked on pummeling, and from the over and under we worked on footsweeps, step around bodylocks, Metzgers and more. All those techniques done right, are safe and high percentage.
  9. I'd vote for Cael there....some of his guys have been good with them as well....David Taylor comes to mind.
  10. I don't think there is....one's from Ohio, and one from Illinois.
  11. A seed is a competitor or team in a sport or other tournament who is given a preliminary ranking for the purposes of the draw. Players/teams are "planted" into the bracket in a manner that is typically intended so that the best do not meet until later in the competition.
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