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  1. IronChef

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    It's enforced because you are wrong and it is a rule: https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/2018-12/wrestling_rules.pdf Article 29 – Interrupting and Continuing the Bout When the wrestling has been stopped in standing or “parterre” position, it will recommence standing. Wrestling must be stopped and resumed at the center of the mat in the standing position if: - One foot entirely touches the protection area and no action is executed. - The wrestlers in a hold go into the passivity zone with three or four feet without executing the hold and stay there. - If the bottom wrestler’s head entirely touches the protection zone.
  2. Agreed. I'm a little worried about having it in Austin, since I don't think they have any wrestling mats there, if all those Behind the Dirt videos are any indication.
  3. IronChef


    Are you suggesting that nearly 35 year old Ben Askren try to become a competitive wrestler again almost ten years after his last meaningful match?
  4. IronChef

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    What's your point? All I'm saying is that you can't go back and rewrestle a part of the match. It's not permitted under the rules, and it seems like some people don't know that.
  5. IronChef

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    There is no provision in the rules to do this. I worry that there are people out there who think that was an option.
  6. IronChef

    NCAA approves shorts

    Two piece uniforms have been allowed for some time. It was not an experimental rule. The following is copied from the current rules book: Spandex/Lycra: A competition uniform that consists of a T-shirt style top and shorts. The top shall be a form-fitted, sleeveless or short-sleeved, T-shirt style and not cover or extend beyond the elbow. In addition, the length of the top shall be longer than the torso to prevent it from becoming untucked. The top shall remain tucked into the shorts at all times during competition. The shorts shall be form-fitting with a minimum 4-inch inseam and not extend beyond the top of the knees.
  7. IronChef

    NCAA approves shorts

    Singlets are fine. Minnesota's singlets are not fine.
  8. IronChef

    52 Minutes With Robbie Howard

    It's like clockwork. Stud high school wrestler picks a school, fans of schools he didn't pick clamor to say he's overrated or won't pan out. Happens every time. Doesn't matter which school.
  9. IronChef

    Folkstyle Influence

    The call was confirmed on the mat and upheld on review. The review decision is made by the review official upon watching the video and discussing with the chairman. The judge and mat official are not part of a challenge. What that means is that at least three out of four of our top officials agreed it was a takedown (2 of 3 officials plus replay official) and it could have been all four. They know the rules better than all of us and have a lot more experience applying them.
  10. What does everyone think of the Japanese system for picking a team? They have two tournaments, one in December and one this week. If the same person wins both, that's who makes the team. If the winners are different, they wrestle off in July for the spot.
  11. IronChef

    Final X - Lincoln

    Interlocking fingers despite repeated warnings
  12. IronChef

    The DECISION (yianni v retherford)

    If a call is challenged and overturned in the other guy's favor, you didn't win, you were just the temporary beneficiary of a call later deemed incorrect.
  13. IronChef

    Women's College Wrestling

    There isn't room or time for it, for starters. Doubling the number of weight classes is impractical.
  14. IronChef

    Koll on the Call

    This is the whole deal right here. It's not in the rules, so it should not be considered in whether or not to set aside the result.
  15. IronChef

    Women's College Wrestling

    Why would they be at the same events? They are different teams and different sports. All the momentum in women's college wrestling has been happening with freestyle rules. There's no good reason to change that.