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  1. BuckyBadger

    Amit Kumar - What happened to him?

    Thanks for posting, hope he makes his way back.
  2. He made the finals in 2013 at a young age and looked to have a good career ahead of him. Haven’t seen him compete in years. What happened to him?
  3. BuckyBadger

    India wrestling

    India started to really see improvement long before 2019. 2008 olympics is when Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt did well. Then there were more guys medaling at worlds and junior worlds in subsequent years. But before 2008 there wasn’t much from India on the international scene. I wonder what changes went on in the years leading up to 2008 that led to such rapid improvement.
  4. Iran was quite impressive in the last World Cup, the best I’ve seen them in the last 20 years.
  5. Israel’s soccer team is decent (multiple players in Europe). They have to qualify out of Europe, where they are a middle of the pack team. They are probably on the same level as Iran, which is one of the better teams in Asia. But it would be nice to see them play each other. There is footage on YouTube of Iran playing Israel back when Israel qualified out of Asia (pre revolution of course).
  6. BuckyBadger

    What is the best body type for wrestling?

    In what world is Vincenzo Joseph in the Dad bod/chunky category? No way I’d group him with Askren or others that don’t look imposing.
  7. I said I’d take the bet. You still want it or just trying to get attention?
  8. Cox to tech or fall Nickal? Sure, I’ll take the other side of that. What do you want to bet Cinnabon?
  9. I think Nickal at 86 kg is a threat sooner rather than later. Does anyone have insight as to how he does vs Taylor in the room? Is 86 kg his ideal weight class? I have no idea if had to cut to get to 197 this year, but he doesn’t look that big. 2020 may be too soon for him to catch up to Taylor, but I think he takes over after.
  10. BuckyBadger

    Suriano’s Dad

    what was he yelling about after Suriano won? at who? Holy smokes, that was intense.
  11. BuckyBadger

    How Good are Women

    Love the Andy Kaufman reference. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1uQlB99WCuk
  12. They both have Mediterranean backgrounds.
  13. BuckyBadger

    RIP Emmanuel Yarborough

    On the front page there is an article about Yarborough. It said at DI 86 NCAA tournament he lost by disqualification to eventual champ Trost from Michigan. Anyone know what happened in that match?
  14. BuckyBadger

    Anthony Valencia

    Can he still challenge for the Junior world team even though he wrestled senior level this weekend?
  15. BuckyBadger


    Is it just me or has he dropped from the discussion of the best at 74KG? After Burroughs, the discussion is always about Taylor, Dake and now Dierenger, as if he has jumped above Howe and hasn't wrestled on the Senior level yet! Howe recently beat the World Silver medalist from Iran. He is right there with the best. Why is he not given as much of a chance as the others?