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  1. Fried pinned Brands at Midlands one year....off of a Barsagar!
  2. Fried pinned Brands at Midlands one year.
  3. Poor Jadidi.....maybe if he had just put his shoes in the middle of the mat and walked away!
  4. Back to the topic at hand.....I believe Duane Goldman threw a chair through a window after losing to Dan Chaid/NCAA finals in 1985. (I did hear it second hand)
  5. All Caldwell had to do was what 'til the match was over to do his back flip, and it wouldn't have happened, like Mark Schultz did vs. Ed Banach in 1982.
  6. I'm going to reserve my answer(s) until I hear some others first. I do have my thoughts on this subject....great question.
  7. Wasn't Mark Hall originally from Michigan, not Kentucky....Goodrich or Davison?
  8. fadzaev2


    NATO probably would make a great coach/training partner.
  9. I'm not touching the "pretty boy" and "real wrestling" comments, but it would be easy to do!
  10. It will be interesting to see who does the PBP! Hope the weather cooperates, and all goes well.
  11. There was a pro-league some time ago.....it didn't last very long.
  12. Troy Steiner......NO WAY!!!!
  13. I guess English class is in session.....watch our for "Grammar Patrol"!
  14. Bovasar Satiev 3 Olympic Gold Medved 3 Olympic Gold Karelin GR 3 Olympic Gold Mijan Lopez GR 3 Olympic Gold (which you already named the 2 freestyle wrestlers.....they are the only ones I see as well)
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