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  1. He lives to put Pennsy down. Insecurity. Actually he argues in favor of the great wrestling state of New Jersey - home of the unbeatable Jordan Burroughs. uh, wait, didn't he just lose? well, there's that superstar hs kid Nick Suriano - oh, yeah, he lost to a PA kid before our kid wrestled his first high school match. I guess he can't brag about his own kids so he gets off on putting down ours. So, NJMarty, how do you like Spencer Lee?
  2. Went to see Mike Boykin at a dual meet early last month and came away totally sold. Was not a bit surprised to see him win PA states. And you are correct. He has only scratched the surface of what he can become. He is really good on his feet and he has a low center of gravity. I'm not surprised by the outcome of this one. Snyder has all the experience and by all accounts is a superstar. But Mike Boykin has the tools to become a great wrestler. I envy the college that gets him. His upside is tremendous.
  3. njmarty: did I make excuses? I didn't notice any. you're annoying but nothing else. and the WPIAL are not my heroes. I kinda don't like them cause they win too much. Get your facts straight, little guy.
  4. tbar - don't try to reason or argue with NJMarty. he wants to dance on PA's grave, like always. OKie sent a first rate team and they won. Good for them. Bloodsuckers like NJMarty will feed off of that for the next 6 months. He's just an annoying little geek. Wonder if he ever wrestled?
  5. back to unseeded wrestlers who won: Bill Blacksmith - Lock Haven David McGuire - Okie State Gary Barton - Clarion Jim Bennett - Yale Mark DiGirolamo -Cal Poly Pat Chirstenson - WIsconson And the list goes on. It's rare but not unknown. A kid on my own team was unseeded but screwed out of the title by a ref's decision in OT in the finals - Joe Bavaro
  6. Standing outside the arena as the AA session left out always worked for me. There were always some AA people who were forced to buy AAA tickets and were eager to part with them. Don't think they are requiring you to buy all sessions any more, so that might not work. I had 'back-to-the-wall' tickets when I was entering the Hershey Arena for the AAA finals. Some AA guy begged me to take his tickets off of his hands. I bought one ticket. It was on the 50 yard line in the padded seats section. Got to see Joey Ecklof-Donny Jones from 10 rows off the floor instead of from the nose-bleed section. Now I just buy the darn tickets in December.
  7. Boykin is a monster and his speed for a big guy is phenomenal. It was his quickness that allowed him to top Wood last night. Boykin's problem is: he's a tweener. Probably too big for 195, but too small for heavy. I would expect Wood to continue to grow. Wood is technically sound and very strong for a kid his age (10th grader). If they don't meet in the finals next week, it will be a major shock. Both extremely fine wrestlers.
  8. actually the score was 16-2, then ended 16-5.
  9. I don't mean to blow any horns, here, but this kind of thing happens a lot at the PIAA tourney. Sheptock-Kemerer was obviously a final-quality bout, but instead was wrestled during the quarter-finals. I remember the bout well as I moved to seats right next to the mat where the bout was held. It was a real bruiser of a match cause both kids were slapped together and extremely physical. As I recall, Kemerer won 3-2. Also in the weight class besides James Fleming were future state champs Kenny Courts and JD Statenmeyer and future finalist Tristan Warner.
  10. FYI, laguna is a Colorado snowboarding enthusiast whose last 7 posts praise a Minnesota 2x champion, one of the Brands brothers, and Cooper Moore from UNI. He's hardly a PA back patting thread starter. You get offended even when someone from outside PA says something nice about PA wrestling. It just kills NJMarty to have someone refer to PA wrestlers on this thread. Please, laguna, refrain from any comments related to PA wrestling, It upsets NJMarty.
  11. injury default or just a normal loss? was that the match when he tore up his elbow?
  12. When Kenny Courts was a 9th grader, I thought he had the potential to be one of PA's all-time greats. His performance at the Beast of the East was one of the bravest I've ever seen. He coasted to the finals totally annihilating his opposition. In the finals he seriously injured his knee right off the bat. He was in great pain and it was obvious he couldn't continue. He kept taking injury time to recover. But it was still the first period and he had just a few seconds of injury time left before he had to forfeit the bout. The next time he stopped the match it was over. Instead, this skinny 9th grader decked the kid who made it to the finals of the Beast. He was out of time and his only options were: a) give up -or- b) pin the kid right the heck now. Courts chose b). He lost the rest of his freshman year due to the injury. Although Kenny came back as a PA state champ, he never looked the same to me. He had a great high school career, but it was a shadow of what the promise of it was before his injury.
  13. I don't mean to denigrate the Peppelmen kids in any way, but to me they kind of maximized their abilities in high school. They had that Central Dauphin dump/tilt thing going better than anyone and before the rest of the kids caught on to it. I personally never could understand how it worked so very well for so long. But when they got to college, they really needed to diversify. It isn't that unusual to see a kid do well in HS but never make the next step. Besides, going to an Ivy, perhaps the grades supersede the wrestling. That whole CD method just isn't making it like it used to, I suppose. Heck, one of our local teams just knocked off CD pretty handily. Maybe their re-loading days are done. Time to rebuild.
