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  1. mspart

    Yarygin 2019

    Agreed. this is really too bad. I was looking forward to it. mspart
  2. So there was only one year in the last how many years that there was not a last chance but it is back this year and it just so happens that last year was the year that Oliver was under a sanction? Seems kind of fishy to me the reason for no last chance last year. There easily could have been and he could have competed as his time was up. Now its back. I'm glad it is back. It should have always been there. mspart
  3. mspart

    Yarygin 2019

    Sad mspart
  4. mspart

    JB will be in Siberia!

    He might get hurt though putting his shoes on. mspart
  5. mspart

    Yarygin 2019

    Is Taylor going to defend his title? mspart
  6. mspart

    Yarygin 2019

    Thanks for the info. That is good. I'm glad we are sending a team. Better that it were a full team but still. JB going is a sign he is serious about getting back on top. Good luck to him! mspart
  7. mspart

    Yarygin 2019

    Who is USAWrestling sending? mspart
  8. mspart

    Chidaoba, Georgian Folkstyle

    Looks kind of like judo. mspart
  9. Cael was not the most jacked looking guy out there when he wrestled. Maybe that is part of what is going on. mspart
  10. mspart

    No back points for this?

    Good call Zebra. I can't see it either but would make the same call with authority!! mspart
  11. mspart


    Caption: Thanks coach, now I can wrestle!! Caption: Ok, no go wrestle his heart out!! Caption: A slap a day keeps Coach Brands away Caption: Make his day! My opinion: I see nothing wrong with this if the wrestler wants it for getting him in the zone of winning or die trying. mspart
  12. mspart

    Foxcatcher Movie

    I watched the documentary on Netflix. Good show. Did not watch Foxcatcher. Now I have zero desire to. mspart
  13. mspart


    Yes indeed. I watched him do that. Slapped him so hard he was shaking his hands afterwards because it was so painful. If I remember right, Joe won the NCAA right afterwards. mspart
  14. mspart

    Sad / Taylor

    Definitely Lee would spank Sad. No doubt about it. Har har har!! Sadulaev looked awesome and tore through the field. Including the final. He beat our best. I would love to see them at it again next year or at Yarigan. I would think that Taylor could beat Dake now. Some of the time anyway. Dake, Taylor, and Cox are all WC's. That just tells you how good it is in the US right now and before when Dake and Taylor could not make the team. mspart
  15. You can see it here https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6257242-highlights-of-snyder-vs-sadulaev-ii These are just highlights. But a match that ended at 1:10 into it doesn't have a lot of highlights. Great shot by Sad. mspart