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  1. Having cauliflower ear and roommates that watch the Soprano's way to much
  2. i had good luck with NCAA ticket exchange 2 years back was able to get all sessions for $175
  3. I would also add Ian Miller getting robbed against Realbuto in the Semis in 2015.
  4. I am fairly sure they are not allowed to have any contact what so ever with the team. I am unsure if they are still allowed to use campus facilities (ie. weight-room, track, ect..). Considering this is a University of Minnesota matter and not a NCAA, I would assume different rules apply. At my college if you were suspended by the college, you were pretty much on your own and were to have no contact with the team at all. But, you were allowed to do check ins with your coach to assure you were serving you suspension and following all rules that went with the suspension.
  5. This needs to be published in a bigger outlet than Flowrestling. This level of corruption should be in the sports section of some major news papers, or a magazine like SI. I know wrestling isn't a widely followed sport but this level of corruption is astounding, and should be given better coverage. With that said, huge props to Flowrestling on a well written story.
  6. I think a 230 class would be a great break between heavy and 197, it's 10 pounds up form 220 in high school and most upper weights from high school can grow into that weight in college
  7. My top 3: California: Single Division and Depth of the State Iowa: Just think winning a title there is prestigious Illinois: Home state
  8. Murphy has always been a scrapper, and has been doing this since he was in high school. He has always had I will not take crap from anyone kind of attitude, and I think it is what makes him so tough that he won't back down from anyone. Could it back fire one day and have refs perceive it in the wrong way and ding him for a point, maybe. Overall, I've watched Murphy since he was kid and he as tough as most come.
  9. Michael Johnson Jr (Montini Catholic, IL) the #1 ranked Heavyweight from the 2014-2015 season has transferred from Yale to Duke. and will be returning to the mat.
  10. Only problem is that there is nothing around United Center that can hold up with the crowds and the neighborhood is still in redevelopment. Don't get me wrong the arena is amazing and anyone who has ever been to a Hawks game knows how loud that place can get. But, I just don't think it has the surround infrastructure that is within walking distance.
  11. Personally, I would live to see the tournament come to Chicago, but there just isn't a venue that would give a great experience. United Center (seats 20,500) is a great arena but it is not in the greatest of areas and the surrounding area is still being redeveloped. Given that you are right off the highway and near public transportation that could take you downtown right away. There really is not any where within walking distance other than a handful of bars that could not handle the huge crowd coming from the arena between sessions. Allstate Arena (seats 18,500 is another option with O'hare right next to it,a bar district down the street and a casino not to far away either. There really is not anything within walking distance to handle the crowd and traffic would be murder out in the suburbs where it is located. Also its hard getting it here in Chicago with Midlands every year at Northwestern. On a positive note it is in the midwest and Illinois would produce a outstanding crowd for the tournament. It is just the supporting infrastructure that would be the biggest hurdle to overcome.
  12. That was the one thing I was afraid of was the space between the wall and the mats, I knew it was a tight fit but not that tight.
  13. I think Denver would be an outstanding city for the tournament, considering it has a great downtown area (Lodo) that has been restored and growing. There is plenty of accessible places walking distance to the arena. To add there are plenty of hotels and weekend rentals that are around to make it a great experience. It hosted the NCAA Frozen Four back in 2007, so it has had a college crowd there. It's also next to the Auraria neighborhood which is host to 3 college campuses. Last, it is only an hour from OTC in Colorado Springs. Tours there are only $5 and would be a great place to take younger kids to see where Olympic hopefuls train.
  14. I highly recommend Banjara for Indian food in NYC, by far the best i've ever had. 100 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003 b/t 6th St & 5th St East Village
  15. Brooks needs to find his shot again. He had a phenomenal low single in high school he would hit off the whistle, but I never saw it once at nationals. He is outstanding upper body wrestler and everyone knows that. However, when he got into matches at nationals where he needed a go to shot, I never saw one. Particularly VS Dean when he lost 3-2.
