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  1. Not arguing that he gets big. I'm saying he did not lose 44 lbs. in 11 weeks. He did not lose 23% of his body weight in less than 3 months.
  2. I don't believe him. He did not lose 44 pounds in less than 3 months.
  3. Is the suggestion that Ramos, who moved out of Illinois as an 18 year old in 2009 and has since been living in Iowa and North Carolina, somehow has extensive recruiting resources in Chicagoland or is viewed as a big draw among high school wrestlers who were in elementary school that last time he lived in the state full time? This isn't a knock on Ramos; it's more about the people who evaluate candidates for every opening based on where they grew up without considering what happened since then.
  4. If Branch and Schwab are serious candidates, they will be tough to beat. I assume both would be getting significant pay raises to go. It could set off quite a coaching carousel.
  5. It's worth mentioning here, for those who are unsure, that the Smith referenced in the Randy Lewis stories is Lee Roy Smith, not John Smith.
  6. According to Flo, Sidakov and Chamizo will be on opposite sides of the bracket due to seeding points, leaving Dake to be drawn in. He will have to beat both of them (or guys who beat one of them) to win the gold. https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6966544-2021-olympic-qualifiers-mens-freestyle/38241-74kg-zaurbek-sidakov
  7. It's funny to imagine someone watching Dake and thinking he has a "relentless pace" that can only be the result of doping. To answer the original question, I wonder if the step out rule has leveled the field a bit on conditioning. You can't go out of bounds to tske a break, so you have to be in good shape. That and the break between periods. When the match was one five minute go, conditioning could play more of a factor.
  8. Another head coach opening, another chance for a bunch of posters to fundamentally understand what exactly the head coach of a big time wrestling program does.
  9. Using non-college results and rules to decide Snyder is the best collegian ever is some interesting logic, especially since he lost in college after achieving those results, thus showing how different they really are.
  10. An alien lands on your front yard and walks out of his ship with a time machine and an ultimatum. "Go find a wrestler for one college match. If he loses, I shoot your dog." I don't care how much of an Iowa, Ohio State, or whatever fan you are, you take a few deep breaths and a long look in the mirror, then you head to Ames, Iowa, in 2003.
  11. Not sure how you define that, but you can see his record here: https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-07-06/cael-sanderson-college-statistics-records-championships?amp
  12. Two seasons as a volunteer assistant and one as a second assistant and still competing actively is not the resume of a Big Ten head coach.
  13. https://collegian.csufresno.edu/2020/06/fresno-state-wrestling-holds-independent-review-faces-stripper-allegations/ I wouldn't call it a huge scandal, but I believe this is what you're talking about. The program was costing a lot more than anticipated, which I think was the biggest reason given for the cut.
  14. Here are some Illinois high school wrestlers at the NCAAs this year. Did the Illini miss badly on any of these guys or pick the wrong wrestler instead? There were 7 All-Americans from Illinois this year. Hayes, UVA McGee, ASU Duncan, Illinois O'Connor, UNC Thomas, Northwestern Warner, Iowa Cassioppi, Iowa Illinois guys eliminated on Day 2 Ragusin, Michigan Surtin, Missouri Rundell, Purdue Van Vleet, Air Force Woods, Stanford Cheloni, NIU Ogunsanya, Army Coleman, Purdue Hartman, Army Lewan, Michigan Ferrante, Northwestern Tucker, Michigan State Washington, Indiana Z. Braunagel, Illinois Caffey, Michigan State Norfleet, ASU Schultz, Nebraska Luffman, Illinois Traxler, Stanford
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