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  1. My HS coach is a PA Hall of Famer. He was reffing a meet in Delaware and asked me and a few other wrestlers to go with him. Some suburban rich kid school was hammering Wilmington HS -- every match a blowout. At about 145, suddenly the Wilmington kid had the rich kid on his back! Rich kid starts bridging and moving. My coach is on the mat looking for the pin. Rich kid bridges and moves, bridges and moves, with my coach going right along with him. My coach calls the pin. The wrestlers are at least 10 feet off of the mat. If they bridged and moved much more, he would have called the pin in the parking lot. As a group of 10th graders, all of us kids who came with the coach were extremely embarrassed. The Wilmington coach wasn't going to complain. And I guess the rich kid's coach felt that he was shellacking the team bad enough, it would look tacky to complain. So my coach didn't even realize what he had done until we told him on the way home.
  2. I wrestled during the transition from the old mats to Resilite mats. Most schools still had those mats from hell till the late '60s. The richer schools got them a bit earlier. I saw Resilite mats demonstrated at the Haverford College Christmas Tournament in '59 or '60. Some guy climbed to the top of ladder and dropped an egg onto the mat. It didn't break. Those early Resilite mats really stunk, but they were a pleasure to wrestle on. It meant no mat burns and a lot less pain.
  3. Cael had to reload and Covid stood in front of that to a degree. Hey, someone had to step up to the plate while Penn State reloaded. Last time it was Ohio State (btw ---- seems to me for a number of years it was tOSU that stood at #2, not Iowa -which negates your CLEAR #2 claim - wasn't one tOSU team the greatest #2 team of all time?) now Brands has stepped up. Good for him -but don't ignore history by altering it. But even when he wins, it seems he is a loser. Has a championship ever seemed so hollow?
  4. Michael Beard: #15 Seed ------ 7th Place Collapse? I don't think that word means what you think it means.
  5. Q: When was the last time a team lost the title and still walked away feeling like they smashed the other guy's face into the mat? Iowa is getting props for their PA-heavy team's performance. We all knew going in that the Hawks would win it all. Everyone was prepared for it and no one was surprised or disappointed that PSU couldn't catch them. But the Nits came a lot closer to catching them than expected. And as usual, PSU was the dominant player on Saturday night. My theory: blue chip wrestlers wondering where to go? Their questions were answered by a) results, b) attitude of the wrestlers. i know one shouldn't use the F-word, but you can't avoid it. Penn State wrestlers have fun. Does the term "pyrrhic victory" apply here? If not, why are the Iowa fans so defensive, the PSU fans so mellow? Is this a great sport or what?
  6. When I was in college, wrestling 123, I wrestled a guy that was 6'3" tall. Talk about skinny! And every time I made a move he had about 6 to 8 inches of body left over. I finally decked him, but it took me a couple periods to figure him out. That guy was skinny! Another one: 4x PIAA champ Bob Crawford. He looked and wrestled like a spider.
  7. You got the Nickal vs Martin part right. You just missed the year. 2018 with the team title on the line, Nickal appears to go to his back, tOSU fans go nuts. Nickal elevates. tOSU fans crash. It was a thing of beauty.
  8. Spencer Lee has wrestled at the NCAA champships twice. He's a 2x National champ and still has 2 years to go. He's a 3x World champ. And yet, he's lost his desire. He isn't tough enough. He's not one of the better college wrestlers. Yes, he is seriously letting down his side, because.... why was that again?
  9. most are getting it right. He wrestles like he has multiple brains controlling different parts of his body. I cannot recall anyone with more mat sense that Markie, and I've been watching wrestling for 60 years. It's uncanny how he can seem to be in an untenable situation when he moves a knee or subtly shifts his weight and suddenly he's on top! It's inspiring to watch.
  10. Two of the most awesome wrestlers ever. And i'm old enough to have seen most of them. Nolf's constant pressure kind of revolutionized a lot of people's thinking about how to approach a match. The 'play defense and win by a point' style of an Iowa, Nolf has thrown out the window. Bo knows throws. And Bo seems to wrestle best on the biggest stage, at the most important moments. It's inspiring to see. I mostly feel sadness that their college careers are over. Both have given me some of my favorite wrestling highlights, and I've been watching since 1958. For people to say definitvely that one's career was 'better' than the other is specious. Their numbers were close enough to be almost identical, but their paths were different enough to make each totally unique. What an honor, what a pleasure it was to see them perform their very special talents for four years. Each should be considered on his own merits, without some artificial comparison by people who couldn't hold their wrestling shoes.
  11. My high school coach never wrestled in high school, started as a freshman in college and never made the team again. By the time he was a senior he was the team manager. He could barely play tennis and was too small for football. When I was in school, his wrestling team was undeated, his football team was undefeated, and his tennis team was un-scored on. That means all singles and doubles were undefeated in matches, and he had the doubles state champs. He is in the PIAA wrestling hall of fame. A coach needs to communicate and inspire, regardless of the sport. Another coach I was a camp councilor for, was the most successful coach in Long Island history. He never wrestled, but he kinda founded the sport in New York State. National Wrestling Hall of Fame member. So, no, a coach doesn't have to have been a star wrestler. But he better be knowledegable.
  12. I was at that first Shields-Marstellar dual match. They wrestled for it seemed like 8 periods and neither of them made an offensive move. Shields finally won, but it seemed neither of them wanted it. I've been watching Chance for many years. His performance this weekend was inspirational. It's great to see a turn-around like that. It's good to see him go out on a real high. And it's good to see Lock Haven making a little noise at the national level.
  13. I've always liked McKenna, even when he moved from Stanford to Ohio State. And I think right now, he's slightly better than Lee. But Lee has an unlimited upside, imo. Last year he seemed to have brain farts from time to time and do mindless things. But he seems to have that demon under control. His gas tank will win him a lot of close bouts like last night's. And his steady improvement makes him better and better against the big guns. He's going to be in the national finals eventually. This year? Maybe.
  14. you're like those trump people who can't let Hillary go. Dake and Taylor are both world champs at different weights. Give it up.
  15. seems to me last year in mid-January, Penn State looked sluggish and bored. There was probably a thread at that time asking, 'is the PSU bubble bursting'? How'd that work out.
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