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  1. Edinboro had back to back top 5 finishes a couple years ago, 3rd in 2015, far more successful then WVU has been. It will be interesting to see where these programs go from here.
  2. Henderson and Livorio both wrestled at PIAA schools before transferring to Kiski Prep, which is right in the WPIAL. ...... McKee looked good but Macri hung with him, 6-4 match and it was competitive.
  3. Anyone know what Stevenson weighs ?
  4. Except when he loses. But really nothing to be ashamed of, and even the loss at 138 was respectable. But NJ is good. Honestly I would rank them #3 state in the country for high school. But, there is the Blair thing. Some of those kids are from NJ, some aren't, so I'm never quite sure how to evaluate them and if you take Blair out of NJ, still not bad but a lot of quality gone off the top. Just keep wrestling.
  5. Jim Nance was an AFL MVP and Haselrig, who also won 3 DII Titles, was an All Pro Guard for the Steelers.
  6. The guy placed 7th in PA states AAA in high school, what would you expect ?
  7. when they announced his redshirt was coming off, he lost that match. However it works prior to that is all well and fine, but he lost at Iowa to Alex Myers right after it was announced that he was officially in.
  8. Mark Hall lost his first official match too.
  9. IMAR lost 3x in college, all to PA guys. Nolf once, Cenzo twice.
  10. good hips, who knows
  11. To clarify, Spencer Lee teched Desanto, 15 - 0, in the PA state finals the (jr.)year before.
  12. Seems like Joseph is a bad match-up for a lot of people.
  13. As long as Iowa keeps recruiting the PA kids they'll be competitive.
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