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  1. There should be a brief ceremony before his first dual where he goes on the mat under a spotlight, puts his shoes back on, and runs back to the locker room.
  2. Flo has rankings up. Which #1 ranked guy is the most likely to win the title? Which is most likely to end the year off the top step of the podium? Wrestler ability plus quality of competition matters for this one. Most likely to least likely - 4-6 were really tough and I could be talked into almost any order there. Starocci's ranking here is more about respect for Lewis. A full-sized David Carr firing on all-cylinders will be a handful for anyone, and I really want to see the RBY-Arujau match. 1. Yianni 2. Lee - health is a skill 3. Brooks - could make a case to put him above Lee, mainly for health reasons, but I'm not 4. O'Toole 5. RBY 6. Starocci 7. Dean - maybe too high? 8. Schultz - could be highly matchup dependent 9. Matthews 10. Lewan - there's a former national champ at #8; anything can happen here
  3. Try Airbnb. I have had luck using them in the past for the tournament. Looks like some good spots available. Don't know if they are walking distance or not, but there's always Uber.
  4. The Hodge criteria is meaningless and not really worthy of discussion anymore. It's a ex post facto way to justify a selection. After the dual award in 2021, the voting has to be viewed the same way. There no way that they a) tied in the vote and b) the voting results were coincidentally not published. I agree that past accomplishments should be weighted less and that the award ought to be more focused on the current year. If someone dominates all year in a tough weight, he shouldn't automatically be at a disadvantage because another guy won a title or the Hodge previously.
  5. Best bet is a shared award between Yianni and Spencer, with Spencer finishing the year below 20 wins.
  6. When did Gross last make weight two days in a row? Does anyone know?
  7. My only thought was that Dake took two full steps out of bounds before throwing him. I also am very confused by the caution.
  8. The last two years don't really change much for me. Burroughs won a non-olympic weight world title in the same year as the Olympics then won this year in a tournament without Russia. If you thought he was the best before 2021, you still should. If you didn't, I don't believe this title should change your mind just because of counting to a higher number.
  9. Using the full cost of attendance for each athlete to determine money brought in is an incorrect method that assumes no wrestler gets need-based financial aid. For example, while Mercer's total cost of attendance is over $50K, the average net price per student receiving aid is around $21,000.
  10. I was about to say the same thing. Winchester winning would have been an enormous upset.
  11. NCAA Emerging Sports for Women - https://www.ncaa.org/sports/2016/3/2/emerging-sports-for-women.aspx Acrobatics and Tumbling Equestrian (D1 and D2 only) Rugby Triathlon Wrestling STUNT will get voted on at the 2023 convention. Each division votes for a sport individually, though wrestling was approved by all three divisions. Of note is the following from the link: "Institutions may use emerging sports to meet minimum sports-sponsorship requirements and, in Divisions I and II, minimum financial aid requirements."
  12. All of the streaming packages I mentioned above have access to BTN.
  13. You must have a package that includes ESPN to watch the NCAA tournament. Even if you want to watch the individual mat streams, you must have a TV provider. ESPN+ alone will not work. YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and fuboTV are some internet-only options. The same is true for watching anything that airs on BTN. BTN+ alone will let you watch the stuff on BTN+ but not BTN. Your package must include BTN to watch, even if you watch online or in the app.
  14. I don't think that a private school with 3,800 students is going to start out-recruiting a pair of Big Ten public schools in their own state. For Indiana or Purdue to make a big jump, they will need to attract elite out-of-state talent, not just keep good Indiana wrestlers at home. The model is Iowa, not Ohio State.
  15. The University of Indianapolis board of trustees is set to vote on September 30th as to whether or not the school will move from DII to DI. The information is reported in this article about the new teams (including wrestling) at fellow conference school Quincy University. https://www.wgem.com/2022/08/19/five-new-programs-added-qu-athletic-offerings/ "With the move of Lindenwood and Southern Indiana to NCAA Div. I, the Great Lakes Valley Conference has 13 teams for the 2022-23 season. And on Sept. 30, the University of Indianapolis board of trustees will vote on a move to Div. I, which most insiders believe will happen." UIndy finished 6th in last season's NCAA DII Championships and had two finalists.
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