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  1. This is all good information. Good for these guys getting a chance they wouldn't have if they wrestled for the USA. In the case of Myles Amine, is it possible that San Marino paid the fees to have him come over? Same with Micic and any other person. It is a lot of dough. If the other country wants them bad enough, I would think they would fork over some amount of money to have them come over. mspart
  2. I know a guy named Roman that is from Moscow. I think he is 6'8". Funny picture to see us walking down the hall together!! mspart
  3. I have not been happy with J'den missing weight and then complaining about it. And then to run off at the mouth about how he is going to take what is his etc etc . And then to lose at Poland right afterwards? I think he was emotional and I think he will be just fine at Worlds. Perhaps he didn't wrestle for third because he was too disappointed at having lost. Maybe he is taking that time for introspection now and injury risk avoidance. I hope so. Because he is not looking like the world beater he was claiming he was. mspart
  4. I used to do 3 sets of 20 all in a minute. Sort of. mspart
  5. The photo above of Gilman's foot doesn't look like the foot of a world level athlete, much less the cankle. Photos are worth more than 1000 words really. mspart
  6. I would really have liked to see Cox go 97. He's the WC at 92, don't need no seeding points. This would have been a good tourney to start backing up his talk. It would be pretty cool if he did and cleaned the slate. Oh well, next year maybe. mspart
  7. Spladle, I assume Frank is in agreement eh? Couldn't resist ha ha. mspart
  8. Spladle, I'm glad you have to ask Rizzo about everything. He knows a lot!! mspart
  9. CUB did not show up for GR today. They excel at that so I'm wondering. Our first four weights in GR all look to go gold. mspart
  10. I read the blog, and I find nothing to complain about. His belief in God does not harm anyone else. In fact, it seems to have helped him find focus and peace. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, there is everything right with finding peace and focus. mspart
  11. There's always the downside. mspart
  12. I'm surprised too. Perhaps he feels it is easier to train for 92 starting now rather than training for 97 now and 92 later. But if there was a time to put up or shut up, this would be it. mspart
  13. If Gable is not the bad draw, he needs to believe in his heart that he is and wrestle like that. Then he has a great chance of being the bad draw. mspart
  14. Yes, this would be great for KS to show up to. For sure. Cox too. It would be a great time for him to see if he can really beat KS if they meet and what kind of competition is at 97kg. As long as his wrath of God does not hurt anyone. I'm thinking Sadulaev will have a little wrath of God on his side too. He usually does. mspart
  15. Sorry that turned into a KS post. I don't think Cox beats KS this year or next personally, but I have been wrong before. mspart
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