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  1. JB goes to Tokyo . mspart
  2. Gotta find the most cheapest and miserable route available. Nice pic by the way. mspart
  3. Snyder is going to Tokyo yo. mspart
  4. I think this is a better decision for J'den, but I think he will lose to Kyle. If I'm wrong, J'den may shock the world. If I'm right, and Snyder improves as he desires, he may shock the world. OTT's will be pretty good I think, or maybe 97 finals will be. mspart
  5. Good question. There is no indication that he will do so. mspart
  6. They've cancelled the Hodge trophy with the statment, "The best wrestlers have already competed. There are no better wrestlers coming in the future. Therefore the Hodge trophy, which celebrates the best, is being retired." You heard it here first folks!! mspart
  7. Anybody have info on why Snyder is not at Yarigan? He's gone the last 3 years. mspart
  8. Sponsorships are good. Just sayin' mspart
  9. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/styles/max_2600_3_2/public/2020-01/74kg - Kyle Douglas DAKE (USA) df. Soner DEMIRTAS (TUR) 31748.JPG?itok=oDy0qvmV Yes indeed. He always looked like he had little definition. Not in this action picture. Even so, I am taking JB for this weight. mspart
  10. I was just saying that he looks like he will be weak for 86kg, he doesn't look all that good in that pic. But it is his decision. Like I said, it is tough being a tweener. mspart
  11. mspart


    Amazing really. Ringer was looking to be able to challenge Taylor but just hasn't turned the corner. Zahid looks really tough, very impressive. mspart
  12. Before Rome, I would not put Zahid in the top three. He really impresses. He seems to be one of those that gets it done when it counts. I guess we'll see. I agree he appears to be the future. mspart
  13. Cox did not look healthy in that picture to me. Too lean. I hope he can maintain strength. I think Taylor wins if they are both in the OTT's. It's gotta be a real bummer to be a tweener with WC's on either side, even if you are a WC yourself. Is it possible Cox looks at the Rome results and decides to go up to challenge Snyder? After seeing that pic, I think that would be the smarter thing to do. mspart
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