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  1. Overrated is a pretty simple concept even for an Ohio State education, right? Hayes is solid against R12 or lower level. Just overrated not a criminal. I bet he has a 4.0 also, but that dude is overrated. Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  2. Hayes most certainly was ranked higher than Pantaleo.Hayes has weighed in and wrestled 157 in every event he has competed in this year, unlike Pantaleo who just wrestled 149 at Midlands. So a more accurate presentation can be made that Pantaleo is the one up a weight class. Either way I stand by my statement that Hayes is once again overrated and can't win significant matches when it matters. You got anything else? Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  3. Minkle......... It's going to take more than a few years of retirement to move him off the top of my list. Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  4. Agree about McKenna and Jordan looking great. I would take McKenna over Yanni Jordan still looks like 3rd-5th RBY being hurt or not hurt doesn't change tOSU's chances in Pittsburgh. The Buckeyes still need lots of things to go right to stay runner ups. They are getting little to zero points at 125, 165, 174, 285 and with as deep as 133 is Pletcher's points are questionable. Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  5. Hayes continues to show that being perpetually overrated does not manufacture quality wins. He is a slightly more talented more overrated version of Iowa's Cash Wilke or Lugo....... It's a toss up Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  6. Ref is a complete tOSU homer Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  7. Good call? Does piss pounding Pletcher count as ducking? PISS POUNDED Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  8. This coming Friday MSU is at Rutgers. Good chance to see if Sparty is moving out of the basement any time soon. Michigan travels to tOSU Really looking forward to this meet. Lots of toss-up type matches Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  9. A few things that stuck out to me 125 Foley is getting better every time I see him 133 Missed the match due to a screw up by the production team, but Micic seems to be healthy again 141 Nice bounce back win for Storr 149 Lamantia looked solid filling in for little Amine 157 Pantaleo has one of the best blast doubles in the country. He just needs to use it more 165 Massa still doesn't look right 174 Big Amine did just enough to avoid this year's head scratching loss. He seems to have one every year 184 Caffy looked good making quick work of Correll. 197 Stiggow did everything he could to lose that match. He does not look like a top 20 (or 25) guy right now. 285 First time I've seen Beard. It doesn't look like he misses to many meals. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  10. I like the idea very much. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  11. All things considered As a Michigan fan I like the idea of an extra 6 months in a college environment as opposed to an additional 6 months surrounded by High School mentality. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  12. It's a good thing that Michigan has a couple full sized quality 125's already on roster so that they won't have the feed McHenry to the wolves next year like Ryan is doing to Heinselman now. Heinselman is burning a year of competition because of the Ohio State roster situation. Not because of overwhelming talent locked in an undersized body. If tOSU wasn't such a blackhole at 125 without MH in the lineup it's very likely that he would be given the chance to mature into the weight. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  13. squeek

    tOSU 125

    You are on to something. I just keep thinking Heinselman is going to end up back in Colorado getting on the podium for No. Colorado. Nickerson has some quality recruits coming in. Making going back home more appealing. Add to that, tOSU has little Decatur who will be a full sized 125 pushing MH his junior/senior years. Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  14. All things considered I thought Iowa looked very good. After what appeared to be sleepwalking through Midlands they were more aggressive today. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  15. Stoll? NOBODY expected Stoll to go. But how about Costello convincing TnT to sacrifice Corbin Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  16. squeek

