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  1. Agreed. Thank you all for the info. I hope he recovers 100% and can accomplish his goals in the sport. mspart
  2. From the video I saw, he had a large cushioning type wrap on his right knee. I assumed the injury happened before that particular bout with Gadsen. Still wondering if anyone knows that the particular injury is. mspart
  3. It appears his right knee is injured. And it appears it was injured before his match with Gadsen if that very large knee pad says anything. Does anyone know what kind of injury he sustained at Seniors? I like that these guys want to wrestle but he didn't have to at this meet. In retrospect, not a good decision. But you have to wrestle to stay sharp. Really sad. mspart
  4. How about DT and KS tag team against Sadulaev? I get the feeling that neither one could do it on their own. Hopefully Snyder will up his game and be able to be competitive with Sad even to be able to win. That would be crazy. mspart
  5. mspart


    With regard to the above, themat announced that flowrestling has gotten JB and ZV to agree to a match for Nov 14. So with that we are back into international styles of wrestling. I didn't think Zahid would be able to wrestle. I am glad he can and that Jordan is taking the challenge. It will be a good match I believe. Weight will be somewhere between 74 and 86 kilos. mspart
  6. Will Zahid be eligible? I don't know. I'd say Bo has a good shot but DT is just a beast at this weight. He was such a little guy in college but has filled out tremendously. Bo is not that big. I don't think Bo will take DT. They are in the room together all the time. I'm guessing just as Dake has DT, DT has Bo. In fact, DT has anyone in his weight class and a number out in the same way. I'm not so sure about Dake anymore either. If not DT, then I'm guessing it will be Bo. I think Bo is legit #2 at this weight. mspart
  7. Any word from USAWrestling on how they will field a team for these upcoming 2020 WC's? mspart
  8. I say Taylor wins. Decisively. mspart
  9. Andre Metzger tried to do this with GR and didn't get too far. Kolat came back in 2008 I believe. He made it out of the mini tourney to the US Nationals but didn't get far enough. Cejudo might have a chance. Howe would be interesting but I don't think he would have much. Same with the Paulsons. I think too much time has gone by. But that did not stop Melvin Douglas from coming back and making the team in 2000. So I guess we could have a surprise, but with 6 weights, not as likely. mspart
  10. Seriously, I don't want that to happen to Burroughs!! I think the match will be interesting. mspart
  11. Not being on Twitter and no one stating what the tweet from Chamizo actually was, I'm having a hard time following this. mspart
  12. Saitiev was the best ever. Period. mspart
  13. Wondering why B. Saitiev is not on your list. He dominated from 1996-2008, 3 time Oly gold and hands down the best freestyler ever. If not 1 or 2, then 3. mspart
  14. These are my picks. mspart
  15. Regarding Burton, he was our #2 guy in 1999, so I wouldn't call him completely out of it. But I think Gutches had the upper hand when healthy. Even not healthy, Gutches won one of the olympic trials final matches. But Burton was right up there in US nationals and WTT trials and OTT trials. mspart
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