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  1. https://www.thegazette.com/higher-education/university-of-iowa-has-reached-agreement-on-settlement-terms-in-female-athletes-title-ix-suit/
  2. Is he eligible to win again? I don't know the rules.
  3. I think a good question would be to ask if the wrestlers would trade career results if given the chance. Taylor definitely declines the offer after winning gold. It's a closer call with Dake. If you include college, maybe he says no. If it's just post-college, I bet he would trade.
  4. Nick Lee is not the weirdest wrestling nominee on the list.
  5. https://gopsusports.com/news/2021/9/21/penn-state-nittany-lion-wrestling-team-announces-2021-22-schedule.aspx No tournaments and limited action compared to many years. I know some coaches thought the reduced COVID schedule was a net positive, and it looks like Cael agreed. I suppose some of their starters could go to an open tournament, but if they stick to this, PSU wrestlers could enter the postseason with around 15 or 16 matches at the most.
  6. Over 150 colleges in Illinois alone require the vaccine, but, sure, Northwestern’s requirement is a conspiracy to line Pfizer’s pockets. Never mind that Northwestern has ~25,000 students and staff, while Pfizer has administered 220 million doses in the US alone.
  7. It's an indictment of wrestling journalism that there is not a single published story about this news. The entire assistant coaching staff at a Big Ten school is allegedly getting fired three weeks before official practice begins, and the only source is a video on Rokfin that started with five minutes of talk about bagels. Why isn't there a story on InterMat about this, especially since the breaker of the news owns that site?
  8. For anyone wondering, here is a rough comparison of freestyle and college weights. Personally, I don't think college should have three weights above 200 lbs. Bumping 197 up a bit would be ok. Freestyle 125, 134, 143, 154, 163, 174, 189, 203, 214, 275 College 125, 133, 141, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 197, 285
  9. Looks like NW doesn't start class until the 21st, so he hadn't started yet. I assume he’s sitting out the first semester and then redshirting since classes at Oklahoma State have been going for a month.
  10. Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Penn State are the Big Ten schools with no vaccine requirement as of today. Ohio State was the latest to implement a requirement (August 24th). Some schools are doing weekly tests on unvaccinated students. The NCAA is recommending contact sports athletes be tested 3x per week in season, so I expect many schools to follow that guideline and require it out of their opponents.
  11. Announcing that you’re going to make an announcement is dumb.
  12. But you're wrong. It hasn't been a mess. This thread is about an unsubstantiated rumor that is probably false.
  13. The idea that multiple wrestlers on one team are getting six figure deals makes no sense. Why offer 100K when you can get them for 10K (or 1K)? There are three reasons I can think of to offer someone a big NIL deal: 1. To keep them away from a competing business 2. Because you believe that you will make the money back in additional sales or marketing exposure 3. To funnel money to wrestlers on the team without caring if you make it back in sales The third one seems like something a compliance office could get antsy about, especially if it seems like the payment is not for work actually performed.
  14. I was wrong about Moore easily taking Hidlay. he had to dig deep to come up with a win.
  15. It takes no special effort to remember that there's one guy on a wrestling message board who always wants people to quit wrestling.
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