    tOSU 125

    It's the right move Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  17. Agree with you about whose misrepresentation of the facts is most likely. If the Lizard weighed in and and made weight,,,,, he planned on wrestling. He probably didn't eat for a day and half. Nobody goes though that just to decide at the last minute that it's "duck season". Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  18. 125 - Lee by dec. Russell should be able to avoid being taken down. If he's smart he chooses top or neutral and forces Lee to score without tilts. 3 - 0 Iowa 133 - Lizard is too much for DeSanto, dec. 3 - 3 tied up 141 - McKee by dec. Home gym and experience are the difference 6 - 3 Minnesota 149 - Thorn by dec. minor upset here 9 - 3 Minnesota 157 - Bleise by dec. Just not sold on Young just yet 12 - 3 Minnesota 165- Marinelli by pin-fall 12 - 9 Minnesota 174 Skatzka hangs on for a dec. I get the feeling that Skatzka is on a mission to lead the nation in stalling points given up while leading in a match 15 - 9 Minnesota 184 - Krone gave one away against Gravina but not this one. Wins by dec. This win seels the victory for the Gophers 18 - 9 Minnesota Iowa is docked a team point when TnT repeatedly told to get off the mat area and to stop throwing the challenge block for stalling call interpretations. 18 - 8 Minnesota 197 - Warner gets his head back together and shows why he is legitimate AA contender. Wins by major. 18 - 12 Minnesota 285 - Costello asks TnT to pull Cassioppi's shirt one last time before he reluctantly takes the mat. Ten or twelve face smushes later Steveson finishes the match pin-fall 24 - 12 Minnesota Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  19. Did I read this right? 1) Our 125 was once good for a different team, but he's hurt now otherwise he still could be R12 these days. 2) Our 133 is fringe top 20 ranked by the least credible ranking, so he's going places. (no offense Andre I like your product but the rankings are the most suspect) 3) Our 141 is just as horrible as the rest of the league, so he really not that bad comparatively. I have to agree with the premise of the thread : Jones has failed to develop the lower weights. I am surprised because I thought he would have done something similar to what he did with Valenti from his time with UPenn Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  20. Malek needs to stay in redshirt and get bigger. Not sure why anyone think's he's going to have an impact this year.... was it the :46 pin he recently suffered in an early consolation match at Midlands, or the 11-10 win over the guy from Harvard with the losing record? Or his failure to win the Ohio Intercollegiate (won by a true frosh from John Carroll University)? The talent is there, but he needs a year of strength and maturity and I see no benefit to burning his shirt. Cradle1, You actually make the argument FOR burning his shirt. #1 If he is their best 125, then use him #2 Half of the top ranked 125s right now are frosh/soph, he's probably not catching up to those guys next year (or the next) #3 In all likelihood he will be recruited /transfer over if he doesn't improve dramatically. Three or four decades ago, he's an All-American, but alas there no longer is a 118 lb weight class. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  21. First off props to both coaches for no hold outs. 125 - tOSU should pull Malik's shirt. 133 - I hope Wilson is OK. He looked like legit high AA as opposed to a guy who had a good weekend last March 141 - McKenna looks like a finalist this year 149 - Nice win for Jordan but not as dominant as I expected from him after dropping from 157 157 - Hidlay is just flat out better and stronger than Hayes. It showed and resulted in a track meet with HH chasing Hayes for the better part of the match. There should have been more stall calls against Hayes 165 - Bullard in OT both of these guys are 1-2 types in March. tOSU fans seem to have overestimated how good Romero was going to be once he became a wrestling only guy. 174 - Didn't see 184 - Martin looked so damn good piss pounding a very good Reenan 197 - Kollin more looks like this year's version of the Buckeye most likely to get decked by Bo in the NCAA finals. McDonald looked better than I was expecting. 285 - Singletary had the pin. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  22. Can Minny knock off Iowa next week? Outside of the obvious 6 points at 285 when Stoll sits with the Stevenson Flu. 125- Iowa +5 133- Minn +4 141- Minn +3 149- Minn +3 157- Toss up 165- Iowa +6 174- Minn +3 184- Toss up 197- Toss up 285- The Flu +6 Minny Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  23. Is there any chance ASU pulls Tanner Hall's redshirt? That would make for a huge weekend for Parris. Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  24. 125- RayVon Foley 133- Luke Pletcher 141- Kanon Storr 149- Brock Mauller 157- Larry Early 165- Logan Massa 174- Jojo Smith 184- Ryan Preisch 197- Rocco Caywood 285- Demetrius Thomas (Have to add Mason Parris after he just crushed Dhesi) Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
  25. No doubt I was underestimating Marinelli and Stoll. Also at the time Spencer was in redshirt. So good for Iowa. Right now: I think Lee wins it ADS R12 Murin 1-2 Lugo 2-2 Young 2-2 Marinelli 3rd-5th Bowman DNQ or 2 bbq $$$ R12 (I'm hoping for better, he's been so close) Warner 7th- 8th Stoll 6th (hard to tell since TnT refuses to allow him to compete) Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
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