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  1. Stoll/White double OT. Thankfully the ref wanted it to stop also.Stoll found the edge of the circle like there was a knee ligament hiding there. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  2. Did Stoll make the trip? Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  3. This match is being broadcast on ESPN2. If either coach sits anyone not legitimately injured their university should be fined unreasonably harsh. (I'm looking at you Tom Ryan) As a Michigan fan, this is going to be a long match. 125: Best a case for Mattin is match starts here and NaTo has a hard cut. 5-0 tOSU 133: Micic evens the season series. 5 - 3 tOSU 141: McKenna is just too much for Profacia. Keeping this to a regular decision will be a victory 8 - 3 tOSU 149: Amine is going to go down fighting in a match that is much closer than expected 11 - 3 tOSU 157: Pantaleo will get the major he barely missed in Vegas 11 - 7 tOSU 165: Massa is back. Another major for the good guys 11 - 11 tied. 174: Myles is so close to breaking into the upper level just not yet 14 - 11 tOSU 184: Abounader with the upset. Mat wrestling will be the difference. 14 - 14 tied 197: Beazley is a mystery seems uninterested one match, on fire the next 17 - 14 tOSU 285: Coon is going to push Snyder to his limits. Officiating will be key. If the official let's Coon wrestle his match, this could go to OT. Either way Snyder prevails 20 - 14 tOSU Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  4. It's completely true.DF told me so. That dude is so knowledgeable. I pretty much lead my life by his example. DF also says that the D1 Refs get all of the leftover trim that Flap turns down or is tired of.(If ya know what I mean) Those guys pretty much live like Rockstars. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  5. You haven't watched Iowa this season. It's been the season of selective participation. Marinelli predictably was cleared AFTER the Illinois dual. Stoll didn't take the mat against Maryland Kemerer had a tweak at home when Pantaleo and Michigan handled business Lee was pulled after a loss at Midlands These are just off the top of my head. At this stage I agree with holding the the guys and avoiding a late season injury in a meaningless dual. No need to risk a Suriano type injury going into the B1G tournament. Combine well headed cation with the spineless behavior that has occurred already and most objective observers can see the possibility. Also, don't forget that the home cooking... er home crowd advantage won't be available to swing a match or two. Brands has proven he feels that he owes the Iowa supporters nothing by refusing to schedule teams like Va Tech and UNI. Remember, Iowa is fighting for a title. They are fighting for 5th place. Oranges will be oranges. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  6. When? No way Nolf wrestles in the duel. Nolf does a drive by a B1Gs In Cleveland? Kemerer should be top seed and with the med ff at B1Gs Nolf will drop to a 4 or 5 seed. Unfortunately for the Hawkeyes it looks like the Nolf knee tweek is going to cost them points when Kemerer is in the wrong half of the bracket. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  7. DF, interesting that you used the ranking as the determining factor. Having reffed some myself in the past I have relied on different factors while weeding out the fluke wins. Number 1 factor was always the "hot mom" factor. Nothing protects a seed like a hot mom For kid having the tournament of his life he needs the crowd to really make noise. If you haven't cultivated every stranger in the gym to pull for you as you fluke your way through a competition I couldn't in good conscience steal victory from the better wrestler. But if you did your job and crowd noise wasn't just loud and it is deafening to the point of vibration....... Then a loser is going to be a winner that day! Don't get me wrong, I agree with you. We would have gotten to the same destination most likely. Just different paths. Good job, keep up the good work! Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  8. I don't think they will try. The Hawkeyes are pretty much locked into 5th place regular season finish. Easy to see /justify TnT protection of seeds, confidence, and health. Sending Sorenson out for an extra unnecessary beating from Zain is useless Marinelli and Stoll both don't need extra miles on shakey twigs. Stoll would drop to 4 seed with a loss and should be in position for 3 seed with another dodge. Marinelli seems pretty solid in a 3 seed either way but undefeated going into B1Gs should provide a mental edge. Mostly its impossible to have Carver magic and home cookin in Happy Valley. This will be a beat down with a couple bright spots at 125 and 157. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  9. Dude was like the chat board version of David Taylor Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  10. 11:00 P.M. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  11. The Russian looked embarrassed that it was so easy. Kindig looked like a drill partner Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  12. 