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  1. Let me give an opinion of my own: Stop feeding the troll
  2. angry fish has hit the nail on the head, pretty much. I worry about Chance's body holding up. He's had a bad back throughout his Senior year, it appears. He was seriously injured at the beginning of his Jr year and it apparently took a while to get back in to form. I'm trying to remember the sequence of events that led to Chance changing his commitment from PSU to OSU, but I think it had to do with 1) Cael taking Haines' scholarship offer back and maybe 2) being rushed by Jordan Oliver during that all-star meet in Bethlehem just the week before he changed his mind. Since then there has been some negative comments about Marstellar, probably due to his turning away from Penn State... but none of this negates the phenomenal record he's had. I've watched him for the last 4 years and he may be the best ever in PA. I've seen most of the greats and Chance certainly ranks with them. The problem is: he wins so easily it's hard to tell how good he really is. I look forward to Chance having an excellent college career. I won't make predictions - most who do usually look foolish. But if he stays healthy and interested, then he'll do well.
  3. It just goes to show you: some guys are stars in high school, they come in first and everyone thinks they are going to do great in college. But they just don't make it. Other guys come in 5th place in high school and turn around and do great in college. Flynn must be picking up those guys.
  4. superold is having a senior moment. When one looks at Flynn's accomplishments given his resources, the word "great" just has to slip in to the conversation. He's taken a small college that most people have never heard of to near the top of Division 1 wrestling. Pretty amazing. Superold discounts Flynn's achievements because he hasn't won a national championship. Could ANY coach win a national championship given the tools Flynn has to work with? Cael has done an outstanding job at PSU - but his situation is in no way analogous to Flynn's. He's the superstar ex-wrestler coming in to the top program in the best wrestling state in the nation. He attracts blue chip wrestlers like flies to, uh, honey. While Flynn picks up the leftovers that aren't recruited by the top teams. I'm afraid that superold does have his panties in a wad.
  5. ok, I'll take the other side and admit it: freestyle is boring compared to folk style. The scoring is inconsistent. And I like mat wrestling - which barely exists with freestyle. I suppose that I am old school. Freestyle is what my kids did when the folk style season ended. At least it gave them something to do in the off season. But no one liked it much.
  6. except for the nuance of 'looking for the pin' - which I agree with - I do put stock in scoring points. Low scoring bouts generally mean a great deal of boredom. Certainly some low scoring bouts are exciting. But for the most part college wrestling bouts are often two guys dancing for 3 periods with 20 seconds of action. And then to add insult to injury, the bout goes in to overtime and the guys dance for several more periods. What we need to attract fans is scoring. I agree that some guys are not looking for the pin - just racking up points toward a major or TF. But 'looking for the pin' implies movement, not dancing. If you are looking to set up a pin, for the most part you need movement - which negates boredom. And it also usually means points are being scored.
  7. This is a pretty silly thread. JT is merely stating the obvious. High School success is not a 100% predictor of college success. It is merely suggestive. Having a great high school career may lead to a great college career. But there are so many factors involved that things change. A lessor kid in high school becomes a big time college wrestler. A great kid in high school doesn't pan out. Passions subside. Priorities change. People peak at different times. Big deal.
  8. There have been advances in most phases of wrestling over the years. That plus year-round training has made the best wrestlers better technicians than in previous eras. But that doesn't make the average wrestler better. The average wrestler is often worse. 50 years ago when a good high school dual would regularly draw 2,000 fans and wrestling was a major sport, teams would go 3-4 deep per weight class. Today there are fewer participants because there is so much else for kids to do. If you can't start, why bother going out? Teams struggle to field a JV. Teams have a few 'stars' who wrestle year-round but your average wrestler on your average team is often just plain bad - not well coached, not fast, not strong. As for speed, power, size? Sorry, but that just doesn't fly. You can't coach speed. Speed is a gift that a few wrestlers from every era have been granted. In the old days there was a lot less concern about weight loss. Every team had kids sucking major weight. So to claim that today's kids are bigger at the same weight class is arguable at best. It was usually the other way around. I've been astonished by the small size of some great wrestlers in recent years compared to their counterparts from the old days. As far as conditioning - today's kids are better conditioned than the kids of 50-60 years ago. But that trend didn't start yesterday. In the 80's many teams had tremendous conditioning programs. And their kids wrestled year-round. Technique is what separates today's kids from yesteryear's. And that's just a natural progression - the evolution of any sport. But the kids are not bigger and they are not faster.
  9. That's impossible, Stove Pipe. Everyone knows that today's wrestlers are faster, stronger, quicker, and better looking than those old guys.
  10. any ranking system is flawed by definition. don't be your usual over the top fool. acknowledge the fact that Earl came up with a fairly good system but any system that compares apples to oranges is going to have weaknesses. Come up with your own system if you think you can do better. Or do you prefer just to mouth off?
