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  1. but he was the very best JV wrestler in the state of New York They wanted him to try out for the Olympics but were afraid he might hurt Yojiro Uetake
  2. angry_fish----- you are going way over the top If there was a god, he wouldn't let the eagles suck. And teams wouldn't score from first on a Phillies pickoff play. I rest my case. Cael rejecting/accepting wrestlers based upon level of faith is a rather weird thought. Looks like you've got some strange beliefs yourself. Cael isn't recruiting choir boys or morman missionaries. Instead he's recruiting men with the rather unusual ability to kick people's butts. Not a trait most religious people brag about, I'd guess. Now us atheists love to kick ourselves some butt. We're nasty.
  3. like the pundit said, "Atheism is a religion, like OFF is a television channel" but this is a very strange thread. Anybody for wrestling?
  4. oldcougar


    that's a take-off of an old Johnny Carson quote. He was interviewing Arnold Palmer, and asked "Does your wife do anything special before you go to a golf tournament". Palmer replied: "Yes, she kisses my balls." Carson said, "I'll bet that makes your putter stand up."
  5. I'm a Kolat believer. Saw him wrestle a lot in hs and he wasn't just good, he was scary. I feared for his opponent's health when he wrestled. But another PA kid: Jimmy Carr Won the Midlands while in high school. When that was the most prestigious college tournament outside the NCAA's. Youngest ever member of the Olympic team - 17 years old. placed in the Senior World championships at the age of 16. and btw, Junior World champ. He was really, really good. and Kolat believes that Jimmy Carr was the G.O.A.T. Sorry, Cary, Jimmy was close, but you're it.
  6. tnigs said: " The kicker is they are also interested in having Penn State public enemy #1 Aaron Pico on the card. " this is something a person with an orange face would call 'fake news'. Pico is barely on the PSU radar. And if they think about him at all, they would wish him well in his MMA career because he is a wrestler. Off hand, I don't know a public enemy #1 for Penn State. Probably Sandusky.
  7. The Iowa remark reflects a person with a chip on his shoulder, like many Iowa posters. Some people question his ability to handle the weight class. But the more important question is, can his body handle the punishment? His last two seasons have been seriously impacted by injury. He is a very physical wrestler and maybe his body is wearing down a bit. No one should be questioning his talent. He is one of the two greatest wrestlers in the history of PA wrestling, imo, and I've seen every 'greatest of all time' since Mike Johnson. But can his body hold up?
  8. but if you were trying to fill out a team, how else would you do it? In the football draft the best athlete vs best at the position argument is heard every year. But if we're starting from scratch, why would you double fille one weight and ignore another?
  9. if Suriano is out, who do you have at 126? Gilman, maybe. But Suriano has so much more upside. Cruz or Lizak? Please get serious. For me Nikal's entertainment value is high, which places him high on my list. You're building a team that is supposed to draw fans, not bore them to death. as for Retherford's close matches, I thought at the time his mid season "slump" was a physical problem When he wrestled Sorensen in the NCAA semi-finals, I think he showed that the problem was resolved. Didn't do too badly in the WTT either, did he? In the regular season, even with those 2 regular decisions, Retherford only scored one less team point than Nolf. I'll stick with Zane. Now if your ranking takedowns, Jason beats all, hands down.
  10. If one is drafting to create a professional team, one should also consider: a) Point scoring potential b) Entertainment value Snyder is probably the best college level wrestler. But for team value, here is how I would list them: 1) Zane Retherford ----- most point scoring potential 2) Bo Nikal -- high point potential and entertainment value ** 3) Jason Nolf --- see above ** 4) Kyle Snyder --- rare great technical heavy. Only negative is that he keeps it close sometimes 5) J'den Cox --- solid in-control wrestler 6) Mark Hall -- too subtle for the uninitiated, but knowledgeable fans love him 7) Dean Heil --- gotta fill that weight with someone. He's a winner, but he's kinda boring 8) Nick Suriano --- sorry Lehigh fans. Just keepin' it real. 9) Cory Clark --- he comes to wrestle 10) IMAR or Vincenzio Joseph ---- leaning towards Joseph who is raw, but I wonder about Martinez' gas tank ** are there any college wrestlers who approach these guys' creativity?
  11. Andy Matter - 2x NCAA Champ - Penn State Brett Matter - NCAA Champ -University of Pennsylvania
  12. LJB is a troll looking to evoke a response from those who understand the obvious unfairness of the current system. We are all just a bunch of liberal whiners. He's just taking time out of his busy schedule trolling political websites.
  13. pot is a Performance Enhancing Drug? funny. I knew a guy who shall remain nameless, who got high before every match because, he said, he didn't want to hurt anybody. He was a Div 3 National Champ, but I really don't think his performance was enhanced by his smoking. Maybe he just enjoyed his matches more that way.
  14. I'm one of those guys that picks up FLO PRO at the beginning of the season and drops it at the end. I start with Super32 and the coverage of that tournament has been terrific IMO. You get to see many of the coming national HS stars (and btw, Austin DeSanto got beat by Joey Silva in the finals). Yes, I was frustrated by the outages in some really important broadcasts. My hope is that FLO will address their technical problems and we will have more consistent coverage in future years. But when I can select any mat and any match in a tournament, and if I miss one, go back and watch it from the brackets, then I'm a happy camper. FLO had a problem with on mat identification of weights, wrestlers and scores, But that's been improved as well. So I give FLO a pass for the most part. I guess the Okie State-PSU match was a disaster. Hopefully FLO will be prepared for the volume of subscribers next time they put on an event with that kind of pizzazz. Still got to see Bo quiet the crowd, so all was well with me. Looking at FLO as some sort of roadblock in the expansion of wrestling popularity in this country is kinda lame. Where was that expansion going when there was no FLO?
