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  1. Any word from USAWrestling on how they will field a team for these upcoming 2020 WC's? mspart
  2. I say Taylor wins. Decisively. mspart
  3. Andre Metzger tried to do this with GR and didn't get too far. Kolat came back in 2008 I believe. He made it out of the mini tourney to the US Nationals but didn't get far enough. Cejudo might have a chance. Howe would be interesting but I don't think he would have much. Same with the Paulsons. I think too much time has gone by. But that did not stop Melvin Douglas from coming back and making the team in 2000. So I guess we could have a surprise, but with 6 weights, not as likely. mspart
  4. Seriously, I don't want that to happen to Burroughs!! I think the match will be interesting. mspart
  5. Not being on Twitter and no one stating what the tweet from Chamizo actually was, I'm having a hard time following this. mspart
  6. Saitiev was the best ever. Period. mspart
  7. Wondering why B. Saitiev is not on your list. He dominated from 1996-2008, 3 time Oly gold and hands down the best freestyler ever. If not 1 or 2, then 3. mspart
  8. These are my picks. mspart
  9. Regarding Burton, he was our #2 guy in 1999, so I wouldn't call him completely out of it. But I think Gutches had the upper hand when healthy. Even not healthy, Gutches won one of the olympic trials final matches. But Burton was right up there in US nationals and WTT trials and OTT trials. mspart
  10. Oh yes, those are good ones. Burton was #2 at the time and Gutches had a bad back. It was not that unexpected. Their Trials finals was delayed to give Les a chance to strengthen up. He needed to but didn't get there. I didn't realize Lowney was in this category, he did phenomenal at the Olys. I really appreciate the input guys. mspart
  11. I know of a few. I think Slay is one, Oscar Wood is another. Any others? mspart
  12. So there is no guarantee that he will go to the next one. It would be great if we could get the situation you described, but I don't think it can happen. mspart
  13. Well, two Olympics before, Monday would have been 27, and Saitiev would have been 13. I say Monday wins. Ha ha!! The best Monday vs the best Saitiev? The fact that Saitiev was GOAT, I say Saitiev. In 2000, Slay kept Saitiev at bay somehow, and then got a surprise takedown in OT and won. Slay did well to counter Saitiev and deserved the win, but I don't think Saitiev took him seriously. His interviews later show that. But he came back and won the next two Olys and most WC's. I'm not sure about JB vs Saitiev. I don't think so but here we have another dominant character. But JB has never been proclaimed as the best freestyler ever. Saitiev is in a class by himself really. Incredible feel for body positioning. I think JB benefits from being so much younger and never having to compete against him. Honest opinion. mspart
  14. It's just what he does ha ha! That would be a great scenario though. But how many yariagans has Sadulaev competed in since becoming a world champ? mspart
  15. I don't need no documentary to tell me Saitiev was great. The guy was a magician. His brother was not half bad either, won gold at weights much greater than his own. Saitiev, Yep, he was an artiste of Freestyle wrestling. The way he dismantled Monday in the 96 Olympics was incredible. Monday was no slouch! mspart
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