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  1. Brutal, but also MUCH more lucrative.
  2. Mods have shut down other threads much more quickly and for much less off-topic/political comments. Not sure why the inconsistent enforcement here.
  3. If Steveson comes back and Lee can stay healthy and get to top form, we have two solid guys to build around. I think Yianni is a perennial contender, but his weight is so stacked that 1st place can be 10th if the same tournament was a week later and 10th could be 1st. Can Snyder maintain his top form for another 6 years? Otherwise, there are always surprises. Burroughs rise to the top was not expected and I don’t think anyone anticipated the kind of success he’s had while he was in college.
  4. Fix, Retheford, other guys that have medaled are great additions. But they are not a level above the rest of their competition like Dake, Burroughs, Taylor, Steveson, Snyder are in their weight classes. Maybe one or two guys stand in their way. They are as sure a thing to medal as can be. I don’t know how many guys we have like that after the next Olympics. The fact that we have so many right now, at the same time, is rare.
  5. Yianni is much younger than the others and should be around for a few cycles. Otherwise, I agree.
  6. I’m not sure Retheford is a reliable medal contender every year like Snyder. The other guys you mention are young and unproven at the international/senior level. I do think some of them will pick up where others retire. But it’s not a given. O’Toole does look particularly promising to me.
  7. This analysis supports the present (maybe through the next Olympics). But the future? Taylor, Dake, Burroughs are getting old. Not sure how much longer Gilman, Cox and Snyder will be at the top of their game either. Beyond the next Olympics, the proven guys we have are Yianni, Snyder. If healthy, Spencer Lee. Hopefully Steveson comes back. That’s a solid core, and I’m sure there are other young guys that will step up. Not saying the future for us isn’t bright, it is. But I’m not sure most of todays stars will last too much longer.
  8. Yesterday when I came to this site, it said I’d been banned. Thought I’d been thrown out with NJDan. Anyone else experience this?
  9. If beach wrestling makes it in, it will most likely come at the cost of Greco/Freestyle.
  10. Again, the point is not how much better one is. The whole comment about the Deakin hire as a downgrade does not hold water in terms of Stanford as a program or the coaching staff.
  11. Whether Cenzo had a fractionally better career or a more than small amount better is going off on a tangent. The comparison of their careers is close enough that Stanford will be fine. You said Deakin was a downgrade from Cenzo. As coaches, and as a hire for the program that’s not necessarily true.
  12. If you’re comparing them as wrestlers, Cenzo has a good argument for better career (although we’re not talking by much). But results as a competitor don’t translate 1 for 1 to how good of a coach or training partner you might be. For Stanford overall, this is a great hire. I don’t even know how you can begin to argue this will somehow lead to a drop off in results for their program.
  13. Deakin vs Cenzo? Both NCAA champions, both middle weights, both on the freestyle ladder. Hard to see this as a downgrade. Have to agree with Dan that Deakin is a great hire for Koll and Stanford (not that Cenzo wasn’t great as well).
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