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  1. It’s a testament to Burroughs’s media savvy that anyone thinks he's humble.
  2. Eligibility Between Terms. To be eligible for competition that takes place between terms (including competition between a student-athlete's final term as an undergraduate student and first term as a graduate or postbaccalaurate student), the student-athlete shall: (Revised: 1/11/89, 3/27/18) (a) Have been registered for the required minimum full-time load (see Bylaw 14.2.2) at the conclusion of the term immediately preceding the date of competition, if the student is continuing enrollment; or (b) Be accepted for enrollment as a regular full-time student for the regular term immediately following if the student is either continuing enrollment or beginning enrollment (see Bylaw
  3. Not the easiest call, but I think it's pretty clearly not a takedown.
  4. It's happened before: https://www.pennlive.com/patriotnewssports/2011/12/zain_retherford_loses_appeal_a.html
  5. The story continues... https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/local-news/piaa-places-bishop-mccort-athletics-wrestling-team-on-probation/
  6. None of those articles listed an amount. It was certainly covered, but there is no evidence he has the highest NIL payout.
  7. Do you have a source for this? Who was this giant deal with? Are you basing this on that one viral tweet from an account without a real name that also didn't cite a source?
  8. He's wearing a shirt with his own name and logo on it. You can get your own here: https://spartancombat.com/collections/yianni-diakomihalis-official-store
  9. "My wife didn't do it, so nobody else will want to," is not a very persuasive argument.
  10. Whose tool, though? They're trying to make money, and they have the data on what drives subscriptions. Flo's goal is to get more people to subscribe to Flo, not advance Olympic wrestling in the United States. I can only imagine the disparity in viewing numbers from freestyle to greco this past week. Some of that is because American wrestlers were all over the semis and medal rounds that aired during the day in men's and women's freestyle while the greco guys had their typical struggles.
  11. The circumstances around Iowa adding the sport should temper any excitement about a potential boom in big time college women's wrestling. A couple of full time coaches, a national travel schedule, and 10 full scholarships is an expensive ask coming after COVID.
  12. I would argue that this week didn't change anything for JB in an all time ranking. He either was the best before this or he wasn't and either is still true. The nature of this tournament including the timing and the composition to me means that Burroughs essentially held serve. There are persuasive arguments on both sides, but I don't think this week should have changed anyone's mind.
  13. The NCAA recommends wrestlers either be vaccinated or antigen tested 3x per week and within 24 hours of competition (1x per week for PCR). I have heard of teams that will only wrestle against other teams that follow this guideline. I assume all D1 teams are following it, so there won't be any issues.
  14. I didn't see the match, but one hand out does not count as out of bounds so it doesn't matter if a hand touches first.
  15. He's going to do exactly what you want all wrestlers to do: quit wrestling and focus on a career.
  16. It was the classic Dake trifecta 1. Won the match 2. Got a lead and quit trying to score 3. Jawed at the ref and his opponent
  17. I believe there are three groups: 1. Taylor Fans 2. Anti-Taylor Fans 3. Dake Fans The first two groups are much larger than the third, and of course there is some overlap between 1&3 and 2&3.
  18. https://www.thegazette.com/higher-education/university-of-iowa-has-reached-agreement-on-settlement-terms-in-female-athletes-title-ix-suit/
  19. Is he eligible to win again? I don't know the rules.
  20. I think a good question would be to ask if the wrestlers would trade career results if given the chance. Taylor definitely declines the offer after winning gold. It's a closer call with Dake. If you include college, maybe he says no. If it's just post-college, I bet he would trade.
  21. Nick Lee is not the weirdest wrestling nominee on the list.
  22. https://gopsusports.com/news/2021/9/21/penn-state-nittany-lion-wrestling-team-announces-2021-22-schedule.aspx No tournaments and limited action compared to many years. I know some coaches thought the reduced COVID schedule was a net positive, and it looks like Cael agreed. I suppose some of their starters could go to an open tournament, but if they stick to this, PSU wrestlers could enter the postseason with around 15 or 16 matches at the most.
  23. Over 150 colleges in Illinois alone require the vaccine, but, sure, Northwestern’s requirement is a conspiracy to line Pfizer’s pockets. Never mind that Northwestern has ~25,000 students and staff, while Pfizer has administered 220 million doses in the US alone.
  24. It's an indictment of wrestling journalism that there is not a single published story about this news. The entire assistant coaching staff at a Big Ten school is allegedly getting fired three weeks before official practice begins, and the only source is a video on Rokfin that started with five minutes of talk about bagels. Why isn't there a story on InterMat about this, especially since the breaker of the news owns that site?
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