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  1. This is the craziest thing I’ve read on here in while (non-COVID division)
  2. Nobody knows anything. That's why there's no news. Anything anyone would say would be so speculative as to be worthless. Look on the bright side. There was an NLWC event, the US Nationals, another NLWC event, Beat the Streets, and the Flo Chamizo/Dake thing. There were a lot of college wrestlers in those events! Plus, the HWC thing is coming up soon, the Flo 195 lb. bracket is next weekend, and the JB/Zahid match two weeks after that. I think we've probably gotten more high level wrestling in the last two months or so than we usually do this time of year. Of course, that will all change when November rolls around and there's no college wrestling, but we can enjoy what we've gotten.
  3. This is about football, but these two quotes made me laugh: 1. "Also, Rutgers fans make no bones about the pool of misery they voluntarily swim in, and generally know they are Rutgers. It’s a lack of ambition I can truly appreciate on a personal level." The wrestling fans, on the other hand, are sure they are always just a year or two away from knocking off Penn State and Iowa. 2. "Why are you in the Big Ten at all, when everyone knows a charter rule of Big Ten membership involves being a place where ordering seafood is a bad idea?" https://mooncrew.substack.com/p/14-big-ten-universities-ranked-by So who wants to rank the most annoying wrestling teams in the Big Ten? I have Rutgers #1 and Purdue #14, but I'm willing to be talked out of either one.
  4. More Starocci! Is Riley Lefever still there? He beat Kollin Moore the last time they wrestled but hasn’t competed in awhile I don’t think.
  5. Belgrade is using the arena for the tournament as a temporary hospital to deal with COVID-19 patients. https://seenews.com/news/serbias-govt-transforms-indoor-arena-into-temporary-covid-19-hospital-717809
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGiGKI5h2HO/?igshid=18be3bs7bkit0 This guy, at least, thinks he has a shot to make the team.
  7. The $1 million or so sounds like it's the total cost, not just operating expenses. That includes salaries, benefits, and 9.9 scholarships. 2019 salary + benefits Steiner $176K Silva $103K Chamberlain $97K Total cost in state is about $22K so 9.9 of those is about $220K Add all that up and you get close to $500K. I would be interested to know how that portion of the cost compares to expectations when the program started. In their EADA disclosure, they list operating expenses of $230K. That still leaves about a quarter million unaccounted for. Someone with the time and inclination could probably FOIA the budget info and find out.
  8. What do you think it would have taken for Fresno State to become a profitable program? You mentioned a sellout for every dual. How many fans is that per match? I don’t know what their arena looks like. If they could average 10,000 per match for 7 dates a year at $15 per ticket, that is about $1 million in ticket revenue which would get them close. It would also make them one of only 2 schools to ever get 70K in total attendance.
  9. That is an explanation for why it’s expensive to travel. It’s not an explanation for why they went way over the expected costs. Flying didn’t drastically rise in cost since that expected budget was developed. Only two schools outside the Power 5 spent more on wrestling than Fresno State, and their relatively low tuition makes scholarship expenses much lower than the likes of Lehigh. It may not have ultimately made a difference, but when you add a sport with financial expectations and then go way past that, it could be cause for evaluating your commitment to that sport. I’m not blaming the coaches here. You don’t just go hundreds of thousands over budget without permission to spend. That’s my question. How did it get to be this way? Which parts of the expected budget are they dramatically overspending?
  10. I’d really like to know how the team was allowed to double the expected operating budget.
  11. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/2020-10/infos_12_belgrade_0.pdf
  12. Senior Nationals decided 6 weights. What about the other 4?
  13. Gable could have just accepted the award at the ceremony where it will be given. Instead, he went up on stage at a rally and told the crowd that the president deserves to be reelected. Announcing the award at an Iowa rally three weeks before the election was a political act. Gable going up on stage at a rally to endorse a candidate was a political act. Those are just facts. The opinions come in when I tell you that Gable endorsing this president should drastically lower your opinion of him as a man.
  14. I hope Martin has been training. Kudos to him for taking the Taylor match on such short notice, but he looked like he did not work out at all between March and the day he agreed to wrestle. A quick look at the bracket makes me think it will be Dean vs Jackson again, with the potential for an in-shape Martin as a wildcard.
  15. The train in Philly costs $2 and is right by the arena, so you can get anywhere and do anything easily. If you're not used to public transportation it takes some getting used to, but it's worth it. I'm glad it seems like there are no football stadiums involved and that we don't have to go back to St. Louis from '22-'26.
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