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  1. At the end of the second period, Sloan turned Warner for 2, when the ref made the "holding two" signal, the table entered the points. When he awarded the points, the table added two more. Sloan's turn in the 3rd made the "score" 18-3 when he had really only scored 16 points, but nobody caught the error and we got to see the rare 13 point tech fall. You can see it around 10:20 in this video: https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6180176-2018-midlands-championships/videos?playing=6303384
  2. IronChef

    Worst Dual ever?

    If Flo knew he was out and didn’t report it, shame on them. If they traded access on the condition that they wouldn’t reveal it, they need to come out and admit they are not journalists. Can you imagine ESPN running hype on a big NFL game for a week and never revealing that the star QB wouldn’t be playing until obliquely mentioning an injury at the start of the game? My hope is Flo was as blindsided as the rest of us, but that seems unlikely.
  3. IronChef


    I think this would be less of an issue if Brands wasn’t being deceptive. Just say Warner will be back next week. Don’t make up a lie about Juniors and the claim he “just got back.”
  4. https://www.si.com/olympics/2018/11/07/one-legged-wrestler-aiming-pull-world-record-during-jets-bills-halftime Anthony Robles has been training and will try to break the record for pull-ups in one minute. The current record is 61.
  5. IronChef

    Clarion Open

    Nevills's last loss was to defending Division III champ Jake Evans from Waynesburg.
  6. IronChef

    Does Penn State need a new lightweight coach?

    Penn State has had at least one lightweight (125-141) All-American every year since Cael got there except his first season and 2017 when Suriano got hurt. The fact that Jordan Conaway became a 2x All-American is all anyone should need to see to know that they are all set with coaching lightweights.
  7. The time made the value proposition a little tough as well. Only the semis and finals were at a reasonable hour in the US. Plus, NBC sports had a lot of the medal matches on tape delay.
  8. IronChef

    Anyone Else Think Burroughs seemed, limited?

    When he went up 3-2 with 90 seconds left, I was hoping he wouldn't try to win by that score, but he did and paid for it. You can't give a Russian that much time to tee off on you and expect it to go well.
  9. Long Island University is combining the two athletic departments on its Brooklyn and Post campuses and taking the newly combined department into DI. LIU-Post has a wrestling team, and the new LIU wrestling team is slated to compete in DI on the Post campus. https://liupostpioneers.com/news/2018/10/2/baseball-liu-announces-unification-into-one-liu-division-i-program.aspx
  10. IronChef

    BYU Dropping Wrestling Club - Sign Petition

    If you read the article, BYU is not dropping their club. They do not have an official wrestling club and haven't in two years. The school is telling a group of students to stop using the BYU name for an unofficial club team. It doesn't make things better for these wrestlers, but it may help with the discussion here.
  11. IronChef

    No more T Row and Funky show

    Casber is one of the worst interviewers I've ever heard. He loves the sound of his own voice.
  12. IronChef

    Looking for Suite Tickets

    The tournament is taking place in a state where wrestling is very popular and the event is almost exactly halfway between the two best teams. Also, the arena is smaller than the one in Cleveland. I think it will be a tough ticket to get.
  13. IronChef

    JO nagging Retherford

    Building interest and personal brands is a good thing. Acting like a giant tool isn't. Oliver is only good at the second one.
  14. IronChef

    Richard Perry accident

    There is zero evidence supporting this statement.
  15. IronChef

    Poland—Ranking Series Event

    It depends on a few things. First, do you actually believe you'll never make it? For many, I think the answer is no. Beyond that, people compete for the love of the sport. Take it back a step to college. Not every wrestler in college thinks he will be a national champ, but they all keep going. Teams are full of guys who never even start, but they don't quit. If the only options are world team or failure, that's a miserable way to go through your time as a wrestler. For most, I think they get more out of it than that.