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    IMFAN got a reaction from brianj in Lets not hit the panic button on Cornell   
    There are lots of negative comments on Cornell's performance in the Scuffle, but looking at where the team is at now and where they will be in March is what I'm looking for.
    Garrett upset in the finals and will get another shot at their dual in a week. No problem with Garrett.
    Grey just dropped to 133 and is still settling into the weight. He will be fine.
    Still establishing who will be the starter at 141 but not a strong weight for them.
    Didn't have Villalonga as he's banged up but he's having another great year.
    Realbuto wrestling his first matches since blowing up his knee in March. He wrestled sloppy but he will be fine after a few more weeks of live wrestling.
    Palacio has only wrestled a couple matches coming into the tournament and like Realbuto will be fine.
    Picket is wrestling pretty well as an unranked guy and will score some points.
    Dean is still the man to beat and looked much like the Dean of last year with a dominating tournament.
    Bennett placed and had a pretty good tournament.
    I think the weight changes and getting a couple of their stud back in the lineup made them look worse than they are.
    They still finished 6th with all the changes and missing a highly ranked starter!
    No need to panic guys...they will be in the hunt in March, which is much more important than the Scuffle.
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