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  1. PA AAA 2010 was pretty good. One champ (Megaludis), but seven other DI AAs and three qualifiers. Just 3 of 14 didn't make an NCAA DI tournament. 103 - Santaite vs Schram (AA for Stanford) 112 - Perrelli vs Gulibon (AA for PSU) 119 - Trause vs Megaludis (4x AA, champ for PSU) 125 - Grey vs Port (3x AA, 2x finalist for Edinboro) 130 - Livingston vs Spearman (2x state champ, ran into some trouble after high school) 135 - Burroughs vs Dziewa (2x qualifier for Iowa) 140 - Molinaro vs Kindig (4x qualifier, runner up for OK St) 145 - Winston vs A. Alton (2x qualifier for PSU) 152 - Caldwell vs D. Alton (AA, 3x qualifier for PSU) 160 - Caruso vs M. Peppelman (qualifier for Cornell) 171 - Hogan vs Courts (AA, 3x qualifier for Ohio State) 189 - Dobish vs Callender (wrestled for Drexel, lots of injuries) 215 - Corcoran vs Myers (AA, 2x qualifier for Maryland) 285 - Rey vs Craig (started for Rider for 2 seasons) NJ probably takes this dual based purely on college success.
  2. Make a new wrestling-only conference Cal Poly Bakersfield Cal Baptist Oregon State Arizona State Fresno State Utah Valley All teams are pretty far to the west. Little Rock goes to the Big 12.
  3. There is no conflict with March Madness. The timing of the NCAA wrestling tournament allows it to get a ton of tv coverage because ESPN does not have basketball rights. Moving to late April means competing for ESPN air time with playoff basketball and Major League Baseball. There are reasons to move the season. March Madness is not one of them.
  4. https://www.app.com/story/sports/college/2020/07/11/rutgers-wrestling-second-semester-schedule-only-big-ten/5414628002/ “I can tell you this: We’re probably not wrestling in November and December, which is OK. It should be a second semester sport anyway.” Goodale said he and the other head wrestling coaches in the Big Ten will have a conference call Monday to form a consensus on their proposed plan for a season to present to the Big Ten athletic directors and presidents.
  5. Not a great response from Humphrey, if you ask me
  6. Caldwell hasn't wrestled a match in 8 years, and the last time he competed, he DNP at the final Olympic Trials qualifier. The heights he once reached have nothing to do with his wrestling now. It doesn't matter if he was better at his peak than Pletcher if that peak was nearly a decade ago. I haven't seen him wrestle since then, so who knows what will happen, but picking him to win because of stuff that happened that long ago doesn't make sense. It takes a lot more than "being in shape" to compete with a national champ level wrestler ten years younger than you. Things Caldwell hasn't been training for: 1. Defending turns 2. Staying in the circle 3. Defending wrestling shots 4. Handfighting 5. Shooting on someone in a stance
  7. Did you pick Askren over Burroughs as well? 8 years of no wrestling is not good prep for beating the top seed at the NCAA championships. Have a little respect for how hard it is to be a great wrestler.
  8. I’m taking the guy who’s been training to wrestle. I expect Pletcher to get multiple push outs.
  9. By 2030? Can I bet the other side of your prediction anywhere?
  10. It wasn’t the year he won. Only DiSalvo beat Schlatter that year.
  11. I found that Travis Rutt pinned Quentin Wright just before the Big Tens in 2011.
  12. Who are some recent champs who got pinned during the year they won? Spencer Lee and Zahid Valencia are two of the most recent.
  13. I think that's right, though F&M is a DIII school.
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