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  1. Yojiro Uetake http://newsok.com/former-oklahoma-state-wrestler-yojiro-uetake-obata-lives-in-japan-but-his-heart-lies-in-stillwater/article/5436753 Pat Smith http://newsok.com/oklahoma-sports-hall-of-fame-pat-smiths-drive-determination-led-to-greatness/article/5436996
  2. Something big is coming http://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/iowa/wrestling/2015/07/29/kinnick-stadium-hawkeyes-wrestling-dual-november/30840561/
  3. Here's what I have so far: NJCAA: February 26-27, 2016 * Council Bluffs, IA * Iowa Western Community College PAC 12: February 27, 2016 * Tempe, AZ * Wells Fargo Arena * Arizona State University NAIA: March 4-5, 2016 * Topeka, KS * Kansas Expocentre Southern: March 5, 2016 * Davidson, NC * Davidson University ACC: March 5 or 6 * Charlottesville, VA * University of Virginia Big 10: March 5-6, 2016 * Iowa City, IA * University of Iowa Big 12: March 5-6, 2016 * Kansas City, MO * Sprint Center EIWA: March 5-6, 2016 * NJ * Princeton, NJ * Princeton University MAC: March 5-6, 2016 * Ypsilanti, MI * Eastern Michigan University EWL: March 6, 2016 * Lock Haven, PA * Lock Haven Univeristy NCAA-III: March 11-12, 2016 * Cedar Rapids, IA * US Cellular Center * Cornell College NCAA-II: March 11-12, 2016 * Sioux Falls, SD * Denny Sanford Premier Center * Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conf. & the Sioux Falls Sports Authority NCAA-I: March 17-19, 2016 * New York City, NY * Madison Square Garden * Hofstra University
  4. His decision was partly due to having a chance to wrestle for his former assistant coach Alex Clemsen. & having a chance to wrestle with his younger brother Alex, a new recruit for Mizzou.
  5. Update: This sounds promising, at least in the near term. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/eye-on-the-tigers/new-mizzou-ad-talks-hoops-facilities-jayhawks/article_59ee1c7c-ee7b-502f-8f09-979aa1356d3f.html Loftin recently made an out-of-nowhere overture for Mizzou to add a men’s tennis program. That would require MU adding another women’s program or dropping a men’s team. Rhoades and Loftin have since discussed the chancellor’s idea — and squashed it. “I love men's tennis, but it's not a priority of mine,” Rhoades said. “We have 20 sports programs right now,” he added. “I want to make sure we’re taking care of those 20 sports programs first and foremost, that every one of those student-athletes and coaches and assistant coaches has a real opportunity to win and be successful. Once I feel comfortable with that, then we’ll start to think do we add any other sports. We’re never going to add a sport just to add a sport. If we add a sport it’s to compete right away.”
  6. I was wanting Mizzou to get into the Big Ten real bad. The AD & Administration did too, but they were rejected by the Big 10. When they went into the SEC, I was concerned that the wrestling program might be dropped. Partly because no other SEC teams have wrestling. Now Mizzou has a fairly new President & a brand new AD. The problem: They are from Texas A & M & Houston respectively. Neither has a background at a school with wrestling. Mike Alden was a big supporter of the wrestling team. With him gone, it brings new concerns. Now the chancellor wants to bring back Mizzou Men's Tennis. The problem is what else he is saying: http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/mizzou-s-alden-goes-deep-on-past-present-future/article_c97d6ec5-45f5-5898-a6bc-abd9472e59b5.html“ Loftin recently expressed a desire to add a men’s tennis team to Mizzou’s collection of 20 teams. To meet Title IX guidelines, Missouri would most likely have to add a women’s sport for that to happen—or eliminate a men’s sport. Alden, choosing his words carefully, clearly disagreed with the chancellor. http://www.columbiatribune.com/sports/mu/loftin-lobbies-for-men-s-tennis-revival-at-mu/article_e8dbbae4-d9fc-571a-b8eb-78f1c9cfadfb.html Missouri has not offered men’s tennis as a varsity sport since 1998, when the athletic department discontinued the program over budget concerns. At least one Tigers booster — a very influential one at that — wants to see what can be done about changing that. During an hour long Wednesday morning session with reporters, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said he doesn’t anticipate micromanaging much with incoming Athletic Director Mack Rhoades, aside from laying out some expectations in areas he feels could use adjustments. I’ll give you one example,” Loftin said. “I said, ‘Mack, we’re the only school in the SEC without men’s tennis. How about that?’ ”Loftin said fellow chancellors and presidents have been telling him at meetings that it’s difficult to make schedules with 13 teams in the equation. He said the school has looked into whether the Mizzou Tennis Complex, which opened last spring and houses the women’s team, could also accommodate a men’s squad. He has determined it can. So why not start one? "That’s just one very clear example where we have to do something,” Loftin said. “We have many more like that. I’ve given him certain things I think we need to work on. Hard.” Guess what? Mizzou has 8 Men's sports. The SEC has no wrestling teams, but the SEC sponsors the other seven sports that Mizzou has for men. So I wonder which sport they would drop if they dropped one. This was my concern about going into the SEC in the 1st place. Also, their are no other Division I wrestling teams in Missouri. I really hope I'm wrong, but their is reason to be concerned.
  7. I was so glad at how Gadson performed at the NCAAs. I was rooting for a Gadson-Cox final, but no such luck. http://wcfcourier.com/sports/blogs/half_nelson_half_fiction/gadson-strong-day-to-be-declared-in-waterloo-for-april/article_6859d905-b89c-5744-b0e1-437927ca39d9.html
  8. After a great NCAA Tournament, I'm already getting excited about next year. 2015-18 NCAA Wrestling Championship Sites Division I March 19-21, 2015 * St. Louis, MO * Scottrade Center * Missouri & St. Louis Sports Commission March 17-19, 2016 * New York City, NY * Madison Square Garden * Hofstra March 16-18, 2017 * St. Louis, MO * Scottrade Center * Missouri & St. Louis Sports Commission March 15-17, 2018 * Cleveland, OH * Quicken Loans Arena * Mid-American Conference & Cleveland Sports Commission Division II March 13-14, 2015 * St, Louis, MO * Chaifetz Arena * Maryville & St. Louis Sports Commission March 11-12, 2016 * Sioux Falls, SD * Denny Sanford Premier Center * Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference & the Sioux Falls Sports Authority March 10-11, 2017 * Birmingham, AL * Crossplex * Alabama-Huntsville (Division II Festival) March 9-10, 2018 * Cedar Rapids, IA * US Cellular Center * Upper Iowa Division III March 13-14, 2015 * Hershey, PA * Elizabethtown March 11-12, 2016 * Cedar Rapids, IA * US Cellular Center * Cornell College March 10-11, 2017 * Lacrosse, WI * Lacrosse Center * Wisconsin-Lacrosse March 9-10, 2018 * Cleveland, OH * Cleveland Public Auditorium * Baldwin Wallace
  9. As great as Tom Ryan's team performed on the big stage, I would have cast my vote for Tim Flynn as coach of the year. He just does an amazing job year in & year out.
  10. http://wcfcourier.com/sports/blogs/half_nelson_half_fiction/big-wrestling-to-expand-in/article_78577406-1250-5096-8037-4a9d26f606c5.html This may not be the best option, but it's a lot better than what they have now. KJ says they could expand even further.
  11. Their can be only one true champion, per Bob Bowlsby. That is, unless their is a tie. then you can have multiple one true champions.
  12. So glad this is in St. Louis. This will be my first time attending the D-II national tournament. http://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2015-03-02/2015-dii-wrestling-championship-qualifiers-brackets-revealed
  13. Johnny Nimmo of Central Oklahoma won three NAIA titles & one D-II title from 1987-1990. Central Oklahoma used to be a powerhouse back in 80s & 90s.
  14. Thanks for the info! Good to hear it's going to be there. Looking forward to going!
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