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    shorty1 reacted to Sled77 in Dapper Dan is this Sunday   
    I believe about 240.
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    shorty1 reacted to oldcougar in best college hwt?   
    Jim Nance deserves to be in the conversation: a heavyweight who wrestled like a lightweight.
    Nance is in the Patriot's Hall of Fame.  He led the AFL in rushing,  He was a 2x NCAA champ.
    And name one other guy that had a weight class created just for him.
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    shorty1 reacted to TBar1977 in Bo Nickal Elevator Diagrammed   
    Some of you might like this. If you can handle the PSU announcer's call of the action there is a video clip at the end that is exciting. 
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    shorty1 reacted to Buckxell in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
    I agree. I saw nothing wrong with his speech... the kid was pumped up and just won it for his team! I recall all the emotions and thoughts running through my head after a big match and would hate to have a mic shoved in front of me a minute after the match. He showed some genuine emotion and it was a cool moment.  
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    shorty1 reacted to TBar1977 in IMAR   
    You are right, but that was in the final seconds on a desperation shot from Cenzo. I mar won that match on riding time, that final td was a by product of Cenzo having to chase, but you are correct that it happened.
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    shorty1 reacted to sgallan in Penn State's Bo Nickal Wins OW of NCAA Championship   
    I had Zahid at first, even started a thread, but within that thread I changed my vote; doing something in the moment, that wins your team the title, against a legitimate opponent, gets my vote. To use the "ball" sports analogy, if you need somebody to throw the TD pass, or hit the winning shot, or get the penalty kick, Bo did that within the sport of wrestling.   
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    shorty1 reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State's Bo Nickal Wins OW of NCAA Championship   
    Spencer would have been a good pick, but Bo won by FALL to clinch a team title. Loudest roar of the night. Spencer will get his eventually. He's too good not to. 
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    shorty1 got a reaction from shm78 in I really enjoyed the "Nick Lee is gonna make a difference" Era...   
    5th as a true freshman at 141, those team points count.  I remember another PSU true freshman who took 5th at 141, worked out pretty well. 
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    shorty1 reacted to boconnell in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
    Get out of here with that.  He declared himself and his team the best after he officially proved both on the mat 20 seconds earlier.
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    shorty1 reacted to Fishhook in Gotta end with Bo / Martin right?   
    Plus, that puts the 184 final almost last...that means HWY could still decide it.  It might mean Kyle has to make a decision on "only" getting a decision, or having to go for it. Insane stuff
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    shorty1 reacted to Joe24 in PSU vs Iowa   
    He didn't, Joseph threw and got caught.  Seriously?
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    shorty1 reacted to ionel in PSU v tOSU   
    #1 or #2 might be true but #3 is the safe bet ;)
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    shorty1 reacted to repechange in PSU v tOSU   
    Cup of bitter on aisle 8 for paul
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    shorty1 reacted to cangemi in PSU v tOSU   
    Rutherford hodge
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    shorty1 reacted to gowrestle in Hodge update   
    100% correct regarding the talent pool in the 200+ pound weight classes. Snyder is a great heavyweight wrestler and fans always get a kick out of watching behemoth guys bang heads. But Kyle Snyder ain’t no Zain Rutherford.
    (Synder’s trip to Russia is another example of him putting himself over team.)
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    shorty1 reacted to pennsyrules in Spencer Lee   
    Lee at 125 and Pletcher at 133 wouldn't be bad additions to PSU lineup.  
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    shorty1 reacted to BigTenFanboy in Was the PSU / tOSU dual the best one you've seen?   
    Every match except 157 went the distance!
    This match should have been on ESPN!
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    shorty1 got a reaction from Flying-Tiger in Nolf vs. Pico   
    This thread sounds like a renewed Cali-PA thing.  I remember hearing it 15 years ago, with Letters and Cook.  PA - Letters wins NCAA title, never hear much of Cook again.  Then a few years later its Ciasulli and Vasquez, Ciasulli majors him and then at DD Baglio pins him.  Haven't heard much about Joseph, ( or Nolf), pinning IMar and now, Desanto dismantles Mejia and Coy beats Hovis.  But because one Cali guy finally beats (an undersized) PA stud at international wts, its all you want to talk about.  Retherford is really good but was not thought to be one of The Best prospects coming out of PA, ( even though he was a Cadet World Champ).  But if Cali wants to compete with us then keep your best guys in school and beat us in the NCAA's and then in its time, gets us on the senior level but until then just accept that you are a good, top 5, wrestling state, but not PA.
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    shorty1 reacted to pish6969 in Joseph: best NCAA finals performance ever by a freshman?   
    Agree with awesome performance by Joseph. Don't agree with your jab at Nolf.
    You claim IMAR won "decisively". He won 6-5 and the other match on 2nd overtime. Not the definition of decisive.
    Secondly, it wasn't Nolf that left the weight class. So to claim he was "breathing sigh of relief" is just another jab
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    shorty1 reacted to BigTenFanboy in Nolf vs. Pico   
    Pico is obviously an amazing talent but I feel like people give him too much credit for what he "would" have done vs what he actually did...
    If he stayed in high school.. he WOULD have been a 4x state champ... but at the end of the day he didnt...
    If he went to college he WOULD have beaten Retherford... but at the end of the day he didnt...
    If he beat Molinaro in the OTT finals we WOULD have medaled... but at the end of the day he didnt...
    The kid is an amazing talent but he tried to bypass the system..
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    shorty1 reacted to Flying-Tiger in Nolf vs. Pico   
    Lets not get carried away, he also lost to several guys including a non ncaa champ. He had a fortuitous draw at the Olympic trials by avoiding Stieber and getting an injured Humpries. Mark Hall was a Jr. Wolrd Champ, something Pico could not accomplish and he took a couple losses this year. Bottom line you want to talk the talk, then your guy needed to walk the walk, don't avoid college competition and then tell us how great he would of been, doesn't work that way. 
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    shorty1 got a reaction from RetiredPoster in Nolf vs. Pico   
    Sounds like a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda with Pico.  As it stands, he's a 1x Cali h.s. state champ. 
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    shorty1 got a reaction from xander in Nolf vs. Pico   
    Sounds like a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda with Pico.  As it stands, he's a 1x Cali h.s. state champ. 
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    shorty1 reacted to Heisenberg in PSU has become the New England Patriots of DI wrestling   
    "PSU has become the New England Patriots of DI wrestling"
    I am not aware of PSU having a long term established history of rule bending/cheating.  Also, PSU wins much more.
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    shorty1 reacted to PANewbie in PSU has become the New England Patriots of DI wrestling   
    Every fan base of every single successful team has their d1ck$.  Iowa, Ok State, and PSU fans are human. I think the difference is the size of the fan base.  For one thing, PA has 3x and 4x the population of Oklahoma and Iowa respectively. Even if each fan base's relatively small d1ck % is the same, the simple math is that by population alone there are just more of them for us.  Most of us, have great respect for the Iowa and Ok State programs. We've just had an inferiority complex because with all the talent we've had in PA, PSU never had a guy that could keep a high percentage of the best of the best. It was sickening to see a guy like Jordan Oliver leave the state.  Even now we have Lee, Teasdale, Murin, Young, & Kemerer going to Iowa.  Now we have a guy that can recruit with the best of them...and coach them at a high level to attain their goals.  I hope Sanderson stays a VERY LONG time.
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