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  1. He was on the list but I just looked and is no longer on the list. Only Zahid is going from USA at 86. mspart
  2. I'm outta the loop too. I hadn't heard he plans on going to 2024. That's a lot of dedication and training. mspart
  3. Yeah, I just watched the two bouts, Destribats looks pretty good. Not great, but a good enough scrambler to pin Zain and to catch up almost to Yianni. I figured he must be a East European transplant but no, he has been training in Argentina for years. mspart
  4. If their uniform says Russia, they are part of the Russian team. This weasel wording just doesn't make any logicial sense. mspart
  5. Thanks for posting the Sadulaev getting pinned video. Granted it was practice, but it was good to see. mspart
  6. Thanks, I missed that. mspart
  7. Probably discussed, but where is KS? I heard he is ready from his injury. mspart
  8. Yes Please. KS will be interested in that too!! mspart
  9. It will be fun to watch for sure. Not on Flo so I'll have to wait awhile. Perhaps I'll get to see some highlights. JB knows how DT wrestles so I think he will be ready. However DT has had a huge gas tank in the past so that would be an advantage as he is bigger. I honestly couldn't say who will win. JB has had him in the distant past. But now is now and DT is at the top of his weight class. JB is not at the top of his weight class internationally and perhaps domestically. So it would look like DT should prevail. But that's why we have live wrestling!! mspart
  10. from 2019 WC's 55 Zavur Uguev was Cadet WC 2011 and 2012 61 Lomtadze, Lasha Nothing 65 Rashidov, Gadshimurad was Junior bronze in 2014 and 2015 70 Baev, David World champ at Cadet and Junior 74 Sidakov, Zaurbek 3rd at Juniors in 2015 79 Dake 14 in GR WCs in 2008 86 Yazdani Charati, Hassan 2014 Jr WC 92 Cox No Jr competition 97 Sadulaev, Abdulrashid Cadet WC 2012 and 2013 No Jr competition 120 Petriashvili, Geno 2012 3rd, 2013 1st as jr. So it does have some correlation. Not a whole lot but there seems to be a connection to doing well in Jrs indicating some success in Srs. mspart
  11. Canada has a few. I think the Pico comments were in jest. Not in the list. mspart
  12. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/individual-world-cup-entries How come there are no wrestlers from the US participating in this? This is as close to a world championships as we have gotten this year. Perhaps I missed the news that the US will not participate. I think we should be there. mspart
  13. Yes, I think that applies to 79 and 92 weights. Cox and Dake are definitely world class, but those weights are weak compared to 86 and 97. Just my $0.02. mspart
  14. Any details on the changes to the weights in Wrestling? mspart
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