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  1. oldcougar

    RBY Nick Lee rankings

    I've always liked McKenna, even when he moved from Stanford to Ohio State. And I think right now, he's slightly better than Lee. But Lee has an unlimited upside, imo. Last year he seemed to have brain farts from time to time and do mindless things. But he seems to have that demon under control. His gas tank will win him a lot of close bouts like last night's. And his steady improvement makes him better and better against the big guns. He's going to be in the national finals eventually. This year? Maybe.
  2. you're like those trump people who can't let Hillary go. Dake and Taylor are both world champs at different weights. Give it up.
  3. oldcougar

    PSU Bubble Bursting?

    seems to me last year in mid-January, Penn State looked sluggish and bored. There was probably a thread at that time asking, 'is the PSU bubble bursting'? How'd that work out.
  4. oldcougar

    Straps controversy

    In this case, the ref should not have hit Stoker, because he was off the mat. At the HS match, the meet was over, the two teams had shaken hands, and were walking off the mat when two wrestlers lowered their straps. The rule says you can't do that while still 'on the mat'. Following the rules is one thing. Being reasonable about enforcing the rules is something entirely different. Was the infraction these kids did so horrific that it should cost their teams the meet? I'm guessing the ref was the only person in the gym who knew he could impose that penalty. And he proved that he was the man! Pathetic.
  5. oldcougar

    Best High School Team Ever?

    Lock Haven HS in 1961. They had 4 PIAA champs, and 5 of their team placed 9 times at NCAA's. Two of those Lock Haven teammates met in the NCAA consolation finals one year. They were pretty good.
  6. oldcougar

    Brandon Sorenson w/o Retherford

    unbiased: so your theory is, if Zain didn't wrestle last year, Sorenson wouldn't have lost to Ronnie Perry. Interesting.
  7. oldcougar

    Barstool Sports Vincenzo Joseph Interview

    I've been following Cenzo since he was a HS freshman. At PA states that year he placed 7th at 106 - a pretty tough weight class with Ethan Lizak, Michael Kemmerer, and Scottie Parker in the bracket. I liked Cenzo then because he was so small but with so much poise and determination. As a soph, Cenzo was 3rd at 120. Cenzo kept growing. Junior Cenzo was state champ at 138, with a bracket including Mike Kemmerer, Hayden Hidlay, and Kaleb Young. Senior Cenzo was state champ at 152, with a bracket including Young, Josh Maruca, and Mikey Labriola. It ain't easy winning states in Pennsylvania. But the more Vincenzo Joseph grew, the more he won. Joseph has extraordinary core strength. And he wrestles with uncanny calmness. He's lost a couple of matches when he just decided to get into a shoot out. But it looks like he learned from indulging in his excesses. Because when he wrestles within himself and under control, Cenzo looks to be pretty unbeatable.
  8. oldcougar

    Lehigh at Iowa

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't notice one offensive point scored by Lehigh, just neutral points: No takedowns, no backs, no reversals. If so, it's the first meet I ever saw with one team being held to no offensive points. I remember a high school dual meet in 1961 that our team won 67-0. Can't remember any offensive points then, either, but that was a looong time ago.
  9. oldcougar

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    I guess I can do the obvious one, since I'm from PA. Pennsylvania: 125 #1 - Spencer Lee - Iowa 'nuff said 133 #5 - Luke Pletcher - Ohio State 141 #16 - Max Murin - Iowa 149 #8 - Brock Zacherl - Clarion 157 #1 - Jason Nolf = Penn State 165 #1 - Vincenzo Joseph - Penn State 174 #6 - Mike Kemmerer - Iowa * He's injured so we'll throw in #11 - Mikey Labriola - Nebraska 184 #5 - Zack Zavasky - Virginia Tech 197 #17 - Jake Woodley - Oklahoma (several higher rated kids but Woodley has the most potential) 285 #8 - Jordan Wood - Lehigh It's a competitive lineup.
  10. oldcougar

    My Ringer Beat Your Ringer

    I was coaching youth wrestling. We had a meet for the league championship. The other coach cheated with his kids at every opportunity, hiding kids, lying about weight classes and then protesting - 'we don't have time to do weigh-ins', etc. The previous year our teams met for the championship and he won by cheating, so I was ready for him the next year. It was going to be a close meet. He came to me and said, "I have a kid from the Jr Hi who is looking for a bout. He's pretty good, but not great. Okay if we set one up?" The kid was a ringer and I knew it. The kid ended up as a PA state place winner in high school. What the other coach didn't realize that I had brought my own ringer. So I said, "I have a kid who came along to watch the meet. He's in Jr Hi and is pretty good, too. Let's set it up." My ringer beat his ringer. We won the dual by 6 points.
  11. oldcougar