  16. So where are the fans of each team going to sitting at the tournament? Wrestling is always better to watch when in good company. My buddy and I are going to be in section 333.
  17. Heading down for my first nationals! I grew up a Okie State fan and I will be supporting anyone who's home state is Illinois. Especially, Brian Murphy from Michigan representing the GOLD DOT NATION!
  18. Adarios Jones, a UNI Heavyweight Red-Shirt Freshman from Moline, Illinois, has recently be diagnosed with cancer. He was a State Champion in 2014 and a Junior Nationals freestyle champion in 2014. I am stunned by this as he is great kid and a class act. Sending prayers to him and his family. Below is the story from his hometown newspaper: http://www.qconline.com/sports/moline-grad-jones-facing-biggest-match-in-my-career/article_26beec13-e29d-5f4a-9c6e-cc2ae6b35f76.html
  19. I believe he's attending Elmhurst but not wrestling right now. He is enrolled at Elmhurst (I have confirmed this with a inside source on campus) but is not wrestling for the team.
  20. Does anyone know when tickets for this go on sale?
  21. Mitch Clark is one of the all time greats in my mind.
  22. Here are the final team scores: 1. Penn State 123.5 2. Oklahoma St. 119.5 3. Minnesota 103.0 4. Iowa 73.0 5. Cornell 65.0 6. Ohio St. 59.5 7. Missouri 56.5 8. Oregon St. 48.5 9. Illinois 45.5 10. Virginia Tech 43.5 11. Iowa St. 41.5 12. Oklahoma 38.5 13. Nebraska 38.0 14. Edinboro 37.5 15. Northern Iowa 34.0 15. Pittsburgh 34.0 17. Northwestern 32.5 18. Central Michigan 30.5 19. Boise State 29.0 20. The Citadel 27.0 21. Virginia 23.5 22. North Carolina 21.5 23. Wyoming 20.5 24. Kent St. 20.0 25. Lehigh 18.5 26. Columbia 17.0 27. Maryland 16.5 27. Wisconsin 16.5 29. Ohio 16.0 30. North Dakota St. 15.5 31. Purdue 11.0 32. Binghamton 10.0 33. Clarion 9.0 33. Michigan 9.0 35. Pennsylvania 7.5 35. Rutgers 7.5 37. Bloomsburg 6.0 38. Air Force 5.5 38. Stanford 5.5 40. Rider 4.5 41. Arizona St. 4.0 41. Eastern Mich. 4.0 41. Harvard 4.0 41. Indiana 4.0 41. Northern Ill. 4.0 46. Bucknell 3.5 46. Hofstra 3.5 46. Utah Valley 3.5 49. Appalachian S. 3.0 49. Navy 3.0 51. American 2.5 51. Boston U. 2.5 51. Brown 2.5 51. Michigan St. 2.5 55. Chattanooga 2.0 55. Frank. & Marsh. 2.0 57. Buffalo 1.5 57. Drexel 1.5 57. Lock Haven 1.5 60. CSU Bakersfield 1.0 60. Gardner-Webb 1.0 60. Old Dominion 1.0 63. Duke 0.5 63. North Carolina St. 0.5 63. West Virginia 0.5 66. Army 0.0 66. Cal Poly 0.0 66. Campbell 0.0 66. Cleveland State 0.0 66. Davidson 0.0 66. George Mason 0.0 66. South Dakota State 0.0
  23. A question for those out on the east coast. With these two teams heading to the Big 10, how much will it impact recruiting out there? Particularly in New Jersey, is this going to impact wrestlers staying home in NJ now that there is a DI program with ties to a elite conference in their back yard? Just curious out here in Chicago.
  24. In addition to that, I would love to see Syracuse resurrect their program as well since they are moving into the ACC along with Pitt. They had seven national championship wrestlers, 34 All-Americans and five Olympic wrestlers. It was sad to see the program get the ax in 2001 considering it was a fairly successful program.
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