  11. The guy came up with a formula that seemed to work over the years. You put in the records and the formula pops out a ranking. I personally think it's hilarious that Taylor ranked above Dake using his formula. It put a whole bunch of people's panties in a wad.
  12. Jason --- could you post individual results of the USA v Georgia meet? thanx.
  13. a link to the story: http://abcnews.go.com/US/stabbings-reported-franklin-regional-high-school-pennsylvania/story?id=23253018
  14. It's an interesting anomaly. When I talk about how good my high school team was, I like to point out that we had starters on seven different college teams, most Division 1. But only one of them was a NQ, so no one seems impressed. I guess each person has his own perspective, but if you are a college starter, usually that means good things. At least I'm impressed.
  15. http://s101.trackwrestling.com/tw/Login.jsp Enter the tournament, click on the Results tab Select Brackets when it asks you to select a division, choose High School you can select a weight to see the brackets at each weight.
  16. Your name Must be Dick kids getting stabbed and u ploy on the innocent you make a blanket statement about disliking Philly and I'm the Dick? Philly a great town. the incident could have happened almost anywhere, but you blame the city? I've been following Joey for years - the kind of kid wrestling needs - exciting, explosive, and fun.
  17. essentially, PA was unrepresented. I saw a kid from Nazareth showed up. There were a number of kids whose names were unfamiliar to me (must have been AA, cause I know the AAA kids fairly well). But with four tournaments and I only recognized one name? unrepresented. This ain't good.
  18. don't know about Ohio, but in PA this is what did it: in the early 50's our District had 13 schools with wrestling. By the mid-60's our district had 56 schools with wrestling. The expansion around the state was similar, I suppose. It was a wrestling explosion and effected what was going on nationally with PA wrestlers.
  19. That was a cool night at PA states back in '88. While the state championships were going on, the announcer kept interrupting to announce the latest PA win at Nationals. And the crowd went wild...
  20. You got that right. When Ness pulled that elevator on Green I immediately thought of Wade Shalles vs. John Chatman in the PA state finals in '69. Chatman had won states as a sophomore - very rare back then in a middle weight. Most people thought he was going to be a god. In their finals match in the 3rd period, Shalles was sitting on his butt and elevated Chatman right to his back for a fall. I don't think my mouth closed for a week. It helps wrestling to have a wild card like Ness around. He's an accident waiting to happen. You just don't who will be the victim, him or his opponent.
  21. Is Marsteller redshirting? Otherwise, how do you keep him out of the lineup? I'm telling you, he's the real deal.
  22. Taylor and Ruth represent something that wrestling needs. They don't just win. They win with aggressiveness and style. I am so tired of the low scoring OT ride out type of match that many of today's stars rely upon. Dake beat Taylor. I get it, so you haters take a break. But Taylor was just way more fun to watch. Try to deny that. Dake was content with 2 point wins. Taylor wants to crush his opponent. As does Ruth. And that's what wrestling needs. Scorers. Panache. We complain about the sport dying, but the very kids who may save the sport are the ones who draw cynical criticism from some on this site. Tsirtsis has the potential to be a scoring machine, imo. But in his match he didn't turn it on until OT. If he can turn it on in the first period and maintain it throughout, we've got a winner. I root against Nelson not because he's from Minny but because he's a bore to watch. One minute into his bouts I am nodding off. If wrestling is to have a future outside of the community, i.e. if it is to develop a fan base, we need more Taylors and Steibers, guys who it is fun to watch. Next year we have Marsteller and Snyder coming up. I'll say that if Marsteller translates his talent to the college level, he'll be as popular as Taylor is today. We NEED guys like him and Snyder to carry the baton. Tighten up the stalling calls and open up the game. That's the way wrestling will survive.
  23. those district brackets from 2008 are interesting. three NCAA finalists - Besides Josh Kindig and Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Sheptock won that year at 152. And Zack Horan at 106 was an NCAA qualifier this year. plus a couple other kids who ended up as PIAA state champs. District 11 was pretty tough ---- back then. and if you look at the state brackets at 103 you have future Penn wrestler Mark Rappo knocking off Nico Megaludis and Zach Horan back-to-back. It was Nico's only loss in high school. I guess this could get old pretty fast, but it's fun looking at these old brackets. James English beat Jimmy Vollrath in wrestle backs that year, placing 3rd. Mike Evans placed 3rd. Q Wright won, Steve Bosak placed 2nd. Ed Ruth placed 4th.
  24. What kind of a kid is Mike Boykin? Saturday evening he was winning states in front of thousands. Sunday morning -the next day - found him coaching Coatesville kids at a youth wrestling tournament.
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