    Ohio State scandal

    you right wing ideologues amuse me. It's gospel to you about the 'communist', 'left wing' media. 1) why do you bring your weird political opinions to a wrestling website? Don't we get enough of this crap elsewhere? 2) Most of the 'main stream media' is owned by just a few companies. Leftist is the last thing you could call them. I'm not just talking about Faux News and Sinclair, an extreme right wing organization that owns more TV stations than anyone else and insists that their local news follow the company line. 3) What you are mad about is those news outlets that report facts rather than echo trump. That's it, isn't it NJWC? You're a trump supporter who hates those damn fake news outlets for telling the truth! 4) enough politics.
  12. oldcougar

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    This is one of those topics where one's own opinion is all that matters. No amount of argument from others is going to change that opinion, nor will your arguments sway others to change theirs. I've been watching PSU more or less since the '60s. I had one brother who was with Lehigh (wrestling behind Caruso) then, so I didn't follow PSU so much, just how they related to the Engineers. But my other bro gave Matter a battle in a dual and I followed him and became a Lion fan from the 70's on. And though there were several great ones before, Caels influence must change all opinions. For artistry, originality, pure offense, and drama, Cael's kids have done it all. For me to select one as 'the greatest' is no problem. But in a week my opinion might be different. I'm a great David Taylor fan. Ed Ruth threw a cradle and it was lights out. Zain may be the bestest hammer on top ever. He brings the pain and the points. Jason Nolf is simply the most creative wrestler I've ever seen. And if he needs to wrestle on one foot, he can completely change his style to accomplish that. Been following Joseph since he was a 106 pound 9th grader. I've always loved his heart, and now it looks like his hips are immovable. Mark Hall has the best 'feel' for what's happening on the mat of anyone I've ever seen. Even while losing the finals this year, he had a transcendental scramble with an outstanding Valencia. And Bo brings high drama and total excitement to the mat. For me to pick one of them is easy, but I'd pick someone else next week. Think I'll rotate them by week.
  13. Good to see some compassion on a forum. This is close to being a political issue as well as a social issue because of Jordan's position in the House. But it probably shouldn't be. Jordan's camp has circled the wagons and is apparently applying pressure on people in a position to know what went on to keep their mouths shut. Jordan's knee jerk reaction was to deny, deny. But now that denial is coming back to bite him on the butt. Some of the witnesses to this sordid mess make a very good case that Jordan MUST have known about what was going on since it was often discussed in the locker room. A couple of wrestlers who are his strong political supporters gave very convincing statements that Jordan's must have had knowledge of what was gong on. Who knows what Jordan should have/could have done at that time. Given the circumstances, who knows what they themselves would have done? But Jordan has dug himself a bit of a hole. Don't think it will hurt his career, but maybe he can learn something about truthiness.
  14. oldcougar

    Ohio State scandal

    That's called 'blaming the victim'. Filing charges or even admitting abuse always seems difficult if not impossible by the abused. That's why there is so much of it. But don't blame the victim. Blame the abuser.
  15. oldcougar

    Modern Era of Wrestling

    I think a part of it was the explosion of youth wrestling. When we started our program, SE PA had two youth leagues. The league covering the largest area had about 6 teams. Within 5 years that league had 23 teams. This was the late '70s, early '80s. Year round wrestling had started by then and you could find tournaments in July. Our teams would have a dual on Saturday and a tournament on Sunday. Kids were wrestling 80-100 bouts a year. They would wrestle folkstyle during the regular season, then switch to freestyle for the off-season. I saw the improvement in the quality of wrestling at the high school level - there was a lag of a few years, IMO, as kids worked their way through the system. And there was an explosion of new styles and new moves in the 80's as well. And Gene Mills turned people on to the tilt, and caused a change in the scoring system: technical falls, majors. I recall Mills winning the semi-finals of NCAA's something like 28-4! And once tilts took over, they found new ways to do it. Changes in style, conditioning, practice techniques were all part of '80s culture. And kids had been wrestling since they were 6 years old. By the time those kids reached college, they had a lifetime of experience and training. I had a friend in the '60s who was a 2x NCAA D1 finalist. He started wrestling in his Junior year of high school! How likely would that be today?