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  1. That's because us old geezers think the old time greats are the greats. Not sure who could be Monday or Kemp nowadays. They were incredible. mspart
  2. A little late but mention needs to be made of Hancock's great effort to secure for himself a Bronze medal at the 2021 WC's. Congrats G! Heck of an effort. mspart
  3. Is it the black mark system? I've only heard of it, I don't know how it works. But I think once you get so many black marks (usually 2 losses) you are out. Could this also be called DQ? mspart
  4. I'm just saying that perhaps Yianni needs a little more time to percolate.... That's all. mspart
  5. He wrestles really well in any event. mspart
  6. Yeah so what? Maybe Yianni will not move forward or maybe he has a lot of growth to gain and will surpass the world. Maybe he, his own person, not others persons, but just him, needs more time. He is young afterall. We have a number of examples of late bloomers. mspart
  7. Congrats to Helen and Adeline for their Gold medals! Congrats to Hildebrandt and Miracle for their Silver medals! Congrats to Burkert and Molinari for their Bronze medals. Go Tamera, get your Bronze. 6 medals and possibly a 7th. Another stellar performance by our women's team. mspart
  8. Maybe he needs more time. He's still in college for crying out loud. mspart
  9. Yep, really drive him. Perhaps he has a thing or two to learn also. mspart
  10. Ok, John Smith won 6 in a row. Nobody else in the USA has done that. Period. Bruce had a longer career and won lots. Bruce B has 2 olympic Gold, 3 WC gold, Olympic Silver and Bronze, and 3 WC Silver and 3 WC Bronze. Yet no one counts him as GOAT because Smith did 6 in a row. JB is a legend. But his loss at the Olympics blew his chance to equal Smith IMHO. mspart
  11. Taylor does not need a change. He has one loss. But he has beaten him before and can do so again. I think these two may just go back and forth . Snyder is in a different position. He just moved to NLWC and needs to give it some time. Two losses to the Tank in a couple of months should not be cause for alarm. Now if he stays wtih NLWC and the same thing happens next year, then there might be some sense in this talk. Just my $0.02. mspart
  12. Plus DT has a number of pins in his list of wins on the senior circuit, including in the WC semi finals. I'd say he has been more dominant except for his last match. mspart
  13. That's 6 medals out of 8 weights. We will have at least another silver tomorrow so that is 7 medals in 10 weights! Fantastic . mspart
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