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  1. I didn't know Dads had that! mspart
  2. I think this is a good move. He lost last year to what can be considered "getting caught". I'm not necessarily saying that but it could be thought that way. But losing in the Semi's 5-2 is not good and shows he needs to improve to be able to face Sadulaev. I'm not sure he had to go to PSU but that is a good place for sure. Lots of talent there to learn new perspectives from etc. He gets different coaching which may improve his performance and get him into improving once again. Winning three straight golds was good but taking third this year, he sees that there is a need for improvement that he hasn't gotten at tOSU. That is pretty good, he has seen the results and is making a change to change the results. Hopefully this is successful for him. I have not picked Cox over Snyder at anytime. I don't see that possibility. I think Snyder is the best we have at 97. Cox wrestled in a weight that is not an Olympic weight and is most likely not as tough a weight class. But he got bronzes at Olympic weights so he is no slouch. I just don't see him beating Snyder. My opinion for what it's worth. Good move for Snyder in my opinion. It never hurts to get a new perspective with winners. mspart
  3. I have seen nothing on themat.com. Would appreciate any updates you folks can give. mspart
  4. It's an anonymous source. mspart
  5. Looking at the full list, this will have Terry and Tom fighting each other again. Tom won't have any of it!!! mspart
  6. No coverage so far for the Continental Cup in Russia on Themat.com. When will draws be announced? mspart
  7. I think there is just too much mixing of peoples in the US to come up with that kind of conclusion. We historically have high caliber wrestlers from many parts of the country. And it ebbs and flows. Oregon had many excellent wrestlers come out, not so much now, but in the past. Fozzard, Sanders, Gutches, Wood, Harris, the Russels, and there are more I'm sure. mspart
  8. Now that would be fun to see of course! mspart
  9. Two dudes from CA were pretty good. Unfortunately, not too many of the greats from WA. Whereas OR has some. mspart
  10. Colleges in those states do produce, but they draw from many other states. I think you can legitimately also say Nebraska and Ohio. But our 2019 team are from the following states: 57 - Daton Fix - Oklahoma 61 - Tyler Graff - Colorado 65 - Zain Retherford - Pennsylvania 71 - James Green - New Jersey 74 - Jordan Burroughs - New Jersey 79 - Kyle Dake - New York 86 - Pat Downey - Maryland 92 - J'Den Cox - Missouri 97 - Kyle Snyder - Maryland 125 - Nick Gwiazdowski - New York mspart
  11. Hopefully he can inspire the U23's to get after it. mspart
  12. Yep - Kudos to Gillman for taking gold! mspart
  13. yeah, but what about Zadick? :) mspart
  14. Never say never!!! mspart
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