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    Yianni-Zain: Who is favored in the wrestleoff?

    Yianni's break even point is about 70%. If he is above 70% likely to win a single match, that's the threshold necessary to become more likely than not to win two in a row. Winning the first match is a huge advantage in a best of three series. That said, even at 71% likely to win a single match, he's still just over 50% likely to win the series. If you think Yianni will prevail, you have to believe he is a heavy favorite in each match, because even at 70%, that makes it a coin flip whether or not he wins the spot. This assumes that each match is independent.
  2. I think I would pay $5 to never hear this expression again.
  3. IronChef

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Caldwell/Metcalf was so good and so stunning that nobody in the arena watched Burroughs win his first title because they were talking about the previous match.
  4. Bobby Douglas is 72 years old, so my guess is no.
  5. IronChef

    2020 NCAA seating

    This is Quicken Loans Arena, site of the 2018 NCAA Championships. The left image is the hockey seating setup. The right image is the same setup if you cut out all of the seats that would be unavailable with a football field in there. Almost the entire lower bowl is eliminated. The closest seats in Minnesota will be the same as upper level seats in Cleveland.
  6. IronChef

    2020 NCAA seating

    Why give 18,000 people a good experience when you can give 40,000 a bad one? So far the only reason I’ve heard for doing this is to be able to brag about record crowds and take photos of all these people watching matches on a video board. Also, nobody will be able to see the scoreboards for the mats.
  7. IronChef

    Spencer Lee talks about freestyle

    If this were true, nobody would be asking why he sat out two seasons worth of freestyle while in college.
  8. It ultimately doesn't matter who is named the head coach of the RTC. Any important decision about who gets funded or where guys compete is made by the college head coach.
  9. It is absolutely an unfair advantage. The question is whether or not the unfairness is worth dealing with in order to get the benefits. To me, the weirdest thing about the RTC model is that they exist ostensibly to help develop international wrestling success, but the people who donate to them do so in order to help make a college team better.
  10. IronChef

    2020 NCAA seating

    Who cares if there are 15,000 lower level seats if those seats are over 100 yards away from the action?
  11. IronChef

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    "After having reviewed the action and after a consultation with the mat chairman, the refereeing delegate (or his substitute), renders its decision. He intervenes and renders its decision in all cases. His decision will be final and may not be discussed." This is from page 26 of the UWW rules: https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/2018-12/wrestling_rules.pdf
  12. IronChef

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    That's the way it works. When there's a challenge, the replay official can discuss the situation with the chairman, but the replay official makes the final call. The ref and judge are no longer part of the process.
  13. IronChef

    Dake/Dieringer Final X location?

    Jaroslav up there is letting you all know that the reason the event is in Austin is because that is the site of the Flowrestling HQ, where he works every and see many wrestling t-shirts.
  14. IronChef

    2012 Olympic Team Champs???

    The problem here is that Kudukhov did not get his medal stripped due to his untimely death.
  15. IronChef

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    My guess in order of most to least likely 1. No change 2. Re-wrestle match 2 3. Overturn match 2 result I would hope that there is a presumption that the position of the governing body is correct and the challenger has a high burden of proof to overturn the authority of the USOC-appointed organization. I don't know if that's the case, so it's hard for me to make a confident prediction, but I do believe the first two options are much more likely than the third. I'm prepared for anything, though.
  16. IronChef

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    This is my question. I don't think Zain is one of the parties to the arbitration. It's Yianni vs USA Wrestling, so I don't see how Zain would be involved. Perhaps his coaches would be if their testimony is required.
  17. IronChef

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    I wonder if Zain is involved in any way in the process. I assume not, since it’s Yianni challenging a USA Wrestling decision.
  18. IronChef

    Scoring blunder at Fargo

    Telling them they have to challenge is the same garbage that Ian Miller dealt with in his NCAA semifinal fiasco in 2015. What if they would have challenged this and lost the challenge? Would they lose a point because they thought the score was wrong?
  19. IronChef

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    It's enforced because you are wrong and it is a rule: https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/2018-12/wrestling_rules.pdf Article 29 – Interrupting and Continuing the Bout When the wrestling has been stopped in standing or “parterre” position, it will recommence standing. Wrestling must be stopped and resumed at the center of the mat in the standing position if: - One foot entirely touches the protection area and no action is executed. - The wrestlers in a hold go into the passivity zone with three or four feet without executing the hold and stay there. - If the bottom wrestler’s head entirely touches the protection zone.
  20. Agreed. I'm a little worried about having it in Austin, since I don't think they have any wrestling mats there, if all those Behind the Dirt videos are any indication.
  21. IronChef


    Are you suggesting that nearly 35 year old Ben Askren try to become a competitive wrestler again almost ten years after his last meaningful match?
  22. IronChef

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    What's your point? All I'm saying is that you can't go back and rewrestle a part of the match. It's not permitted under the rules, and it seems like some people don't know that.
  23. IronChef

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    There is no provision in the rules to do this. I worry that there are people out there who think that was an option.
  24. IronChef

    NCAA approves shorts

    Two piece uniforms have been allowed for some time. It was not an experimental rule. The following is copied from the current rules book: Spandex/Lycra: A competition uniform that consists of a T-shirt style top and shorts. The top shall be a form-fitted, sleeveless or short-sleeved, T-shirt style and not cover or extend beyond the elbow. In addition, the length of the top shall be longer than the torso to prevent it from becoming untucked. The top shall remain tucked into the shorts at all times during competition. The shorts shall be form-fitting with a minimum 4-inch inseam and not extend beyond the top of the knees.
  25. IronChef

    NCAA approves shorts

    Singlets are fine. Minnesota's singlets are not fine.