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  1. This article about 133 is on the NCAA website: https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-02-10/race-be-college-wrestlings-133-pound-national-champion-incredibly How likely is the champ to be one of the four guys listed (Gross, DeSanto, RBY, Rivera)? What odds would you need to be willing to bet the field over those 4?
  2. Prices were not lower than previous years for the lower bowl. 50-75 yards from the mat is a low end estimate, I think. I'll reserve final judgement until I'm in the stadium, but I currently hope this will be a one year experiment.
  3. The arguments here are insane. The move is neither dangerous nor uncommon, and he didn't wrench against the joint. Here's the clip below. You can see it's not nearly as extreme as some are making it out to be. Yes, it put pressure on his knee. Many wrestling moves put pressure on joints. Most of the time there isn't an injury. Sadly, this time there was.
  4. Every wrestler knows you can't throw your headgear. Here's the second call. A bunch of wrestlers ran onto the mat. That's a penalty in any sport.
  5. Who are some wrestlers who have had three straight undefeated seasons? Zain did it, as did Cael (4 in a row, obviously). I don't think anyone did it between those two or since Zain, so who did it before Cael? By three straight, I mean exactly that: three consecutive years without a loss. No redshirts in between.
  6. People are getting down on Gable because you need your best wrestler to push for as many bonus points as possible in a dual that was still in doubt when the match started. He just kind of hung out after he got a lead. If he wanted a tech fall, he would have gotten it. He didn't want it.
  7. Any idea what Steveson was up to in this match? No real push to score a lot of points to maybe get a tech fall. Just kind of let Traub hang around. The dual was still in doubt at that point.
  8. Rasheed can definitely lose. He’s not who he used to be (yet?). I also think Lee is more likely to get bonus points than lose.
  9. I am interested in seeing Dake compete when he still has to make weight again the next day. The tournament in Italy was just one day. Do Burroughs and Snyder have to make weight both days at the trials?
  10. The atmosphere at Rec Hall may be great, but the experience is less so. Hard bleachers with no backs, and your seat is delineated by two painted lines that aren't nearly far enough apart.
  11. Seeding a guy who hasn't wrestled a freestyle match in 3 years #1 is utter madness. Yes, he won a junior world title last time out...at 50kg...in 2016.
  12. A junior world title from four years prior at 50kg should have no bearing on Olympic Trials seeding. Using an even older Cadet result to seed an Olympic Trial is malpractice.
  13. The two day weigh in will play a role in his chances to make the team. That said, if he followed the rules for an NCAA athlete and didn't use a sauna to make 57 this weekend, perhaps that will help in April when he will be permitted to use a sauna to make 57 two days in a row if he gets that far.
  14. Thanks Flo for the clickbait headline: Jaydin Eierman Knows Exactly Where He Wants To Transfer Not included was the rest of the headline: But You Won't Find Out Where In This Video
  15. In case it was unclear, when I said "easier to make," I meant the extra 2kg, given that he has been at 70kg lately. I don't think he's more likely to make the Olympic team in greco than freestyle.
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