  14. Dziewa was from Pennsbury. He and another wrestler abandoned ship and went to Council Rock South (jimmy Vollrath's HS). The other guy was granted eligibility, Dziewa was forced to sit out a year - but won PIAA's the next year for CRS. Retherford also was forced to sit out a year when he transferred to Benton, PA.
  15. I think most everyone would agree that there is a place for the heavyweights in wrestling. And many would agree that most heavyweight bouts are rather boring, but necessary. It's the addition of a second heavy weight class in high school while eliminating a middle weight that is the real objection to many. Their aren't enough big guys to sustain one heavy weight class, let alone adding another class based upon demographics of fat people.
  16. I knew a heavyweight a few years back who was only average. No better or worse than all those other rotund or large guys a team throws out to fill in the weight class. However, he was smart enough to come up with a post-season formula for victory: WIN THE TOSS. That was his strategy. His post season matches generally went like this: 1st period: dance; WIN THE TOSS; 2nd period: escape, then dance; 3rd Period: let the other guy up, then dance. OT: (scored first so get choice)--take bottom, escape, win. He used this formula to eek out high enough places at preliminary tournaments to advance to Regions, then with an incredible streak of lucky coin tosses, danced his way to the Regional title. At states he ran into kids that could actually wrestle and got his butt kicked. The next year they changed the rules and that formula no longer worked. It's an example, however, of how many heavyweights wrestle: they shorten the match by dancing and hoping they can do one thing to get the win.
  17. You are more than right. To me, watching heavyweights is kinda like watching freestyle but with fat guys. 10-30 seconds of action and a boat load of dancing. Changing the weight that starts the meet only means that the boring part comes at the middle instead of the end. I guess I'd prefer it at the end so I can beat the traffic. Some morons in charge of high school wrestling decided to subtract a middle weight and add a heavy weight because they were looking at some bell shaped curve that described high school boys' overall weights. That change wasn't caused by the evolution of larger kids, it was caused by kids chowing down on McDonald's while playing a video game when they should have been working out. We are now cursed with an overweight population and wrestling pays the price by adding a weight class mostly filled with off-season football players some desperate coach dragged out of the halls and on to the mat. Don't get me started.
  18. a typically snarky trolling remark from njmarty. p4p rankings are pretty ridiculous imo. Who really cares except some teenaged chest pounders? The answer may be decided in 4 years when we look back upon their college careers, if any. Until then it is totally subjective. I mean, a great wrestler in NJ is probably just average in PA? so who's to say who is the best p4p? (I can be snarky too).
  19. Some one makes some inane off-the-cuff remark and on this site people crawl out of the woodwork to prove him wrong with sarcasm and snarky remarks. Then the original poster feels obligated to defend his loosely considered opinion. Call off the dogs, already! David Taylor is an extraordinary wrestler by any criteria. We've been blessed to have a few of those over the course of the last decade. If I were making my pantheon of greatest wrestlers, DT would appear somewhere, not sure where yet, but he certainly would be in the conversation. I was raised on Yojiro Uetake, Dan Gable, Wade Schalles, guys like that being at the top of my all-time list. Wrestlers like Dake and Ruth and yes, Taylor may well make their way somewhere on the list along with some of the other gods of recent wrestling generations. I personally haven't given it much thought. But geez, give credit where credit is due and lay off the constant in-fighting. It's not amusing, it's boring.
  20. Gonzo Guilibon gave Beckman all he wanted. I think it was 7-6. Don't know that Conaway could do any better. Retherford looks like an animal. Looks like I personally underrated his ability to transition from HS to college. He won 10-4. Beitz wrestled well against Minnoti, losing 4-3. 'nits win 22-12
  21. gonzo-thanks, I was pretty sure I got it right.
  22. So it's Gonzo's contention that there were no other good wrestlers in the entire country at DT's weight class except Dake and Bubba. And he lost to them. Darn right, Gonzo. You're logic is impeccable. There's no denying that everyone in the NCAA except those guys were totally lame. It's just a bad era for wrestling. DT - just an average wrestler in a sea of mediocrity.
  23. Here is PA's Mr. Nasty in 1989. Starts slowly but by the end of the 2nd period, this match becomes painful to watch. Ref is Carlton Haselrig's uncle
  24. It's obvious that Dr Gonzo won't concede that someone is a nasty guy unless he beats everyone he has ever wrestled; especially if that alleged nasty guy is from Penn State. David Taylor lost twice - that proves he isn't nasty right there. And everyone else he wrestled was just an inferior wrestler, so they don't count. makes sense to me. Q: was Cael a nasty guy, Gonzo? How about Dan Gable? - he lost to that wimp from Washington so he probably wasn't nasty. I agree the topic isn't exactly classic but must you air your deep prejudices all the time?
  25. I have no doubt that Ashnault will have a great career at Rutgers. It's early on but there are people who already want to dance on his grave. Two weeks ago sports fans in Philly wanted to ride Chip Kelly out of town on a rail. Nick Foles was a nobody that couldn't start for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Now Kelly is the toast of the town and Foles (who has tied the NFL record for most TD's in a game, is tied for 2nd All-Time in the number of TD's without an interception and counting, and has set the all-time NFL QB record for QB rating in two consecutive games), is suddenly pretty good. Is it possible that certain 'fans' are reacting too quickly about Ashnault? Maybe you should let the kid mature a bit before you burn him at the stake.
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