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  1. "Wisconson" is spelled Wisconsin....just sayin' Probably a "typo".
  2. It has a lot to do with coaching, importance, priority, and even when wrestling really began in the state at any level.
  3. How about the University of Toledo (member of the Mid-American Conference) Al Bohl was the Athletic Director that was instrumental in dropping wrestling....he left there, and went to Fresno State, and did the same thing, later had issue at the University of Kansas. Dick Torio '51 3rd `77 Dick Torio '52 4th HWT Dick Torio '53 3rd 191 Harry Lanzi '51 3rd HWT Harry Lanzi '52 1st 191 Ed Lanzi '53 4th 177 Dick Wilson '59 2nd to Andy Fitch Yale 115 Dick Wilson '60 2nd to Gray Simon LH 115 Dick Wilson '61 2nd to Gray Simon LH Don Wem '55 4th 177 (lost to Dan Hodge in the semis) Merrill Solowin '63 4th HWT Merrill Solowin '64 3rd HWT Phil McCartney '67 6th 152 Dave Keller '68 4th 115 Ron Junko '70 6th 126 Greg Wojciechowski '70 2nd HWT Greg Wojciechowski '71 1st HWT Greg Wojciechowski '72 2nd HWT Myron Shapiro '75 3rd 118 Brad Smith '76 4th 142 (2 Brad Smith's at that weight, the other being Brad Smith/Iowa...NCAA Champion) Chuck Biggert '79 7th 150 John Potts '86 5th HWT UT was 6th in the NCAA IN '51 and 4th in 1952. UT hosted 17 World Cups in Toledo, including the first one in 1973 With the right coach, who knows how good they could have continued to be.
  4. Sergei???? If you are talking Belaglozov.....8 time world and Olympic Champion.....as to weightlifting, I'd have to ask him the next time I see him....Fadz
  5. A number of these posts/arguments are so fun to read.....great discussion....so many great wrestlers.....what a great sport....and what a great family....the true wrestling family....Fadz
  6. I love Flo.....not always perfect.....but a lot of positives....great for our sport......been to 41 NCAA'a/35 in a row (not counting 2020....already have my room, tickets, plane fair), 26 BIG TEN's, 17 World Cups and many other major wrestling events, even the 1971 USA-USSR dual in McGaw Hall, and I still have to have my Flo.
  7. Now they can become collectors items.
  8. They're ranked by World and Olympic medals.
  9. As Lee Corso would say "not so fast".....these all look close to me....Alexander Medved....211121111111 (12) and Arsen Fadzaev 111111112 (9) AND Sergei Belaglozov 211111111 (9) and how about Valentine Jordanov....113112231111 (12)
  10. Then there is Tricia McNaughton Saunders 1, 2, 1, 1, 1
  11. I thought Micic got the shaft in his bronze medal match with I believe a Kasakhstani wrestler. I thought he had an obvious takeddown that was not given.
  12. Yohiro Uetake, Yoshiro Fugita, Masaaki and Tadakki Hatta. Portland State had Masaru Yatabe (Rick Sanders era), Hajime Shinjo wrestled for the University of Washington in the Larry Owings era.....a few universities had Japanese wrestlers on their teams.
  13. In that sequence, it looked like Punia was pressuring in to not only avoid a stepout, but to setup that throw. Punia initiated the move....you can see the KAZ wrestler's left foot lifted off the mat.....he couldn't push of to initiate that move. Just my opinion...Fadz (I have become a fan of Punia's.....student of the sport, loves to compete and has a huge gas tank)
  14. Olympic channel was $15 for a month, but only medal matches......good enough for me. Maybe I'll change my mind when it get's to men's FS.....coming right up.
  15. The Olympic Channel is Television. I don't have it with my cable package, so I just bought it for a month ($15)
  16. The "key" is Medicine Man is back!
  17. It is a thought, but you made me think of the BTN when they broadcast with University kids........pretty weak....in addition most of them know little or nothing about wrestling .....you might as well put the TV on mute....again, at least we get to see the matches though.
  18. Technically, for me anyway, Flo had there best year this year.
  19. Rummy Macias 38 years at Makato State/Minnesota State University.
  20. The whole crew to some degree, but I believe getting Donny Pritzaff was huge!!!!
  21. He definitely had a shocked look on his face, when he realized what the score was. I actually have this match in my video library....got it from Ken Kraft, the coach at NWestern at that time, where the NCAA's were held that year in McGaw Hall.
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