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    What is the best body type for wrestling?

    In what world is Vincenzo Joseph in the Dad bod/chunky category? No way I’d group him with Askren or others that don’t look imposing.
  2. I said I’d take the bet. You still want it or just trying to get attention?
  3. Cox to tech or fall Nickal? Sure, I’ll take the other side of that. What do you want to bet Cinnabon?
  4. I think Nickal at 86 kg is a threat sooner rather than later. Does anyone have insight as to how he does vs Taylor in the room? Is 86 kg his ideal weight class? I have no idea if had to cut to get to 197 this year, but he doesn’t look that big. 2020 may be too soon for him to catch up to Taylor, but I think he takes over after.
  5. BuckyBadger

    Suriano’s Dad

    what was he yelling about after Suriano won? at who? Holy smokes, that was intense.
  6. BuckyBadger

    How Good are Women

    Love the Andy Kaufman reference. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1uQlB99WCuk
  7. They both have Mediterranean backgrounds.
  8. BuckyBadger

    RIP Emmanuel Yarborough

    On the front page there is an article about Yarborough. It said at DI 86 NCAA tournament he lost by disqualification to eventual champ Trost from Michigan. Anyone know what happened in that match?
  9. BuckyBadger

    Anthony Valencia

    Can he still challenge for the Junior world team even though he wrestled senior level this weekend?
  10. BuckyBadger


    Is it just me or has he dropped from the discussion of the best at 74KG? After Burroughs, the discussion is always about Taylor, Dake and now Dierenger, as if he has jumped above Howe and hasn't wrestled on the Senior level yet! Howe recently beat the World Silver medalist from Iran. He is right there with the best. Why is he not given as much of a chance as the others?
  11. BuckyBadger

    Ruth vs Kurugliev

    Does anyone know where I can see this match?
  12. BuckyBadger

    ESPN3 - Mat Assignments?

    Hey Guys, I've got the four screen view up. Does anyone know if all of the winners bracket are on certain mats and consis on a different set? For example, 1-4 winners.
  13. BuckyBadger

    Billy Baldwin is cool

    Sharon Stone is hot
  14. I am searching google, FILA's website etc. and can't find a bracket for Junior worlds. Anyone have a link? It is so frustrating that FILA can't get their act together and build a simple and easy to use website.
  15. BuckyBadger

    Junior Worlds Brackets, Where are they?

    Ok, I do see how to get there from FILA's page now. Still, not the best design, and should be more user friendly.
  16. World champ Nematpour suspended for doping. I remember watching his matches and thinking the dude was jacked like no other and had freakish strength. Their heavy weight who recently won worlds was banned for life for a repeat offense recently. I wonder if the rest of their guys are juicing. Or how much it happens in other countries.
  17. BuckyBadger

    Randy Lewis (Official Comeback Theme)

    It's not funny the eighth time around. Give it a rest already.
  18. BuckyBadger

    Sharratt named new Navy head coach

    But is Navy's program more well funded than Air Force? I understand if it's to be close to family or something like that, but otherwise it seems like a lateral move.
  19. BuckyBadger

    Sharratt named new Navy head coach

    Just curious, why move from Air Force to Navy? Seems as if they will be competing for the same kids. What makes Navy a better job?
  20. BuckyBadger

    Kendric Maple

    What exactly happened with him this year? At this time last year, he was probably thought of as one of the most likely to win in 2014 (after Taylor and Ruth). It wasn't just the post season, he had some head scratching losses in the regular season too. I don't recall seeing a defending national champ regress like that, even with a bump up in weight classes.
  21. BuckyBadger

    Kendric Maple

    That explanation just doesn't make sense. Cody was there last year, and Maple was one of the most dominant of the season.
  22. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  23. BuckyBadger

    Watching matches on espn3

    I have a user name and password from my internet provider, but since I don't have cable, I can't get access to espn3. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas of how to get around this?
  24. BuckyBadger

    Ukraine v. Russia - World Cup

    Considering the Russian team is made up almost exclusively of wrestlers from the Caucus area, a collection of regions that hate the Russian government, and view them as occupiers much like what the Russians are doing in Ukraine, I doubt it will be that heated a dual.
  25. BuckyBadger

    The best 2X NCAA champ?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Kevin Randleman. He mostly likely would have been a 4X finalist and 3X champ if he wrestled his senior year. I always thought if he had pursued freestyle he would have done well.