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  1. I think this is a very serious and real question in a weight class that is beyond stacked.  Micic may have not only just forfeited his Big Ten Title, but potentially the National Championship.  I can't see how he can still maintain the #1 seed, and his path is gonna get a whole lot harder now.
    #1 This weight is "beyond stacked"
    #2 His path is going to be "a whole lot harder now"

    I'm trying to follow along but you lost me.

    I don't think there will be huge difference in the quality of opponents for each of the quarter final matches if the seeding holds.

    Fix and Suriano seem to be the best of the pack outside of Micic. It would take a complete breakdown of reasoning for Micic to be in the same quarter as either of those two.

    That being the case, it doesn't take a long look into the past to see such a complete breakdown of reasoning.

    Last year the Nolf vs. Kemdog
    Before that Brewer with a 15 seed.

    The committee has proven that they are willing to screw things up for the sake of screwing things up.

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  2. The B1G 10 network is key to getting wrestling more exposure on the "mainstream" networks.
    Once the BTN numbers consistently out pace the competing broadcasts on the ESPN and Fox Sports network conglomerates the possibility of additional collegiate wrestling will be real.
    It is extremely important that every B1G 10 school treats their match as though it is the "Monday Night Football" situation when they are selected as the main broadcast of the week.
    PSU does a fantastic job of making their time in the lime-light an event. Iowa does a great job also. tOSU, Rutgers and Michigan are right behind those two.
    For the others they need to do better. The need to get asses in the seats create an atmosphere of excitement that projects out of the screen.
    The MMA has proven that if you can put an exciting product on the screen networks will gladly find a time slot for you.

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  3. The goal of a high school wrestler is to win state. The goal of a college wrestler is to win NCAA's. The goal of post grads is to win Worlds/Olympics. I agree - challenging oneself to be the best is important and part of the "code", but should not interfere or get in the way of winning these championships. These athletes/coaches have to do what is best for themselves and their programs and not worry about who wins fans respect. 
    I disagree

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  4. Stoll is looking like an 8-9 seed at NCAAs.

    I'm guessing that Steveson is just fine with Stall er... Stoll being in is quarter.

    Stoll really needs a quality win at some point this year.

    The new Iowa style of ducking is going to have Stoll in the same quarter as Steveson at both the B1Gs and NCAAs.

    It really is sad when it's more surprising when Iowa puts their starters on the mat as opposed to chit-show TnT is putting out there.

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  5. Mark Hall wrestled tonight. It.was a "coaches' decision" for him to be out there.
    Both teams sent out the starters for the most part.
    RBY is legit IR and Berge/Verk is a 6 of one/half dozen other situation.

    Great crowd nice production put on for the B1G TV audience.

    The second match between Illinois and tOSU was lacking in the excitement and enthusiasm departments.

    When you get the BTN main feed for your event - Act like it's a big deal!
    Hire a quality announcer / smoke machine/ special lighting..... Sell your product!

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  6. One advantage that McHenry should have at his disposal is that he qualifies for an Olympic Redshirt if he chooses.
    I believe his Cadet World Championship is a qualifier.

    That may help explain his early enrollment and starting his "clock"
    Having that extra year of redshirt option was very beneficial when Micic used his to transfer from NW.

    Getting McHenry on campus and in a lifting and nutrition plan early will only help his development.

    As for Heinselman, he's got a challenging weekend coming up with Piotrowski and Rivera.

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  7. Have to believe that Stoll is at best 50/50 at this point.
    It doesn't look like TnT is willing to risk the health of wrestler.
    Iowa style is being drug through the mud with the constant ducking that the Hawkeyes have done over the last few seasons......

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  8. Stockholm syndrome?

    This team is really not that exciting.

    You have:
    Those three are worth the admission price, after that......

    Moore from two years ago yes, but not now.
    Pletcher, Hayes, Romero, Campbell are about as exciting as paint drying.

    Ethan Smith is an upgrade over Campbell as far as I'm concerned.

    On a side note it looks like Singletary has found the legendary tOSU tanning bed.

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