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  1. Brent Metcalf was 4 time undefeated state champion/4 state championship teams as well. (in Michigan)
  2. You believe states have increased the number of divisions in their states...about how many? I think Ohio has stayed the same...Michigan has gone from 3 to 4...others???
  3. Interesting list.....hope it doesn't burst your bubble too bad. https://www.stateuniversity.com/rank_by_ncaa_conference/score_rank/Big-Ten-Conference.html
  4. Yes it is....https://www.thefamouspeople.com/university-of-michigan.php
  5. Since 1960, the one's that come to mind are Shelby Wilson, John Peterson, Lloyd Keaser, Bobby Weaver, Kevin Jackson, Zeke Jones and Brandon Slay.
  6. ????? Both Steiner's have great integrity.
  7. I would think Jeremy Hunter would be in line for it, and rightfully so.
  8. Fair enough, and a number of guys on my list would be in the 70's and 80's, in addition to 90's-present. I'm not sure picking just 10 would be easy for me.
  9. Just for the fun of it.....I'm curious, what would be your list of top 10/all-time world wide (just freestyle, so Karelin is not on this list)
  10. BUT, who do you consider the best wrestler p4p on the planet....that's my question?!
  11. Lee looked incredible.
  12. Curious as to who you think is the best p4p wrestler on the planet.
  13. Although it certainly have been better, Gasman is right......I started out going to events to film with Super 8 in the early 70's.....we have come a long way with FLO, Track, this year other events thru Rokfin and more, and most recently ESPN covering NCAA's (I'm always there, so don't see it on television). Then there is the BTN. The OTT's could have been better, but hopefully it will continue to get better yet. Last night I was disappointed because, it had been advertised that 3 mats would, again be on Peacock as it had been earlier the past 2 days. Then you got to Peacock and not there.....had to do some hunting and a lot of fooling around to figure out how to get the other 3 mats....missed a couple of matches in the process....that was disappointing, but did get to see most of it. Can't imagine not having the right technology, and trying to navigate thru what it took to watch it all. UNBELIEVABLE wrestling this weekend.....when the consolation matches are amazing, you know it's great wrestling/wrestlers. What a weekend....now on to Tokyo.....train smart the rest of the way. Also......not taking anything away from Kyle Dake.....he's amazing, but love you Jordan Burrough's!!!! Thanks for being not only a phenomenal wrestler, but a phenomenal person, on and off the mat!!
  14. One of the announcers sounds like a calm Ken Chertow.
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