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  1. I know they were different weights, but I always wanted to see Askren vs Hendrix in college.
  2. Both Khadartsev and Uetake deserve mention here.
  3. Anyone remember Karam Gaber?In 2004 he made his competition look pedestrian. He would toss people at will, and it didn’t even look like he was trying that hard.
  4. Where are the Beloglasov brothers from? Wikipedia says they were born in Kaliningrad, but that was most likely due to the Soviet policy of moving people around to different territories, not necessarily their background.
  5. Too many to mention. I mean we’re talking about FILA/UWW where corruption is at times so obvious it might as well be out in the open. Here is one. Ara Abramanian vs Minguzzi in 08 Olympics.
  6. It has been mentioned a number of times on this forum how strong the Caucasus region is for wrestling. The area containing regions like Dagestan, Ossetia, Chechnya etc and other countries like Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. If you look at world and Olympic teams for either Russia or the Soviet Union, the vast majority come from this region. What notable Russia/Soviets came from other areas? I’m guessing Karelin, Medved, the Beloglasovs?
  7. Are these matches out of order? The first video titled final Olympic qualifier, Lewis wins. Smith wins matches one and two. So something doesn’t add up. For those that were around then, what’s the story here?
  8. He was 28 at the time and was at the top of his game. Seems a bit young to retire. Anyone know the story?
  9. Alright let’s broaden this topic to not just PSU insiders. Does anyone have an idea of how Nickal matches up with Taylor? I see Bo closing that gap sooner rather than later.
  10. Nickal seems a great prospect for 86 Kg. It seems everyone is assuming Taylor and Cox meet in the finals. How far back is Nickal? Does he hold his own with Taylor in the room?
  11. That seems to happen often for the host country. Hmm, wonder why?
  12. None of those examples are wrestlers defecting.
  13. What is crazy to me is both Higuchi (freestyle 2016 Olympic silver) and Ota (Greco 2016 Olympic silver) may not be on the team for the 2020 Tokyo games. Both were both in their early 20s (20 and 22) at the 2016 Olympics. Due to domestic competition, both were forced to move weight classes almost immediately after reaching the pinnacle of the sport at such a young age. Ota has found success up a weight winning worlds this year (non-Olympic weight). Higuchi can’t even make the team anymore. After Rio, John Smith mentioned in a few interviews how impressed he was with Higuchi’s sweep single. That is insane depth. I can’t imagine leaving that caliber of an athlete at home at such a young age.
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