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  1. Rutgers wins the prize for highest ratio of attention to success. Love to hear about the returning 12th place Big Ten team.
  2. You don't have to know a thing about criteria to know who is ahead. You just have to be able to recognize which wrestler has a line under his score. I'm with JB above. We are at the point where it's willful if you don't have any understanding of criteria. There are confusing rules all across sport. How many rules in football are both more complex than criteria but also understood by most fans?
  3. Someone has to, by rule, be put on the clock by the end of the second minute of a scoreless match. A 0-0 final is proscribed by the rules.
  4. Just watched the replay, and it was definitely for the headbutt. Pretty easy call, I think.
  5. I would expect him to return in plenty of time for next season. He’s 10 1/2 months away from the first competition of the year, and those are usually just open tournaments. If he was a basketball player, it might be a different story, but wrestling isn’t the same strain on that particular ligament. David Taylor went from torn ACL in May to Pan Am qualifier champ in March. That’s a similar timeline to having Karchla ready to go in November. Didn’t Yianni wrestle the NCAA finals with a torn ACL and come back to wrestle the following November?
  6. This is true, but I question if there are people out there who a) would be willing to pay $150 a year to see wrestling, b) are interested in the match, and c) have never heard of Flo.
  7. I question the original poster's sincerity a bit. If you go back through his posting history, he has been coming to this forum to ask some version of this question periodically for six or seven years.
  8. If you actually want to wrestle, contact a school you're interested in and tell them your situation. They can tell you exactly what eligibility you have left, if any. Even if you get correct information on this forum, it won't be specific to your educational and athletic history.
  9. Destribats won a bronze at 61 at the recent Individual World Cup
  10. I think it sometimes depends on when the starter becomes unavailable. Did they know way ahead of time, or was it a day or two before? Making weight is a process, so your backup can't just snap his fingers and make weight when he wasn't expecting to. A lot of times when a starter is out the backup who wrestles is from the next weight down. Under normal circumstances, you would not bring someone out of redshirt just for a match or two, and that limits flexibility, but this year that won't be an issue. I expect fewer forfeits this year.
  11. Ashnault seems unlikely to be a factor at 65. Eked out a win with some officiating help over Henderson then looked completely baffled by Bajrang and Yianni.
  12. Seems like you quoted the wrong post then.
  13. If you're going to make corny jokes, at least get your story straight. Slay didn't get another match after he lost in the Olympic finals.
  14. This is a piece of pure art *chef's kiss*
  15. I think he's got at least one more year in him after this, regardless of weight. Otherwise, why go through the whole "move to Penn RTC" announcement way ahead of time? Surely there is some sort of clause in his contract requiring a resident athlete to actually be an athlete. Of course, I suspect he also has an agreement to stay on as a club coach even after he hangs up his competition shoes. I will be interested to see what he does after he stops competing. He tried the college coaching route once before and didn't care for it, but that wasn't the same Burroughs as now. He could probably go the Robles route and do public speaking, clinics, and write a book. If my math is correct, he has won $495,000 through the Living the Dream fund alone, so I expect he is in good shape financially to do whatever he wants.
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