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  1. I have no inside info, but there is no way Snyder is getting 250K per year to wrestle at NLWC.
  2. Why trust online PR when you can go try to buy tickets yourself? https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/pennstate/EN/link/buy/details/2020USOC
  3. Casey is a great coach, but by no standard is he an upper weight training partner.
  4. Yep, so does Iowa, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Fresno State, Brown, St. Cloud State, Grand Valley, Seton Hill, Clackamas Community College, Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Sacred Heart, John Carroll, and every other college team as well as every town in America. You haven't described something unique to Penn State.
  5. This email went to CoSport account holders, so if you are hoping to get tickets for Tokyo, this may be a chance tomorrow. New Tickets and Packages on Sale Thursday, October 10 at 12pm EDT Join the World for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! In the United States, Japan and around the world, record-breaking interest is paving the way for Tokyo 2020 as athletes begin to qualify, stadiums are completed, and fans plan to experience the Games in less than 300 days. CoSport, the Official Olympic Hospitality Provider and Proud Sponsor of Team USA, is glad to have received newly-released U.S. tickets from the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee so that you may join them at your favorite events or with inclusive Hotel & Ticket Packages. The sale will open Thursday, October 10th at 12pm EDT amid what is expected to be high demand. Here's what you need to know: Queue: Customers will be placed into an ordered queue at 12pm EDT, or beginning at 11am may enter a waiting room for processing into the queue. Live Sale: When a customer's queue enters the live sale, she or he will have time to browse and purchase the newly available tickets on a first come-first served basis. Packages: Hotel & Ticket packages, inclusive of diverse accommodations, exclusive hospitality lounges and expert travel guidance are already available under Olympic Packages. Register: Customers should be sure to first register a CoSport.com user account and ensure registration is up-to-date by October 10th. Thank you, and we hope to see you in Tokyo!
  6. Can you cite a recent source backing up this claim?
  7. Cant really speak to any of this, but getting fired by ISU seems to be a good path to getting hired by USA Wrestling these days.
  8. There's a lot more to wrestling than NCAA Division I.
  9. The window for US buyers to request tickets through the lottery system was back in May.
  10. Typically, the way to get Olympic tickets has been to sign up wit CoSport (the authorized seller for US residents) to get access to the ticket lottery. This needed to be done a long time ago. If you missed that, you might be out of luck. Brazil was an outlier in that many events did not sell the way the organizers anticipated, so there were later chances to buy tickets.
  11. I think the new weigh in rules are going to make things interesting for the guys who are currently in between Olympic weights. Dake says he is going down to 74kg, but this 74kg isn't the same as the last time he wrestled there. It's 5kg down with same day weigh-ins along with a second day weigh-in with no allowance. That's a lot different than making 74kg once the day before. Add onto that the fact that he (and other guys who moved up from Olympic weights), have been up for two years. I'm sure he will make the weight and has a great plan to do so, but going from 79 to 74 in a little over six months is a significant challenge for all of these guys, especially under the current weigh-in rules. The days of someone like Coleman Scott sucking hard down to weight one last time with a full day to recover are over. I will be interested in seeing how all these guys adapt and how it affects the choices these in-between guys make.
  12. Micic is 23 now and will turn 25 shortly after the 2021 NCAA tournament. Should be well on his way to a 2nd or 3rd Master's degree by then.
  13. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/nick-suriano-to-take-olympic-redshirt-for-2019-20/74399 Maybe in the room, but not scoring any team points.
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