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    squeek reacted to moodybooty in NCAA Finals Picks   
    lmao, seeds and brackets change everything, we know that!
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    squeek reacted to nhs67 in Michigan vs Ohio State this evening   
    Anybody else impressed that Medley keeps weighing in at 125 and bumping?
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    squeek reacted to Mphillips in Tom Brands tests positive   
    Ryan doesn't do vaccinations. OSU is immune. All prayed away.
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    squeek reacted to AHamilton in Aaron Brooks Eager to Start Season   
    I trained with guys WAY above my level.  Lower level guys still managed to give me fits.
    Aaron Burr for one.
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    squeek got a reaction from KTG119 in CKLV   
    For those interested, the pre-seeds


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    squeek reacted to Idaho in What happened to Micic?   
    Does it matter where everyone is seeded if it’s so stacked? You have several tough matches regardless. Choose your poison
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    squeek reacted to HokieHWT in What happened to Micic?   
    Nolf did this last year and it worked out well for him.
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    squeek got a reaction from SteelwoodRadio in How many did Ohio St qualify for NCAAs?   
    Seeding out all 33 is not good for Stoll. In years past he could hope for a "good draw" and get a sniff at the quarters.
    This year he's a 30 or below seed. Losing to Aven from Purdue was the shot to the knee that sealed his fate.

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    squeek reacted to bnwtwg in Big10 Predictions   
    I created a google form for B1G predictions. Maybe the moderators can pin this/ cross-post to the top of the forum? Users can edit their submissions until Saturday morning. Nothing will be listed publicly until then. You can submit at the link below:
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    squeek reacted to ionel in When are the Big 10 Brackets 2019 available?   
    Given the hype all year, I thought Stevenson might get a seed, oh well ... maybe next year.  ;_;
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    squeek reacted to BigTenFanboy in Your favorite wrestler who never won it all   
    Ryan Churella is the 2003 NCAA champion. He pinned Johnny Hendricks in the finals.
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    squeek reacted to jchapman in Your favorite wrestler who never won it all   
    Then Booth took him out in the blood round.
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    squeek reacted to Perry in Highest Pace Wrestlers?   
    Sam stoll
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    squeek reacted to potentiallydangerous in Iowa-Wisconsin   
    Stoll shot himself in the foot in that match 
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    squeek reacted to VakAttack in Michigan-Rutgers   
    People keep saying this weight is pretty wide open, but I have to be honest, if anyone other than Micic or Fix win it, I'll be shocked.
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    squeek reacted to LemonPie in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    Tom Ryan pulled the redshirt of his undersized true freshman wrestler for this moment right here   Last match. Down 28-6 
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    squeek reacted to Greatdane67 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    The Buckeyes do not look tan enough.
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    squeek reacted to Show_Me in Missouri - '18/'19   
    Results for Missouri wrestlers at the "Missouri Valley Open" today in Marshall, MO.  Brackets on Track Wrestling.
    Cevion Severado 2-0 (1st)
    Dack Punke 1-0 (6th)
    Weston Diblasi 4-0 (1st)
    Malik Johnson 6-1 (3rd)
    Sam Ritchie 2-2 (6th)
    Derek McDaniel 2-2 
    Peyton Mocco 3-0 (1st)
    Martell Boone 5-1 (3rd)
    Cordell Duhart 5-1 (3rd)
    Jacob Bohlken 3-0 (2nd)
    Austin Myers 3-0 (2nd)
    Rodrigo Diaz 5-1 (4th)
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    squeek got a reaction from gowrestle in Cael to sit Mark Hall vs. Mich   
    Both teams sent out the starters for the most part.
    RBY is legit IR and Berge/Verk is a 6 of one/half dozen other situation.

    Great crowd nice production put on for the B1G TV audience.

    The second match between Illinois and tOSU was lacking in the excitement and enthusiasm departments.

    When you get the BTN main feed for your event - Act like it's a big deal!
    Hire a quality announcer / smoke machine/ special lighting..... Sell your product!

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    squeek reacted to Greatdane67 in UM v PSU   
    If you watch with the volume on, you are susceptible to being put on Chertow's email list. #mute
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    squeek reacted to KTG119 in How can Rutgers become a top 10 team?   
    totally agree on Ashnault being unlikely to get another year. 
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    squeek got a reaction from TBar1977 in Ducking: an enlightened perspective   
    New facilities don't build themselves.
    What stronger foundation could one hope for?
    Emotional bricks.... BRILLIANT!

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    squeek reacted to Katie in Ducking: an enlightened perspective   
    Losing a wrestling match can be horribly traumatic. I’ve heard of wrestlers feeling triggered over losses years and even decades after the fact, long after anyone else could possibly care.
    Are we fans being selfish for wanting to see these student athletes risk future triggerings?
    Maybe it’s time we stand and salute those coaches who understand how devastating it can be to not be the best wrestler of all time. 
    Maybe it’s time to give coaches emotional forfeit bricks so they can protect their guys from emotional damage even after a match has started.
    I pity anyone who puts entertainment above potential emotional carnage. 
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    squeek reacted to klehner in What we've learned this season...   
    No kidding.  After going 243-3 in HS, and 37-1 (not missing a match while winning CKLV, EIWA, and NCAA tournaments) as a freshman, it's a wonder Yianni ever makes it to center mat any more.
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    squeek reacted to Paddleman in Iowa-Northwestern   
    Most of the torture can be eased by closing your eyes. 
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