  15. Whoever chooses this team was obviously trying to have his cake and eat it too. I'm here to tell you that Spencer Lee may be the best wrestler in the history of Pennsylvania. His last two seasons were not up to his personal standards because of injury, but naming him on the 3rd team was insulting. Leave him off any of the teams and blame the injuries. Austin DeSanto wrestles like a crazed chimpanzee. He's terrific but he's not Lee. Even with a major debilitating injury, Lee still only lost to DeSanto on a last second takedown. And that due to conditioning, it seemed to me. Is there anyone who believes that last second win was a defining moment proving DeSanto's superiority over Lee? Or are you like the rest of us, knowing that injury and lack of conditioning because of the injury were major contributors to that single upset? Selecting Spencer Lee as the 3rd team AA at this weight is just a total cop out. It calls into question the entire method of choosing team members. If they got that one so wrong, did they do any better with the rest of their choices?
  16. re: I have no doubt that your statement is accurate, but I have a picture of me wrestling a kid in a singlet-like uniform (no tights) in a district semi-final. And no police came out on the mat and arrested him or any of his teammates either. Go figure.
  17. This is just blowing so much smoke. People are looking for an excuse for the decline in wrestling participation and some grabbed on to the singlet. So now we are changing over to the two piece (glad it's not a bikini style!). Will that increase participation? Doubt it. Soon the naysayers will find some other excuse to point to. In high school I wrestled against a kid in a singlet in folkstyle in 1965 - so they've been around for a few years. I coached for 20 years and never once had someone quit because of the singlet. Never heard a word about the singlet one way or the other. I'd look to Penn State style wrestling to improve interest and maybe get some more kids out, cause it makes wrestling so much more fun. But singlets vs shorts/shirts? Please.
  18. The above suggestions are how to fight out of a headlock before it is thrown. If the headlock is thrown, wrap your free arm around his waste and grab tightly. As he throws you, add power to your own momentum and roll through the throw, pulling him with the arm around his waste. Follow him through it and you'll end up on top. Hopefully. -or- better yet: wrap your free arm around his waste, lift, and pull him backwards and down to the mat. Again, you should end up on top. Hopefully.
  19. it's really a no brainer. Over the past 25 years, PA has consistently produced the most All-Americans. (I think they were 2nd one year and had the most every other year, last I looked.) And yet, Penn State, the premier wrestling program in PA (apologies to Lehigh and Pitt) seemed to get very little benefit out of PA's wealth of talent. The occasional kid went to PSU, but more went out of state. It was a frustrating situation for residents who wanted to see some results from our top gun. That changed immediately when Cael came on the scene. Sure, some kids continued to go out of state. But more and more of the blue chip PA kids wanted PSU. The Altons, Megaludis, Gulibon, Retherford, Nolf were the kinds of kids that likely would wind up somewhere else rather than Penn State. Add the none-PA kids who come here for the opportunity to wrestle for Cael: Tayler, Brown, McIntosh, Nevils, Nickel and you've suddenly got a 4 time NCAA champion where nothing was happening before. Yes, Cael continues to develop talent when it gets to PSU, but a lot of talent is already there when they show up. Just compare pre-Cael PSU to the current version. No other explanation is necessary.
  20. I've heard PSU and Boise St. as possible destinations for Tanner Hall. I also think Mike Boykin could make some noise at NCST. He looked good vs. Snyder @ Dapper Dan, plus it will certainly help to have Gwiz as a workout partner and Pop as a coach. I'm a Boykin fan as well. He hasn't begun to tap his potential talent. He's been an outstanding football player on a state-finalist team. Wrestling was kinda his second sport. But he's too small for big time football and will now be concentrating on wrestling. I've been watching him for several years and each year has been a giant stride forward. He has more upside than any big guy I know.
  21. Let me give an opinion of my own: Stop feeding the troll
  22. angry fish has hit the nail on the head, pretty much. I worry about Chance's body holding up. He's had a bad back throughout his Senior year, it appears. He was seriously injured at the beginning of his Jr year and it apparently took a while to get back in to form. I'm trying to remember the sequence of events that led to Chance changing his commitment from PSU to OSU, but I think it had to do with 1) Cael taking Haines' scholarship offer back and maybe 2) being rushed by Jordan Oliver during that all-star meet in Bethlehem just the week before he changed his mind. Since then there has been some negative comments about Marstellar, probably due to his turning away from Penn State... but none of this negates the phenomenal record he's had. I've watched him for the last 4 years and he may be the best ever in PA. I've seen most of the greats and Chance certainly ranks with them. The problem is: he wins so easily it's hard to tell how good he really is. I look forward to Chance having an excellent college career. I won't make predictions - most who do usually look foolish. But if he stays healthy and interested, then he'll do well.
  23. It just goes to show you: some guys are stars in high school, they come in first and everyone thinks they are going to do great in college. But they just don't make it. Other guys come in 5th place in high school and turn around and do great in college. Flynn must be picking up those guys.
  24. superold is having a senior moment. When one looks at Flynn's accomplishments given his resources, the word "great" just has to slip in to the conversation. He's taken a small college that most people have never heard of to near the top of Division 1 wrestling. Pretty amazing. Superold discounts Flynn's achievements because he hasn't won a national championship. Could ANY coach win a national championship given the tools Flynn has to work with? Cael has done an outstanding job at PSU - but his situation is in no way analogous to Flynn's. He's the superstar ex-wrestler coming in to the top program in the best wrestling state in the nation. He attracts blue chip wrestlers like flies to, uh, honey. While Flynn picks up the leftovers that aren't recruited by the top teams. I'm afraid that superold does have his panties in a wad.
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