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  1. I place him amongst the top 5 wrestlers in the history of our district - but his knee injury kinda ruined his career. He threw those legs in and then hammered people. A true monster. Went to Penn State but don't believe he wrestled much if at all.
  2. Jones I believe ended up at Ohio st. University not sure what happened after he got their though. An interesting side not Jones maj. Mcknight 12-3 in the state Finales for his second title. Jones was not an average wrestler his freshman year; even being undersized. He went 2-2 at states. and was 34-6 on the year. Jermaine was 34-6 in a district that was just terrible. You are mistaken about states in 1999. In fact, Jermaine was 1-2 at states. Blown out twice and won one by forfeit. Not exactly a stellar performance. The following December I saw him in a dual meet. He wrestled a kid who I coached in Youth wrestling - one of the poorest kids I ever coached, his lifetime record was far below .500. And yet Jermaine edged him out 2-1 in a boring match. Three months later Jermaine was a superstar. What happened was his team got a new coach that year. This guy was a giant among men in HS but blew out his knee his senior year after taking 2nd at states as a soph and 1st as a Junior. Glenn Koser transformed Jermaine Jones from an average wrestler to practically unbeatable. He totally changed his style - gave him some startling new moves, and instilled him with tremendous confidence. Yes, Jones beat McKnight at states in the finals, 12-3. And Jones started his senior year better than ever, but got sick in January and never recovered, though he did win Regionals (barely). A kind of interesting aside: at states the next year (2003), Matt McKnight beat Brian Sellers of Pennsbury in the quarters. The score was tied with 10 seconds to go in the match. Sellers got a terrific reversal and had McKnight locked up - a sure win. BUT -- as Sellers was getting the reversal, the ref tripped over his own feet and fell on his butt. As he was falling he accidentally blew the whistle. The reversal was disallowed and McKnight went on to win in a tie-breaker, and then won states.
  3. re: wrestlingnerd's reference to Jordan Oliver's use of the 'Jermaine Jones'. Jermaine was an average wrestler his freshman year who somehow came up with this move and a few other signature moves like that in the middle of his sophomore year and was transformed almost overnight into a 2 time PA State champ. (He caught mono his senior year or he probably would have been a 3 timer). I remember Jermaine wrestling an Easton kid at states. Perhaps Jordan picked the move up from there, cause he used it in that match. It was both funny and inspiring to see Jermaine Jones look like was being taken down with a single, and seconds later he was scoring back points. I always thought that move was really sneaky. Come to think of it, seems to me that Chance Marstellar used the move at Fargo(?) last year. 5 points and the announcer was saying "What the heck was that!"
  4. in 63 Mike Johnson wrestled 130 during the regular season, dropping to 123 at the end. I saw him lose to Pat Smartt of Lehigh in the dual (I think he lost). I saw the NCAA final that year and he just plain gassed out in OT. Only saw Johnson win PA states once (61), but at that time, he was God. In 64, Johnson was seeded 1st but lost to Jim Hanson of Colorado in the pre-prelims, then medical forfeited out. Hanson went on to lose to Uetake in the finals.
  5. Re: AAU National Championships. All I have access to is the place winners. I don't have the brackets. Still: In what must have been a tremendous upset, Rich Sanders lost to Richie Sofman of U of P in the 1966 championships at 125.5. Sofman was a kid I used to roll around with when I was in HS and Penn was recruiting a buddy of mine and invited us to their practices a lot. in 1971 Sanders won at 136.5 and Gene Davis won at 149.5 (Sanders was a multiple AAU National Champ, as was Davis) in 1970 Sanders won at 125.5 and Davis dnp at any weight. Don't know if they met, but I doubt it. Gene Davis won a time or two after that, but Sanders dnp in his weight class, so I assume they never met. I noticed an old friend of mine, Joe Bavaro of Gettysburg, took 2nd in 1969, losing to Lee Detrick of Michigan, who was the same guy who beat him in the NCAA finals in 1966.
  6. I knew Dave Schultz while he was at Foxcatcher. John DuPont was recruiting a kid I coached in youth wrestling for Villanova, and I met DuPont and Schultz the first time at one of his high school matches. My kid went to Villanova and had a great freshman year, only to have it all come to a screeching halt when the administration found out what DuPont was doing behind the scenes and dropped the wrestling program. Anyway, Dave Schultz used to call me at my home every month or so, trying to sell me on some fund-raising game he was offering - something like a Monopoly board game but using local street names. He was a nice guy and we had a lot of interesting conversations. But I never bought his game.
  7. Back in 83 or 84 we knew nothing about Freestyle wrestling - hadn't even seen it except on TV during the Olympics. But after our youth season ended, a bunch of my kids wanted to keep on wrestling so we entered them into the freestyle system. After a couple of tourneys, I had half a dozen kids who had qualified for the Middle Atlantic Championships in Newark, DE. And we didn't even now how to keep score! Seriously. I didn't feel the need to buy a rule book, so there we were. My son was wrestling a NJ state high school champ in the semis and getting beat. They were just in the process of going out of bounds when my son threw one of those hot dog moves that kids do when they know there isn't any danger (and no chance to score either) just for the hell of it. The NJ kid flew into the air and his feet hit the gym floor. His back was out of bounds by 3 or 4 feet. The referee signaled 5 points. My son looked at me as if to say 'this sport is crazy!'
  8. There is a post of the 1964 NCAA finals on youtube. (I tried posting a link, but it came out like this. Hope it is legal and ethical. If not, I apologize to OSUAthletics.) I'm pretty sure the ref in the Freddie Powell (123 lbs Lock Haven) bout is Dick DiBattista. Talk about a legend of the mat! Dick was a PA State Champ from Lower Merion in 1938, the first year that tourney was held. He went to F&M Prep and was National Prep Champ. Then he went to the University of Pennsylvania and was 2x NCAA champ. He never lost a bout in high school, prep school, or college. (WW2 cost us the finals between 43 and 45 so he only got 2 shots). He was one of the top college refs in the East - evidenced by his participation in the NCAA finals of '64 at Cornell. But he also reffed high schools. In fact he must have reffed a dozen of my matches when I was in hs. You can't tell it by that baggy shirt, but he was really slapped together.
  9. I've been around some pretty good coaches over the years. My brother wrestled for Gerry Lehman. I was a camp counselor for Sprig Gardner. My high school coach was one of the earlier coaching inductees in the PA wrestling hall of fame, Dick Shoemaker. Dick was reffing a bout down in Delaware one weekend when I was in 10th grade. He asked if anyone wanted to go with him, and 4 of us gluttons for punishment volunteered. Wilmington HS was wrestling some suburban school and getting the crap kicked out of them. By about 154 the score was like 45-0. Suddenly a Wilmington kid had one of the Mt Pleasant kids on his back. The Mt Pleasant kid began bridging and sliding, bridging and sliding all the way across the mat, with Dick sliding along on his knees looking for the pin. They slid off of the mat and about 10 feet onto the gym floor when Dick called the pin. They were about 15 feet out of bounds. Two or three more slides and they would have been in the parking lot. No one complained. The Wilmington coach was happy for the win, the Mt Pleasant coach figured, 'what the heck'. Dick didn't even realize what happened until the 4 of us hammered him on the way home for embarrassing the hell out of us.
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