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  1. The 7th Annual Grappler Fall Classic is just three weeks away in Battle Creek, MI. High School Elite & Varsity, Middle School, and Elementary divisions all compete on the same day under the same roof with college rules and national competition. More info/online registration: www.GrapplerFallClassic.com GFC Stud List: http://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/676013?referrer_id=1024517 Full Entry list (HS divisions): http://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/556689?referrer_id=1024517 All-State Entries (HS division): http://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/690545?referrer_id=1024194
  2. The 6th Annual Grappler Fall Classic is just a little over a month away, going down Saturday, October 17th, and we have studs coming from across the country to Battle Creek, MI to compete! The GFC features college rules, live streaming video of every mat featured on TrackCast, and all ages wrestling under one roof on one day. For more information on the Grappler Fall Classic, including online history, past champions, and online registration, go to www.GRAPPLERFALLCLASSIC.com E-mail grapplerfallclassic@gmail.com with any questions! Returning All-State Wrestlers already registered in the High School division *Indicates State Champ 112 Drew Hutchison (Michigan) *Mason Wohltman (Florida) 119 Carl Antrassian (Michigan) *Augustine Facundo (Michigan) *Max Johnson (Michigan) Paul Konrath (Indiana) Steven Moreno (Florida) *Joseph Silva (Florida) 125 Breydon Bailey (Indiana) Jackson Renicker (Michigan) *Devin Schroder (Michigan) 130 Dominic Gardner (Michigan) Bryce Marcus (Florida) Nolan Saxton (Michigan) KJ Suitor (Michigan) 135 Grant Arronof (Florida) Nino Bastianelli (Michigan) *Reiley Brown (Michigan) Jonah Grimm (Michigan) Carlos Marceau (Michigan) Drew Mandell (Michigan) *Matt Santos (Michigan) *Kanen Storr (Michigan) *Fraco Valdes (Florida) Ethan Woods (Michigan) 140 Reece Hughes (Michigan) Bryan LaVearn (Michigan) Chase Veydt (Michigan) 145 Nathan Atienza (Michigan) Zach Blevins (Michigan) Erich Byelick (Florida) Owen Donovan (Michigan) Dylan Dwyer (Michigan) *Adam Lewis (Florida) Noah Nieman (Michigan) *Julian Ramirez (Florida) 152 Sage Castillo (Michigan) Cael McCormick (Indiana) Jake Tucker (Illinois) 160 *Elijiah Cleary (Florida) Hunter Gasper (Michigan) *Foster Karmon (Michigan) Brad Laughlin (Indiana) Collin Lieber (Michigan) *Blake Montrie (Michigan) 171 Brian Buser (Florida) *Andrew McNally (Ohio) Levi Sabin (Michigan) 189 Adolfo Sotolongo (Florida) *Brandon Whitman (Michigan) 215 Chase Beard (Michigan) Benjamin Goldin (Florida) Grant Martin (Ohio) Colin McFarland (Michigan) *Luke Ready (Michigan) 285 Thomas Rock (Michigan)
  3. The 5th Annual Grappler Fall Classic will take place on October 18th in Battle Creek, Michigan and registration for this year's GFC will open on Friday, August 1st. The GFC has grown into one of the premiere pre-season national events in the country, and with our location in Southwest Michigan, the GFC has proven to be a conveinent, affordable event for the wrestling hotbed Midwestern States. Last year's GFC featured over 500 High School wrestlers, with 40% of the field consisting of wrestlers who were All-State or State Champion wrestlers in their respective high school state tournaments. To learn more about the GFC, including tournament details and history, go to www.GRAPPLERFALLCLASSIC.com Registration will be on TrackWrestling and links to registration will be on the GFC Website as well. Get registered this weekend and #GETSOME at the GFC. grapplerfallclassic@gmail.com www.grapplerfallclassic.com @michgrappler #GFC2014 #GETSOME
  4. Check out the The Associated Wrestling Press's Fargo Predictions for both styles: http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1023868 http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1023868
  5. The Associated Wrestling Press has released our first installment of national grade level rankings, and they are the only grade level rankings out there that are not attached to a premium service, check them out ... http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1024552 http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1024552 http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... 24552-news
  6. Check out our in depth breakdown of each weight for FILA Cadets this weekend on The Associated Wrestling Press... http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com
  7. Check out the Associated Wrestling Press's in depth previews of the MAC, EIWA, and ACC Tournaments below... MAC Tournament: http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1024552 EIWA Tournament: http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1023868 ACC Tournament: http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com ... id=1023868
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