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  1. Will Flo be covering Russian nationals this year?
  2. Really enjoy the podcast and it's content as well. The only piece i that i think needs to be a continued point of improvement is Willie talking over or cutting off Christian mid thought. While I will say it has improved, it's still a little tough to listen to when Willie gets really excited. Overall, great for the fans and really appreciate what they do for the sport. I hope this is one component that we don't have to get charged for.
  3. Re: No Dake.....See first blog entry from Zadick http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2015/January/18/Yarygin-blog-from-Freestyle-Team-USA-in-Russia
  4. From Barry on Tuesday http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_php&Itemid=49&tid=485 Since then, now hearing that Ryan Taylor may be going 133 and keep Jens Lantz in readshirt...
  5. You will see this match one day soon as i believe they are all future 74kg guys. Pico needs to continue to develop his attacks at neutral. He must to a better job moving his feet and creating angles. If he doesn't make improvements in those areas, all of the above guys will pass him domestically.
  6. when will full brackets be available and does anyone have a link to them?
  7. Does anyone else have concerns around Snyder's progression from this point forward on the international scene over the remainder of this cycle? I think tactically and technically he will be able to continue to develop but where my concern lies is around him having to cut down to 197. I would suspect he is going to have to shrink his body down quite a bit to make that weight from an entire college season or 2? Also, concerned with how his body will hold up at that weight going through the college season grind. Anyone know if he is planning take an Olympic redshirt in 2016?
  8. Ruth will have to deal with Saduleav (18 years old **in Russian years) for the next 8 years or so. Regardless of age the kid is an absolute hammer.
  9. No little Mango or Betterman...did I miss something?
  10. Curious to know how much of the proceeds Flo generates goes to BTS? Im sure there's a way to figure out something based on the number of viewers they generate for tonight.
  11. What weights those competitors win their World Championships last year?
  12. Is anyone else having issues accessing their website today?
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