125- Lee by major or DQ. Mattin will not be able to dead fish his way to OT in Iowa where you get called for stalling during introductions. 133- Micic is looking very good. He should get the tech. 141- toss up sadly I think Carver magic helps the bad guys Turk/Happle over Profaci 149- Sorenson by major (as a bonus Amine shoves Sorenson and tells TnT to self love themselves Michigan is dinged a team point - 1) 157- Upset special Pantaleo moves his feet and wins a solid 7-4 decision 165- Massa is back and has his lungs for two periods and stalls his way to 8-4 victory 174- Myles Amine is better than Gunther / Young 184- Abounader will be looking for the major against Bowman 197- Beazley has been inconsistent at best. Wilke has looked better and should win at home. I get the feeling that Beazley is just waiting for Cleveland and trying to get to the blood round before he puts 100% on the mat. 285- Coon. This is a match Stoll should sit out. Stoll's push and shove style is just fine with Coon. Coon has been working on his bow--arrow from the top also. I want Stoll to get to Cleveland with two working knees this year. MI 19 IA 16 Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  13. 125 : Suriano over NaTo 133 : Gross over DeSanto 141 : Jack over Yanni 149 : Zain over Sorenson 157 : Nolf over Pantaleo 165 : Marsteller over Imart 174 : Valencia over Hall 184 : Nickal over Renda 197 : Wiegel over Rasheed 285 : Snyder over Coon Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  14. I don't have him beating Nevills. Truth be told, if it was up to me... I would avoid both matches and save the knee. Get Stoll to Cleveland as healthy as possible. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  15. Stoll at best will finish 6th at B1Gs If he makes it to the semis, big if, he will default to 6th. Otherwise he wrestles to the first available allocation. At this point he is a 4 seed and will have an improving Hemida in the quarters. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  16. I understand Coon is coming to Iowa on Saturday to kick-a$$ and chew bubble gum. And he's out of bubble gum. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  17. There should be a team rule that if your last name is Jordan you're only allowed to choose neutral. It would help to get it established before Rocky shows up. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  18. Same reason he didn't wrestle at Maryland....... Yeast infection Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  19. Completely biased projection: While I dislike Iowa, I hate tOSU. 125: NaTo crushes a very good Lee. I don't want NaTo to be as good as he is, but he is. 133: Pletcher by 2 over a sand slug or anyone not Gross. Luke is Heil 2.0 141: McKenna bounces back with anger against Turk or whomever Iowa sacrifices. 149: Hayes is exposed as the R12 that he is. 157: Micah grows into the wrestler everybody thought he could be for a day. Upset will happen in Columbus. 165: The Bull continues to win without any verifiable offense. I am pulling for tOSU for no logical reason other than these are two R12 guys that need to reset expectations 174: Bo knows 184: Martin will piss pound whoever Iowa sends out. PD3 would be smart if he didn't make weight until B1G's 197: Moore is just so much better than Wilke and depending on the starting weight this will be a tech or a convincing dominant win. Either way Wilke goes back to Iowa with a loss and continues to sell PD3 on his chances at 184. 285: Snyder by forfeit or back-up. I don't see Stoll taking the mat against Snyder. tOSU rolls in this one. 33-6. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  20. Iowa looked good nice wins at 125 and 165. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  21. After pulling Lee's shirt they are still an 8th - 10th type team in Cleveland and 2nd tier in the B1G. 4th is their ceiling at B1G. Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  22. Best part of the night : All the starters wrestled. Nobody ducked. No trying to save a seed. Great matches start to finish. Thanks guys Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  23. Coon is Greco-Monster Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
  24. Iowa 125- pulling Spencer's shirt = surpise 133- no surprise 141- below expected 149- no surprise 157- no surprise 165- no surprise (still R12 no AA type win, dodged Imar) 174- below expectations 184- no surprise (also no PD3 or Wilke) 197- Above expectations (Possible AA in a bizarre weight) 285- no surprise (ducked MD heavy for no reason, win over a Hall is not a season) Team no surprise = needed a COMPLETE brain collapse by Illinois 285 to win. Won a Midlands that was weaker than MSU open. Iowa will piss pound the MD, MSU, and Indianas, yeah Hawkeyes First real test is OSU, and the Hawkeyes will loose. I am happily surprised to see NW competitive I am disappointed with Minnesota, they seem a step behind last year Sent from my P00I using Tapatalk
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