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  1. this year, start at 125 and go right down the line to 285.
  2. Its a good question. There is no set criteria. Both tOHst and PSU have great teams and its a great team race, so whoever wins, if winning counts, certainly would be deserving. But if we don't want to give it to the same guy every year, Michigan has had a really good season and is having a good tournament, so Joe McFarland should get some consideration if getting close counts. And if we want to look at long shots, SD State Chris Bono, has had a nice run and the dark horse, Lock Haven and Scott Moore, who is only 1 team point behind Lehigh. My 2 cents.
  3. Iowa is doing a good job at recruiting the guys from PA.
  4. 5th as a true freshman at 141, those team points count. I remember another PSU true freshman who took 5th at 141, worked out pretty well.
  5. Does last year's NCAA semi's count ?
  6. If you simply watch the PSU - tOhSt matches of Zain and Snyder, both against good opponents, and watch how those matches unfolded, there's your Hodge.
  7. Steiber won the World's with a bar arm and a snowplow.
  8. If PA could only keep its talent in PA.
  9. How many 4x Cali state champs have won at the DD ?
  10. This thread sounds like a renewed Cali-PA thing. I remember hearing it 15 years ago, with Letters and Cook. PA - Letters wins NCAA title, never hear much of Cook again. Then a few years later its Ciasulli and Vasquez, Ciasulli majors him and then at DD Baglio pins him. Haven't heard much about Joseph, ( or Nolf), pinning IMar and now, Desanto dismantles Mejia and Coy beats Hovis. But because one Cali guy finally beats (an undersized) PA stud at international wts, its all you want to talk about. Retherford is really good but was not thought to be one of The Best prospects coming out of PA, ( even though he was a Cadet World Champ). But if Cali wants to compete with us then keep your best guys in school and beat us in the NCAA's and then in its time, gets us on the senior level but until then just accept that you are a good, top 5, wrestling state, but not PA.
  11. Its called, the people's champ does the triple dip.
  12. Did Zain ever beat Logan Steiber? If so, was it folk or free style or both ?
  13. I don't like your wording. You can't really pin a guy from neutral, say instead, a guy can be pinned from neutral. There is a difference btwn meeting the criteria for a pin and the criteria for near fall and again the operative word for near fall is control.
  14. I think Zain is better in folkstyle then Frank Molinaro.
  15. Sounds like a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda with Pico. As it stands, he's a 1x Cali h.s. state champ.
  16. It would be real fun if Heil moved up to 157 next year. I like Nolf in that match.
  17. I Disagree. A relevant term involved with folkstyle wrestling is CONTROL. You do not score near fall if you don't establish Control. Refs can stalemate a funk situation if it becomes boring..
  18. All 17 AA's from the state of PA;)
  19. Spencer Lee is a 9th grader, so he did not technically transfer from any high school, but he won multiple PJW state titles wrestling for Saegertown, which is near Erie.
  20. It seems to me, one thing you are all overlooking is that all these guys who are dominating Steiber from the top position are from Pennsylvania. Steiber is fine, when Ohio State wrestles vs a team whose 141 lb'r is not from PA, I bet he gets out from the bottom. Anyone want to take that bet?
  21. The people who's graduation got moved, or the people who's women's basketball game got moved? The people who were watching on BTN that were missing the action when the cameras continued to show the coaches instead of the action! Or scanning the crowd, I agree with that.
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